Saturday 2 January 2010

Article roundup 2nd January 2010

The End of Time Ratings
BBC News(2nd) - Doctor Who finale watched by 10.4m as Tennant bows out

The End of Time Reviews
The Times(2nd) - Doctor Who, BBC One
The Sun(2nd) - Doctor Brew
The Guardian(2nd) - Doctor Who: To be, or to regenerate – that was the question
CBBC(2nd) - What did you think of Doctor Who?
Behind the Sofa(2nd) - Return of the Fan****king
Airlock Alpha(1st) - 'Doctor Who' – The End Of Time (Part 2)
Daily Mail(1st) - David Tennant says an emotional farewell to Doctor Who as Matt Smith steps into the Tardis
Den of Geek(1st) - Doctor Who: The End Of Time Part Two review
The Herald(1st) - Tennant vacates the TARDIS
The Telegraph(1st) - Doctor Who, BBC One, review
SFX(1st) - TV REVIEW Doctor Who "The End Of Time" Part Two

The End of Time (BBC America)
Montreal Gazette(2nd) - Doctor Who regenerates
The Northwestern(2nd) - TONIGHT'S MUST-SEE II: “Doctor Who,” 7:30-9 p.m., BBC America
The Globe and Mail(2nd) - Weekend TV
Los Angeles Times(1st) - TV Highlights - Doctor Who
Pop Culture Zoo(1st) - One Last BBC America Preview For “The End Of Time, Part Two”
New York Times(1st) - What to Watch This Weekend: Cops, Dogs and Dr. Who

The End of Time (Misc)
BBC News(1st) - Tennant says goodbye to Doctor Who (video)
Sun(1st) - 12 million to watch Tennant exterminated
Guardian(1st) - Doctor Who regenerates – were you heartbroken?
Guardian(31st) - David Tennant bows out as Doctor Who
Irish Times(2nd) - Doctor Who (review of The End of Time part one)
Flick Filosopher(1st) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The End of Time: Part One”
TV Squad(31st) - Doctor Who's upcoming regeneration
What's on TV(31st) - Doctor Who 'will break hearts', says Tennant

Who 2010
The Times(1st) - And next, Steven Moffat, the Doctor Who in Doc Martens

Blackpool Gazette(2nd) - Tom Baker talks Doctor Who
The Northern Echo(2nd) - Rob Baines, a teenage filmmaker plans own Dr Who webisodes for YouTube
Mirror(9th Dec) - UK man builds full-size functioning Dalek
io9(1st) - Ranking the regenerations of Doctor Who
The Times(1st) - Follow that Tardis, BBC Scotland told