Sunday 31 January 2010

Article roundup 31st January 2010

The Eleventh Doctor Era
SFX(29th) - Doctor Who: Commissioning Richard Curtis and Simon Nye (Steven Moffat interview)

Film News
TV Overmind(31st) - 'Doctor Who' Film: "They Are Doing It"

Arkon Beacon Journal(31st) - The Doctor is in on DVD (Specials)
Play TM(30th) - BBC plot new Dr. Who games

Independent(31st) - No more tears: Why Suranne Jones has plenty to smile about

io9(30th) - Doctor Who's New Future Gameshow Spin-Off: WTF?
SFX(29th) - Barber-ella – Sci-Fi Hair Cuts You Wouldn’t Want (Peladon miners)

Passing Mention
Sky News(30th) - Tomorrow's Sunday Live (Cathy Ashton and her Dalek)

Saturday 30 January 2010

Article roundup 30th January 2010

Quiet news day today; there is a video preview for The Specials DVD boxed set available to view from Chicago Now and Pop Culture Zoo.

Airlock Alpha(30th) - John Barrowman Comes To America ... For ABC
Bookseller(29th) - Murray memoir Samarkand set for R4 adaptation (to star David Tennant)
Examiner(29th) - Doctor Who author Phil Ford to write Mission: 2110

Chicago Now(29th) - David Tennant's best moments as Doctor Who
Pop Culture Zoo(29th) - Video: The best of David Tennant
Wiltshire Times(29th) - Corsham's to infinity and beyond (science fiction day)
Anglotopia(29th) - Billie Piper Claims a Doctor Who Movie Is In the Works

The Sixth Axis(29th) - Doctor Who Games Incoming
Tech Digest(29th) - BBC confirm Doctor Who time-travelling to games consoles soon

Related News
Western Mail(30th) - Hit show Being Human moves production to Wales (Digital Media Centre)

BBC News(29th) - BBC Three's Being Human moves from Bristol to Wales

Passing Mention
Airlock Alpha(29th) - Preview: 'Caprica' Moves Into Regular Episodes With Shocks, Thrills (RTD mention)
Airlock Alpha(29th) - SciFriday: Making The Old New Again (remakes)

Friday 29 January 2010

Article roundup 29th January 2010

Most interesting article of the day goes to a story in Scientific American on how astronomer Dr Megan Argo has written up a scientific paper about a new discovery relating to supernovae in the form of a Doctor Who story! See more coverage on this story at the Doctor Who News Page.

Daily Mail(29th) - John Barrowman set to play villain in Desperate Housewives
Barry and District News(28th) - TV star John Barrowman takes time out at Ty Hafan Children's Hospice

MI6(28th) - Martin Grace(1942-2010) (played a Thal in the film Dr Who and The Daleks)

IGN(28th) - The Complete Specials Blu-ray Review
Monsters & Critics(28th) - The Complete Specials - DVD Review
TV Squad(28th) - Dreamland coming to DVD this May
Saffron Walden Reporter(28th) - Doctor Who And The Ice Warriors (BBC Audiobooks)

MTV(28th) - Apple iPad Reactions, 'Doctor Who' Comics, And Zac Efron On 'Fire' In Today's Twitter Report
Scientific American(27th) - Doctor Who and the Star of Doom

Passing Mention
Cambridge News(29th) - Latest chapter in ups and downs of university's lift (TARDIS comparisons)

Thursday 28 January 2010

Article roundup 28th January 2010

Main news for this summary is about the release of the animated adventure Dreamland onto DVD in the United States, and that Imagination Games have announced that they are developing two Doctor Who board games to be released for the end of the year (i.e. Christmas!).

