Monday 18 January 2010

Article roundup 18th January 2010

Who 2010
The Sun(18th) - Time Bawd
Digital Spy(18th) - New 'Who' companion 'has kissogram job'
SFX(17th) - Malfoy's Mum In Doctor Who (Helen McCrory)

DVD Times(18th) - Peladon Tales

Digital Spy(18th) - Colin Baker talks Hustle, Who
The Express(17th) - David Tennant takes a shot at Hollywood
The People(17th) - Freema Agyeman: SEDUCED BY HOLLYWOOD
Digital Spy(15th) - Corrie's Gazey 'wants to play The Doctor' (Craig Gazey)

Passing Reference
Guardian(18th) - Question of the week (BBC Drama, Doctor Who comment)
Click Liverpool(17th) - Ex-Doctor Who star to play John Lennon in BBC drama
Niagara Falls Review(17th) - Books the most popular borrowed item at library (mentions Doctor Who DVDs)