Tuesday 31 May 2011

Article roundup 28th-31st May 2011

This weekend saw the BAFTA Cymru Awards take place, winning awards for Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Then today saw a new Radio Times with Doctor Who related cover, and Moffat's comments about the Daleks which generated more media interest. Plus the usual reviews for the weekend's Who, The Rebel Flesh, and coverage for next week's A Good Man Goes To War.

A Good Man Goes To War
Seenit(31st) - What can Doctor Who possibly serve up next week to top THAT?
io9(31st) - ...Plus the craziest Doctor Who rumor of them all!
Den of Geek(31st) - Doctor Who: latest pictures from A Good Man Goes To War
This is Fake DIY(31st) - Another Monster Confirmed For Doctor Who Mid Season Finale
This is Fake DIY(31st) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War - More Pictures
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 7 hints
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Series 6 Episode 7 character promo shots
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Madame Kovarian in Series 6 Episode 7
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Series 6 Episode 7 pics
Cultbox(30th) - Charlie Baker ('Doctor Who') interview
TV Overmind(30th) - Doctor Who's American Fans Left Behind As UK Prepares for "A Good Man Goes to War"
TV Overmind(30th) - Doctor Who Photos - 6.07 "A Good Man Goes to War"
Den of Geek(29th) - Doctor Who: trailer and prequel video for A Good Man Goes to War
SFX(29th) - Doctor Who “A Good Man Goes To War” Prequel And Teaser
Comic Book Movie(29th) - Doctor Who Prequel And Set Pictures
Cultbox(29th) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Series 6 Episode 7 images
Comic Book Resources(29th) - Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About What’s Yet To Come…
Den of Geek(28th) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War image gallery
Anglotopia(28th) - Doctor Who: BBC Releases A Good Man Goes to War Trailer – SPOILERS!!
Cosmic Book News(28th) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War: Prequel and Preview Trailer

The Almost People
Cinema Blend(31st) - Doctor Who Showrunner Moffat Puts The Daleks In Time-Out
Examiner(31st) - Episode Review: Doctor Who s06e05 - 06 "The Rebel Flesh" & "The Almost People"
Crave(31st) - DOCTOR WHO 6.06 'The Almost People'
TV Pixie(31st) - Doctor Who - The Almost People
Independent(30th) - Review of Doctor Who ‘The Almost People’
TG Daily(30th) - On the holes and Flesh in Doctor Who
Shropshire Star(30th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People review
This id Fake DIY(30th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People
Blogcritics(29th) - TV Review: Doctor Who - "The Almost People"
Cultbox(29th) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Almost People' review
Monsters & Critics(29th) - Doctor Who recap - The Almost People
Bleeding Cool(29th) - Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Almost People
SFX(28th) - Doctor Who 6.06 “The Almost People” Review
flick filosopher(28th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Almost People”
Den of Geek(28th) - Doctor Who series 6 episode 6 review: The Almost People
Telegraph(28th) - Doctor Who, episode 6: The Almost People, review
Guardian(28th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People – Series 32, episode 6
Faster Times(28th) - Doctor Who Recap (Series 6, Episode 6): The Almost People Part Two
IGN(28th) - Doctor Who "The Almost People" Review

The Rebel Flesh
Collective Review(28th) - Doctor Who Series Six Episode Five - The Rebel Flesh - Review

Series Coverage
BBC News(31st) - Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat to 'rest' Daleks
Guardian(31st) - Is this really the final retreat of the Daleks?
Metro(31st) - Daleks exterminated from Doctor Who, writer Steven Moffat confirms
The Sun(31st) - Loser Daleks retired
Daily Star(31st) - Daleks get the chop from Doctor Who
Telegraph(31st) - Doctor Who: Daleks to be 'retired' by BBC bosses
Independent(31st) - Diary: The cost of curves
NME(31st) - 'Doctor Who' boss confirms The Daleks to be rested
Escapist(31st) - Overexposed Daleks to Take a Break from Doctor Who
UGO(31st) - Doctor Who May Have Beaten The Daleks For Good
TV Overmind(31st) - Doctor Who: Daleks Won't Be Seen for a While
BBC America(31st) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Daleks Will Take a ‘Rest,’ Says Steven Moffat
Aberdeen Press and Journal(31st) - Daleks to have a time-out from Dr Who adventures
Anglotopia(31st) - Doctor Who: The Daleks Being Retired for A While
Register(31st) - Daleks given a well-earned break
Express and Star(31st) - Daleks to ‘rest’ says Dr Who boss
On The Box(31st) - Doctor Who Boss Drops “Reliably Defeatable” Daleks
Belfast Telegraph(31st) - Daleks to 'rest' says Dr Who boss
Wired(31st) - Pick a Doctor, Any Doctor, on Netflix
ATV Today(29th) - Cult News Wrap: Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval
Gather(28th) - 'Doctor Who': Big Surprises in Store