Merchandise: Dreamland DVD
Den of Geek(27th) - Dreamland DVD review
IGN(27t) - Animated Doctor Who
TVShowsOnDVD(27th) - Tennant's 10th Doctor Visits Area 51 in the animated Dreamland serial

Saffron Walden Reporter(28th) - Doctor Who: The Last Voyage (BBC Audiobooks)
IGN(26th) - The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Second Season DVD Review
Slide to Play(27th) - Doctor Who Set to Materialize on iPhone
Licensing.Biz(27th) - TOY FAIR: Imagination Games grabs Doctor Who

The Sun(28th) - Look Who's on another planet (David Tennant)
The Sun(27th) - David glum after US bid is hit
Screen Rant(27th) - NBC Says ‘Doctor Who’ Is NOT Their Lawyer
Driffield Post(22nd) - Win tickets to see Hitchcock classic (Terry Molloy in The Lady Vanishes)

Passing Mention
The Publican(28th) - Make no mistake, this is a war on drink. We need to fight back (brief Who on TV)
Edinburgh Guide(27th) - Free Festival Scheme Seeks Next Generation of Television Talent (RTD at previous festival)
Aversion(27th) - Apples In Stereo Ready New Album

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Article roundup 27th January 2010

No big Doctor Who news stories for today; the media outlets are still covering the status of David Tennant's US debut TV series "Rex is not your Lawyer", and his possible role in "The Hobbit" film. Of most interest for today is from Matt Smith's hometown newspaper the Northampton Chronicle, which reports on how the 5' figures of their local star have become extremely difficult to get hold of!

The Times(27th) - Billie Piper talks marriage, motherhood and meeting the real Belle du Jour
The Sun(26th) - End of David's American Dream (David Tennant, Rex is not your Lawyer)
London Net(26th) - Orlando Bloom, David Tennant on hold for The Hobbit
Digital Spy(26th) - Russell Tovey: 'My fanbase is gay men' (Torchwood mention)

Northampton Chronicle(27th) - Matt Smith's Doctor Who is a complete sell-out
Blu-Ray Definition(26th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Specials Blu-ray Review
Big Picture Sound(26th) - Doctor Who The Complete Specials Blu-ray

BBC News(26th) - Internet TV service SeeSaw launches beta trial (Doctor Who episodes streaming online)

Passing Mention
Daily Mail(26th) - Virtual micro pets set to be this year's must-have as the Go-Go Hamster is retired (Doctor Who toys)

Blu-Ray Definition(26th) - Giveaway: Doctor Who: The Complete Specials Blu-ray

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Article roundup 26th January 2010

Mirror(26th) - David Tennant bid as TV lawyer in US falters
Telegraph(25th) - David Tennant's US debut 'put on hold' by NBC
Daily Mail(25th) - David Tennant's plans to break America on ice as new TV show is put 'on hold'
CBBC(26th) - Will David Tennant be the Hobbit?
TV Overmind(25th) - Billie Piper is done with 'Doctor Who'
Digital Spy(25th) - Billie Piper 'moving on' from 'Doctor Who'

Wiltshire Gazetter and Herald(26th) - Sci-fi stars beam down to Corsham for charity day

io9(25th) - Worst Recastings Of Science Fiction's Rock-Star Characters (Davros)

Passing Mention
The Economic Voice(26th) - The truth, and the aliens, are out there says Ladbrokes
Evening Standard(26th) - Michael Jackson dolls to hit UK shops

BBC Worldwide Press Release: The Ice Warriors (22nd January 2010)

BBC Worldwide have issued a press release for the release of the latest in their collection of classic stories on audio.

The Ice Warriors, from season five, was a six-part adventure starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, with Frazer Hines as Jamie and Deborah Watling as Victoria. It was novelised in 1976 by Brian Hayles, and this four disc CD collection presents the unabridged novelisation with narration by Frazer Hines.

The world is held in the grip of a second Ice Age, and faces total destruction from the rapidly advancing glaciers. Doctor Who, with Victoria and Jamie, lands at a top scientific base in England, where they have just unearthed an ancient Ice Warrior. Aliens from Mars, preserved in the ice for centuries and now revitalised, the Ice Warriors feel ready to take over... Can the Doctor overcome these warlike Martians and halt the relentless approach of the ice glaciers?

