Tuesday 10 May 2011

Article roundup 6th-10th May 2011

A fairly typical weekend, with The Curse of the Black Spot getting plenty of reviews in the media, though many seem more concerned with next week's adventure! Overnights were up on last week's Day of the Moon, whose finals were also quite respectable. Meanwhile, Monday saw a report on USA morning programme Today, with anchor Meredith Vierira visiting the Cardiff TARDIS set.

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The Curse of the Black Spot
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The Doctors Wife
Den of Geek(9th) - Neil Gaiman interview: all about writing Doctor Who
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Day of the Moon
Capsule Computers(9th) - Doctor Who Season 6 Episodes 1 & 2 TV Review
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The Telegraph [AU](7th) - TARDIS in capable hands

Series Coverage
Gather(10th) - The 'Today' Show on the 'Doctor Who' Set
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Anglotopia(6th) - BBC Original Drama Trailer has a Peek at Torchwood: Miracle Day

Sarah Jane Adventures
Digital Journal(9th) - Sarah Jane Adventures: series 5 of Doctor Who spin-off will air

Guardian(9th) - Why The Hand of Fear is a fitting tribute to Elisabeth Sladen
Stage(9th) - Square Eyes, May 9-12 (The Hand of Fear)

BBC Yorkshire(9th) - York Barbican to host major acts after re-opening (John Barrowman)
Daily Mail(9th) - My 30-year love affair: Women in love actress Jennie Linden is selling her £1.4m barn with a heavy heart
NME(8th) - Madness' Suggs to play debt-ridden rock star in radio play (Burn Gorman)
Bristol Evening Post(7th) - Aarrrrdman-stand by for a new pirates film (David Tennant)
Independent(7th) - Karen Gillan: Obsessive fans, short skirts and life with Doctor Who
Now(6th) - Matt Smith's desperate to wed Daisy Lowe

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Blastr(6th) - Celebrate Mother's Day with 34 of sci-fi's awesomest motherships
TV Vomit(3rd) - BBC One boss wants longer runs for hit shows like Doctor Who?

Passing Mention
Sky News Australia [AU](9th) - Fungus turns ants into zombies
Daily Mail(7th) - See a real doctor if you hit your head
Mirror(7th) - Four Rooms presenter Jeff Salmon makes Simon Cowell look like a pussycat
BBC News(7th) - NI Stormont Assembly election results: day two as it happened