ATV Today(29th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People ratings
SFX(29th) - Doctor Who “The Almost People” Overnight Ratings

Cultbox(31st) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': Top 10 moments in the trailer
Cultbox(31st) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' cast promo images revealed
Detroit News(31st) - Get set for summertime TV
Green Bay Press Gazette(31st) - 11 for '11: The best new, returning shows to sink your teeth into this summer TV season
Boomtron(31st) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Season 4 Promo Pics
Den of Geek(31st) - Official pictures from Torchwood: Miracle Day
Daily Blam(31st) - Torchwood: Miracle Day cast promo images released
About(30th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer
Boston Herald(29th) - Summer blast
io9(28th) - On the new Torchwood, Captain Jack "gets to have full-on boy-sex" (spoilers)
IGN(27th) - 26 TV Shows to Get You Through Summer
Examiner(27th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day: Captain Jack’s sexuality will not be toned down
Examiner(27th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day, not a reboot and some zombie talk
Cinema Blend(27th) - Will Captain Jack Harkness' Sexuality Play A Part In Torchwood Miracle Day On Starz?
Gather(27th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Spoilers: What the World's Immortality Means for Jack
Gather(27th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': Jack's love life and a maternal Gwen
Bleeding Cool(27th) - New Torchwood Promises “Full-On Boy-Sex” For Captain Jack

BBC News(30th) - Five Bafta Cymru awards for BBC's Sherlock
BBC News(30th) - In pictures: Bafta Cymru awards in Cardiff
ATV Today(30th) - Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures win at the Bafta Cymru Awards
Western Mail(30th) - In pictures: Sherlock shines brightest at Welsh Bafta awards night
Financial Times(28th) - Winners, also-rans and the terminally bad

The Sun(30th) - Doctor's loafing around
Daily Mail(31st) - Is that you, Richard Gere? David Tennant dons white naval uniform for Much Ado About Nothing
Standard(31st) - Tate modern spars with Tennant in much ado about dungarees
Telegraph(30th) - Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare's Globe, review
The Sun(28th) - Karen Gillan in visit to New York
Independent(30th) - Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare's Globe, London
Financial Times(29th) - Much Ado About Nothing, The Globe, London
Spectator(28th) - Much Ado About Nothing

Daily Mail(31st) - Forty-nine years on, Doctor Who girl is the model of The Shrimp
Dominion Post(31st) - My five favourite shows, right now
Shadowlocked(30th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Tooth and Claw
Hexham Courant(30th) - Cole is King of his Artistic Universe
Chip Chick(31st) - Five Year Old Scores Life-Size Doctor Who Tardis For Birthday
Anglotopia(30th) - Doctor Who: Coolest. Dad. Ever. Makes Lifesize TARDIS for 5 Year Old Son
South Devon Herald Express(31st) - Pirates, Napoleonic War soldiers - and a Dalek - in festival feast
Birmingham Mail(30th) - Cyber Day a big hit at The Public
Independent(29th) - We're all crazy about collecting
Monsters & Critics(28th) - SFP-NOW Episode 20 - Featuring Sophie Aldred From Classic ‘Doctor Who’

Related News
Seenit(31st) - Wenger swaps Tardis for Film4

Passing Mention
Herald Scotland(29th) - Essay of the week: Broken schemes, broken dreams
Daily Mail(28th) - Feeling Blue, Peter? 80ft wind turbine will destroy my country life says Peter Purves
Fox Sports(28th) - Priced out of the match, I presume
Isle of Wight Radio(28th) - ET & The Simpsons Descend On Gatcombe & Chillerton
Irish Times(28th) - Francie Barrett is just the right hook for Traveller documentary

Friday 27 May 2011

Article roundup 23rd-27th May 2011

This week sees lots of coverage for last and this week's episodes of the series, plus the Doctor's jacket comes under sales scrutiny, and executive producer Piers Wenger has announced he's leaving the BBC. Meanwhile, more details from Torchwood come to light courtesy of SFX.