Monday 25 January 2010

Article roundup 25th January 2010

The Eleventh Doctor Era
Small Screen Scoop(25th) - Matt Smith as DOCTOR WHO is Posh
TV Overmind(24th) - Stephen Fry wants to write 'Doctor Who'

Airlock Alpha(23rd) - Back Off Fox, 'Torchwood' Is Our Show!

Flick Filosopher(24th) - name a seat for David Tennant in the new RSC theater in Stratford-upon-Avon
Entertainment Weekly(24th) - Exclusive: 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer' DOA at NBC?
Hollywood(23rd) - Back Room (Tennant in The Hobbit?)

Digital Spy(25th) - Piper: 'I hate that Tennant left Who'
Guardian(25th) - Britain tastes better when it's swaddled in Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate (TARDIS bars)
Planning Resouce(25th) [subscription] - Newport "Tardis" receives restoration funding
Licensing.Biz(22nd) - Licence of the decade
Chippenham Gazette and Herald(25th) - Chippenham's model citizen (model builder)

Related News
Sydney Morning Herald(25th) - Dr Who Exterminated (bandwidth issues in Australia)

Sunday 24 January 2010

Article roundup 24th January 2010

Who 2010 and beyond
The Escapist(23rd) - Stephen Fry Wants to Write Doctor Who
io9(23rd) - Introducing The Perfect Guest Doctor Who Writer (Stephen Fry)

Broadway World(24th) - ROBIN HOOD: THE PANTOMIME ADVENTURE Closes 1/24 at New Theatre in Cardiff
The Examiner(23rd) - An interview with Simon Guerrier, Doctor Who author

Digital Spy(24th) - 'Doctor Who's Trophy Cabinet

Total Sci-Fi(22nd) - New Doctor Who fanzine Vworp Vworp! out soon

News Wales(23rd) - Wales "Tardis" given £10,000

Saturday 23 January 2010

Article roundup 23rd January 2010

Torchword USA
Access Hollywood(22nd) - Week In Geek: ‘Torchwood’ & ‘Green Lantern’ News
Cinema Blend(21st) - Captain Jack And Torchwood May Head To America

Nitendo Life(22nd) - BBC Interested In Games Again
Shack News(22nd) - The BBC Planning Top Gear, Doctor Who Games
Zath(22nd) - BBC Games Based On Doctor Who & Top Gear TV Shows?
Tech Radar(22nd) - BBC readying push into gaming
Phones Review(22nd) - Top Gear and Doctor Who Games Coming to iPhone
Seenit(22nd) - Doctor Who’s successful re-birth explored in new audiobook

WalesOnline(22nd) - Doctor Who star John Barrowman visits hospice

The Sun(22nd) - Let's hear it for the Paisley brat pack (NTA)

Times(23rd) - A famous blue police box is saved from destruction by Doctor Who fans
South Wales Argus(22nd) - Somerton 'Tardis' gets Assembly cash
Evening Post(22nd) - Flower firm gets starring role (End of Time set decoration)
io9(23rd) - 10 Science-Fiction Heroes Who Don't Need Origin Stories

Friday 22 January 2010

Article roundup 22nd January 2010

Who 2010 (and beyond)
BBC News(21st) - Stephen Fry ended Twitter exile at TV awards
Digital Spy(21st) - Fry interested in writing 'Doctor Who'

Torchwood USA (many reports, better samples below)
C21Media(20th) - Fox ignites Torchwood pilot script (official confirmation!)
Guardian(19th) - US version of Torchwood set for Fox
South Wales Echo(21st) - Mixed reaction to rumours of Torchwood remake in US
Guardian(19th) - Will a US version of Torchwood work?
After Elton(22nd) - Don't let perfect be the enemy of good.
Animation Magazine(21st) - Fox Looking at American Take on Torchwood
Fused Film(21st) - Fox and Russell T. Davies to Bring Torchwood to the US
Screen Rant(21st) - Fox Developing U.S. ‘Torchwood’ With Original Team
The Phoenix(19th) - Torchwood comes to America?
Sci-Fi Wire(19th) - Fox develops U.S. Torchwood: John Barrowman could star
Digital Spy(19th) - Fox planning American 'Torchwood'?
Airlock Alpha(19th) - Reworking Shows Like 'Torchwood' In America Could Be Difficult
Television Without Pity(19th) - Torchwood: The Pros and Cons of a U.S. Remake

The Sarah Jane Adventures
ATV News Network(20th) - Season Four of Sarah Jane Adventures confirmed?

