Thursday 18 February 2010

Article roundup 18th February 2010

A 3D Trailer! Woo! A treat for cinema goers in the next few weeks, then, whilst the rest us will have to make do with the 'standard' 2D version on TV from Saturday. And do you remember seeing Doctor Who novelisations in the library? Those big old hardbacks sitting there on the shelf? The Independent looks at why libraries are important.

Into the Future
Broadcast(18th) - BBC to give new Doctor 3D push
Daily Star(17th) - Doctor Who: Time Lord battles for life in TV finale
AOL(17th) - Doctor Who's finale foes
STV(17th) - Doctor Who's finale foes
My Park Magazine(17th) - Doctor Who's finale foes
io9(17th) - Dance In The Time Vortex With Doctor Who! (alternative BBC America Matt Smith montage)
Metro(17th) - Doctor Who trailer to debut on TV this weekend
Den of Geek(18th) - Doctor Who: new picture, trailer this weekend
Techwatch(18th) - New Dr Who Trailer out on Saturday

Daily Mail(18th) - TV buffet: 3,000 hours of shows offered for free on new on demand website

Hello Magazine(16th) - readers vote David Tennant the best dressed man of 2009
Guardian(18th) - Doctor Who v Malcolm Tucker in awards face-off (Broadcasting Press Guilds Awards)
Guardian(18th) - Broadcasting Press Guild Awards: nominations in full
Hollywood Reporter(17th) - Simon Cowell up for British Press Guild award (and David Tennant)

Daily Star(18th) - Madonna to team up with David Tennant for Royal Drama

Telegraph(17th) - Letters: Daleks against Thatcher

Passing Mention
Independent(18th) - Book smart: Why every primary pupil needs a library (mention of DW Books)