Total Film(21st) - Is David Tennant Bilbo Baggins?
Obsessed with Film(21st) - Gollum replaces former Dr. Who in John Landis’ BURKE & HARE!
Latino Review(21st) - Ridiculous Rumor of the Day: David Tennant as Bilbo Baggins
Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette(20th) - A real gent of stage and screen (Donald Pickering obituary)

BBC Press Office(21st) - Doctor Who returns in January for two new audio titles
Guardian(21st) - BBC getting back into games - but which shows would work best?
CVG(21st) - Doctor Who computer game in the offing
SFX(21st) - Could Proper Doctor Who Computer Game Be Imminent?
TV Shows on DVD(20th) - Jon Pertwee's 'Peladon' Tales and Tom Baker's 'Masque' announced
Den of Geek(20th) - The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter book review

Western Mail(22nd) - Newport ‘Tardis’ to be restored
BBC News(22nd) - £10,500 grant to restore 'Tardis' police box in Newport
Sci-Fi Wire(21st) - 10 sci-fi TV shows we wish would get prequels like Caprica
Daily Mail(22nd) - BT launches superfast 'infinity' broadband that is five times faster than standard connection (Torchwood download example)

National Television Awards - 20th January 2010

The fifteenth National Television Awards took place at the O2 in London on the 20th January, and the world of Doctor Who did well once more! The series itself received its fifth consecutive award in the Drama category, whilst actor David Tennant once again won the award for Drama Performance. Full news on the event can be found at the Doctor Who News site.

BBC News covered the results (may not be accessible outside of the United Kingdom):

A round-up of more Doctor Who oriented news items on the National Television Awards:

BBC News(21st) - Doctor Who scoops two National TV awards
BBC News(21st) - Doctor Who wins best drama in television awards
BBC News(21st) - National TV Awards: behind the scenes gossip
BBC News(21st) - Doctor Who honoured at TV Awards (includes video)
Scottish Daily Record(21st) - David Tennant bows out of Doctor Who with fourth award
Press Assocation(21st) - Tennant marks exit with TV award
The Sun(22nd) - Cheeky, Simon!
Sky News(21st) - Who is the Winner: Time Lord storms TV Awards
Monsters and Critics(21st) - Doctor Who star David Tennant wins TV award

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Article roundup 20th January 2010

Who 2010
TV Overmind(19th) - More on Amy Pond
Unreality TV(18th) - Doctor Who’s new assistant is a kissogram
Den of Geek(18th) - Is Doctor Who’s new assistant a kissogram?

Torchwood USA?
The Hollywood Reporter(19th) - Fox developing U.S. version of Torchwood (primary source of reports!)
Coventry Telegraph(20th) - Russell T Davies to write US version of Torchwood; American remake of Doctor Who also planned
if Magazine(20th) - Fox adapting Torchwood for American audiences with original series producers
SFX(19th) - Fox Developing A US Version Of Torchwood
Reuters(19th) - Fox developing U.S. version of "Torchwood"
TV Overmind(19th) - Torchwood to get US version on FOX?
IGN(19th) - FOX Developing New Version of Torchwood
Seattle Post Intelligence(19th) - Fox Developing U.S. Version of BBC Hit Torchwood
Comic Book Movie(19th) - Fox Will Be Developing a U.S. Version of Torchwood (The Dr Who Spin-off Show)
Monsters and Critics(19th) - U.S. version of 'Torchwood' coming to FOX
Topless Robot(19th) - Fox Ready to Air, Fail to Promote, and Immediately Cancel U.S. Version of Torchwood
Perez Hilton(19th) [blog] - If you like Battlestar Galactica ...
TV Week(19th) - Fox Developing U.S. Version of Huge U.K. Ratings Hit -- Think '24' With Aliens (and People You Really Respect Who've Seen the U.K. Version Will Tell You It's Really Good!)

Torchwood UK
ATV News Network(19th) - Special Report: BBC Drama – Where Could the Axe Fall?

Mirror(20th) - The National Television Awards: ITV1, 7.30pm

The Trades(19th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus
The Pink Paper(19th) - DVD: Peladon Tales

Related News
Brand Republic(19th) - BBC calls review of its marketing services

Passing Mention
Deutsche Welle(19th) - Postcard from Europe: London's frosty fashion (Tom Baker scarf mention)

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Article roundup 19th January 2010

Who 2010
Press Asscociation(18th) - Doctor Who's saucy new assistant

Carlisle News and Star(18th) - Zombies, Clint Eastwood and the local actor who is a horror icon (Ian McCulloch)
Digital Spy(18th) - Baker: 'Multi-Doctor story highly unlikely' (followup to yesterday's interview)

Otago Daily Times(19th) - Dr Who taught me much
io9(18th) - Dissect The Tenth Doctor's Last Days (online scripts)
Wired(18th) - Creating a future of memories and Daleks

Related News
BBC News(18th) - BBC drama centre plan to film Doctor Who and Casualty
Wales Online(18th) - BBC outlines plans for new 'drama village'
Evening Post(18th) - New production centre to house Doctor Who and Casualty shows

Monday 18 January 2010

Article roundup 18th January 2010

Who 2010
The Sun(18th) - Time Bawd
Digital Spy(18th) - New 'Who' companion 'has kissogram job'
SFX(17th) - Malfoy's Mum In Doctor Who (Helen McCrory)

DVD Times(18th) - Peladon Tales

Digital Spy(18th) - Colin Baker talks Hustle, Who
The Express(17th) - David Tennant takes a shot at Hollywood
The People(17th) - Freema Agyeman: SEDUCED BY HOLLYWOOD
Digital Spy(15th) - Corrie's Gazey 'wants to play The Doctor' (Craig Gazey)

Passing Reference
Guardian(18th) - Question of the week (BBC Drama, Doctor Who comment)
Click Liverpool(17th) - Ex-Doctor Who star to play John Lennon in BBC drama
Niagara Falls Review(17th) - Books the most popular borrowed item at library (mentions Doctor Who DVDs)

Saturday 16 January 2010

Article roundup 16th January 2010

Who 2010
TV Squad(15th) - Doctor Who in good hands with Moffat

Liverpool Echo(16th) - Former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston transforms into late Beatles singer John Lennon for new BBC film
Whovian Net(15th) - Billie: “It’s time to move on” (report on Independent article yesterday)

Toy Talk(14th) - 2010 preview: Character

Topless Robot(15th) - Eating a Nutritious Breakfast Is Very Important to the Daleks
Sisters in Time(3rd) [livejournal]Lego TARDIS

Some articles missed earlier in the month:
IF Magazine(5th) - Matt Smith steps into David Tennant's shoes as the Doctor
Associated Content(2nd) - "Who" is Matt Smith? New Decade, New Dr. Who
CBBC(5th) - Dr Who nominated for top TV award
Forever Geek(4th) - Doctor Who #10: David Tennant gets the stuffed toy treatment

Friday 15 January 2010

Article roundup 15th January 2010

Who 2010
Airlock Alpha(14th) - 'Doctor Who' is here to stay

Digital Spy(14th) - iPlayer tops 100m requests in December
Guardian(14th) - Top Gear and Terry Wogan fuel record month for BBC iPlayer
Press Association(14th) - Wogan helps BBC to iPlayer record
Telegraph(12th) - Ben Stephenson: BBC One dramas don’t just need to chase ratings (Doctor Who budget)

Guardian(15th) - Your next box set: Doctor Who: The Complete Specials

Fame Magazine(15th) - Doctor Who star David Tennant Crowned Sci-Fi Best Actor (Total Sci-Fi poll)
Digital Spy(14th) - Tennant beats Pine to 'Best Actor' award (Total Sci-Fi poll)
TV Scoop(14th) - Is Star Trek better than Doctor Who?

Independent(15th) - Billie Piper: 'I'm a selfish woman!'
South Wales Echo(15th) - John Barrowman dog boost
Tribune Magazine(14th) - Who’s here, there and everywhere?

Metro(14th) - Doctor Who: Life after being a Time Lord
Newark Advertiser(15th) - Tardis delivers help in lessons
Inside Blip(14th) - How Jay Leno Can Fix This Whole Mess (if David Tennant came back)

Random Perspective(14th) - David Cameron "Wants to be New Doctor Who"

Thursday 14 January 2010

Article roundup 14th January 2010

Free Google News(13th) - Doctor Who Magazine Tribute Vworp Vworp! Set To Materialize
TV Squad(13th) - David Tennant's Doctor Who swan song comes to DVD
Daily Athenaeum(13th) - TunedIn:Tennant’s Doctor reaches ‘End of Time’
Coventry Telegraph(13th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Specials comes to DVD and Blu-ray

Den of Geek(13th) - From Doctor Who To JJ Abrams’ Undercovers (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)
Zap2It(13th) - 'Doctor Who' actress goes 'Undercovers' for NBC (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)
RTE(13th) - Doctor Who star joining US TV show (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)

The Stage(13th) - Long-running drama? What long-running drama?
EyeWeekly(13th) - Time Flies (Doctor Who spoof play, "Dr Whom")

Wednesday 13 January 2010

BBC Press Release: Winter/Spring Drama Highlights (13th January 2010)

The BBC have published a press release to highlight their Winter/Drama schedule; as well as Doctor Who starring Matt Smith, shows also include A Passionate Woman with former companion 'Rose', Billie Piper (Rose), and Lennon Naked with former Doctor Christopher Eccleston and Torchwood's 'Tosh', Naoki Mori.

Media Reports on the Press Release include:
Den of Geek(15th) - BBC drama trailer: Ashes To Ashes series 3 and new Doctor Who
TV Squad(14th) - Here's the first look of Doctor Who in The Beatles

Telegraph(14th) - Dr Who turns into John Lennon
What's on TV(13th) - Doctor Who stars among BBC drama line-up
TV Scoop(13th) - BBC announce schedule for spring, including new Doctor Who and Billie Piper!
Coventry Telegraph(13th) - Former Doctor Who Stars Leads BBC's New Drama Line-Up
Daily Mail(13th) - Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper and The Wire actor Idris Elba lead BBC's new season drama line-up

Article roundup 13th January 2010

Who 2010
Spalding Today(12th) - STRAIGHT TALK: Doctor Who complaints went a step too far

io9(12th) - How To Write Television, The Russell T. Davies Way (The Writers Tale)

ATV Network(13th) - Bonekickers actress wins role in Undercovers (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)
Entertainment Weekly(12th) - Exclusive: Meet J.J. Abrams' latest discovery (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)
SFX(12th) - New Beatles Set To Board Yellow Submarine (Dean Lennox Kelly)

Passing Mention
All About Jazz(12th) - Grutronic: Essex Foam Party (review mentions Radiophonic Workshop)

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Article roundup 12th January 2010

Total Sci-Fi(12th) - Timeless Adventures: How Doctor Who Conquered TV (book)

Digital Spy(11th) - Tennant's 'Who' scripts 'almost leaked'
io9(11th) - Doctor Who Tries On Multiple Generations In Exclusive Preview

The Daily Dust(12th) - The cult of “Barrowman… Grrrr” is growing
BBC News(12th) - Twilight star Kristen Stewart up for Bafta Rising Star (Carey Mulligan)
Paisley Daily Express(11th) - Paisley born star David Tennant on Desert Island Discs
Observer(10th) - Billie Piper: the modern-day Moll Flanders

Hello Magazine - Grand Finale 2009 (David Tennant in Most Attractive Man category)

Related News
BBC News(11th) - David Cameron brushes off criticism from Tennant

Monday 11 January 2010

Article roundup 11th January 2010

Who 2010
Sunday Sun(10th) - Graduate works on new Doctor Who show (Dan Walker)
Mom's Word(10th) - Dr Who is not anti-ginger so don't worry folks
Independent(10th) - Fringe benefit: If the Doctor wants to be ginger, I can help
Digital Spy(10th) - Cult Spy's 2010 Preview
Daily Mail(9th) - Gabriella time lords it over her big sister (Gabriella Wylde)
Kasterborous(8th) - Moffat explains Series 1

Nerdles(11th) - Captain Jack Hints At New Sidekick
QS(10th) - Russel Returns! (Russell Tovey)
SFX(9th) - Tovey for Torchwood?

The End of Time
Wales on Sunday(10th) - Who knows what went on?

Sunday Mercury(10th) - 7 things you didn't know about Ben Daniels (wannabe Doctor Who villain!)
Evening Standard(8th) - Gemma Arterton and Harry Lloyd take on Hollywood
The Peverett Phile(5th) [blog] - Pheaturing Terry Molloy from Doctor Who

SFX(10th) - 20 Things We Learnt from The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter
Licensing.Biz(10th) - Doctor Who mag regenerates Doctor Who Adventures
BBC Press Office(8th) - Doctor Who Adventures marks regeneration with innovative lenticular cover

Related News
Seattle PI(10th) - What Will Replace Jay Leno at 10? (Tennant's Rex is Not Your Lawyer to be fast-tracked?)
Wales on Sunday(10th) - David Tennant is terrified of Tory leader David Cameron
BBC News(9th) - Doctor Who star David Tennant 'backs Gordon Brown'
Telegraph(7th) - Who should replace Jonathan Ross? (David Tennant on their list)

The Spoof(8th) - Jonathon Woss wanted as new Dr Who assistant

Diocese of Lichfield(9th) - Being involved in God’s mission is like being Dr Who - only it’s real!

Saturday 9 January 2010

Article roundup 9th January 2010

Who 2010
SFX(9th) - Doctor Who Vampire Snippets
Den of Geek(8th) - BBC releases new Matt Smith Doctor Who pictures
The Metro(8th) - Doctor Who photo released of new Time Lord Matt Smith 

The End of Time Roundup
Global License(9th) - BBC Magazines Replicates Doctor Who's Evolution (Doctor Who Adventures)
Liverpool Confidential(8th) - David Tennant ... all on the box in the last week

Blend Television(8th) - Torchwood May Visit The US In Series Four
On the Box(8th) - Barrowman Wants Tovey In Torchwood
Digital Spy(8th) - Russell Tovey to join 'Torchwood' team?
Little About(8th) - ABBA duo linked to Doctor Who spin-off musical show
Televisionary(8th) [blog]Russell Tovey Rumored for "Torchwood," and More

SF Universe(9th) - New This Week Doctor Who Has a Twin Dilemma (Twin Dilemma, Keys of Marinus)

Telegraph(9th) - Simon Cowell 'most talented entertainer' on TV in 2010 (Russell Tovey third)

Scottish Daily Record(9th) - David Cameron is scarier than Cybermen, says Doctor Who's David Tennant
Mirror(9th) - EXTORYMINATE! (David Tennant, as above)

Passing Reference
This is Scunthorpe(9th) - Snow couple 'chill' in Scunthorpe garden (snow TARDIS mention)
Airlock Alpha(7th) - Terilynn's Trek: 'Avatar's' Success Challenges Perceptions (mention of End of Time)

Friday 8 January 2010

Article roundup 8th January 2010

Who 2010
The Daily Star(8th) - Matt Smith reveals Doctor Who Romance
Scottish Daily Record(8th) - Matt Smith: I was watching Doctor Who with my mate.. but couldn't tell him I'd got title role
Coventry Telegraph(7th) - New Doctor Who happy with sexy mini-skirted assistant
Screen Rant(7th) - Doctor Who: New ‘Matt Smith’ Trailer

Brisbane Times(8th) - Friday January 8 (Children of Earth broadcast tonight)
Sydney Morning Herald(8th) - Torchwood, ABC2, 8.30pm
io9(7th) - A Torchwood Musical, With Music By ABBA? Really?

The End of Time Roundup
Digital Spy(7th) - Barrowman, Tovey 'have great chemistry'
Los Angeles Times(7th) - David Tennant gets misty as his Doctor Who runs out of time

Total Sci-Fi(7th) - Alan Ruscoe: The Man Behind the Mask
ATV Network(8th) [registration]Interview with Law and Order actress Freema Agyeman

The Sun(8th) - Who do you think you are? (Matt Smith look-alike)
The Consumerist(7th) - Roku Uses FedEx TARDIS Service, Sends Package Back In Time

BBC Press Release: Doctor Who Adventures (8th January 2010)

The BBC Press Office has released information on the new-look Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Creature from the PitDoctor Who Adventures magazine has launched an innovative lenticular cover, featuring a morph between the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, and eleventh doctor, played by Matt Smith. Following on from The End of Time episodes of Doctor Who at Christmas and New Year, Doctor Who Adventures magazine brings the regeneration to life on its cover, with a specially commissioned shot of Matt Smith.

Issue 148 is set to be a collector's issue and the original design concept is the first time a BBC Magazines' children's cover has featured the lenticular technology. The process is created by lenticular printing, a multi-step process consisting of creating a new image from at least two existing images, and combining it with a lenticular lens. According to editor of Doctor Who Adventures, Moray Laing: "Our collector's issue magazine is a fitting tribute to David Tennant's final episode and the start of a new series of adventures with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. We are really proud to have produced such an innovative cover to celebrate the regeneration and believe it will have real impact on the newsstand."

The item was also reported by Licensing.Biz.

Thursday 7 January 2010

Doctor Who "Ginger" Comments 6th January 2009

Complaints have been received over "ginger" comments made during The End Of Time, causing the BBC to issue a statement:

We've received complaints from viewers who believed a line in the second part of Doctor Who: The End of Time was insulting to people with ginger hair.

The BBC's response

We would like to reassure viewers that Doctor Who doesn't have an anti ginger agenda whatsoever. This was a reprise of the line in the Christmas Invasion episode in 2005, when David Tennant discovers that he's not ginger, and here he is, missing out again - disappointed he's still not ginger.

In addition, the Doctor's previous companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and his new one Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) are both redheads.

Unsurprisingly, the Media has taken quite an interest in the story:

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You can also find details on the clarification from The Doctor Who News Page.

Filming Roundup 6th January 2010

Doctor Who returned to Cardiff Bay on the 6th January, with filming taking place outside the Wales Millennium Centre on Roald Dahl Plass. Various media outlets have picked up on activities in the snow!

South Wales Echo - New Doctor braves the cold to film show’s latest episodes
The Mirror - Who snows there?
The Mirror - New Doctor Who Matt Smith hails 'sexy' mini-skirt of new assistant Karen Gillan
The Sun - Doc's ice filming is Card-iffy
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The Telegraph - New Doctor Who Matt Smith lands in snow
Evening Post - Snow fails to stop filming for new Doctor Who series

There are also a couple of YouTube videos of scenes being recorded:

Filming is also known to have taken place back at Neath Abbey  on the 5th January.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Article roundup 6th January 2010

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The End of Time Roundup
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Passing Mentions
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