The Almost People
Telegraph(27th) - Doctor Who, episode 6: The Almost People, preview
Digital Spy(27th) - 'Doctor Who': Ten teasers about 'The Almost People'
Standard(27th) - Is this the end for Rory?
Den of Geek(26th) - Doctor Who: who is the woman with the eyepatch?
Anglotopia(26th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People Introduction with Karen Gillan – SPOILERS!!!
Blastr(25th) - Watch 4 awesome, hilarious clips from Doctor Who episode 6
Digital Spy(25th) - 'Doctor Who' star teases "biggie" cliffhangers (Arthur Darvill)
Boomtron(25th) - Doctor Who – The Almost People Promo Pics
BBC America(24th) - Matt Smith Promises Next ‘Doctor Who’ Episode Will be a ‘Whopper’
Den of Geek(24th) - Doctor Who: fresh pictures from The Almost People
Digital Spy(24th) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Almost People' in pictures
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 6 trailer
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 6 teasers
Digital Spy(22nd) - This Week's Must-See TV: 5 Shows You Shouldn't Miss

The Rebel Flesh
Big Shiny Robot(26th) - Doctor Who 6.5 – Thoughts and Speculation
Belfast Telegraph(26th) - Doctor Who series 6 blog: The Rebel Flesh
AbbyShot(24th) - AbbyShot Reviews Doctor Who 6.5: The Rebel Flesh
BBC America(24th) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matthew Graham Shares His ‘Rebel Flesh’ Secrets
TV Pixie(24th) - Doctor Who - The Rebel Flesh
The Yorker(23rd) - Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh
Hollywood(23rd) - ‘Doctor Who’ Recap: The Rebel Flesh
Chud(23rd) - Tag Team Review: Doctor Who - "The Rebel Flesh"
Geeks of Doom(23rd) - TARDISblend 27: The Rebel Flesh
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who': What did you think of 'The Rebel Flesh'?
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who': Are you a Ganger?
Newsarama(23rd) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO S6E5 "Rebel Flesh"
Daemon's TV(23rd) - DOCTOR WHO “The Rebel Flesh” Review
flick filosopher(23rd) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Rebel Flesh”
This is Staffordshire(23rd) - TV Review: Doctor Who, BBC 1, - review by John Woodhouse
Shropshire Star(22nd) - Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh review
Cultbox(21st) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Rebel Flesh' review

Series Coverage
Anglotopia(27th) - Doctor Whooligan: BAFTA Roundup, The Almost People, Torchwood On DVD
Geeks of Doom(27th) - TV Review: ‘Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife’
Wired(26th) - Exclusive: The Doctor Answers Your Doctor Who Questions
Den of Geek(26th) - Doctor Who: want to know who returns next week?
io9(25th) - An unexpected guest star returns for Doctor Who’s big cliffhanger episode! Plus casting updates for the Hunger Games and World War Z!
What's on TV(25th) - Doctor Who's Arthur: Rory's a proper companion now
Popstar(25th) - Doctor Who - Episode Recap 6.04: "The Doctor's Wife"
Den of Geek(24th) - Doctor Who: why does Rory keep on dying?
Popstar(23rd) - Doctor Who - Episode Recap 6.03: "The Curse of the Black Spot"

Entertainment Weekly(27th) - 'Torchwood' scoop: How Starz handles Capt. Jack's love life
Digital Spy(27th) - 'Torchwood' creator: 'New series is US/UK clash'
The OSP(27th) - The Return of Another Captain Jack this Summer
SFX(26th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day “Not A Reboot” Says Russell T Davies
Cinema Blend(26th) - Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness Sporting A New Look For Miracle Day
Blastr(26th) - How Torchwood plans to gross us out by going all Walking Dead
TV Scoop(26th) - The new series of ‘Torchwood’ will see Captain Jack Harkness battling zombies
The List(26th) - Torchwood's zombie battle
AolTV(25th) - Exclusive First Look: Captain Jack's 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Makeover

New Zealand Herald(26th) - TV Eye: Doctor Who, Sherlock offer embarrassment of good TV
Holy Moly(25th) - TV Review: Four Rooms
Daily Star(24th) - FOUR ROOMS

Independent(23rd) - Caught & Social: ‘Who’ and ‘Holmes’ – no early end to the debate
The Sun(23rd) - Doc and Sherlock get shock
Sky News(23rd) - Only Way Is Essex Wins Audience TV Bafta
Metro(22nd) - Doctor Who and Sherlock go head-to-head for TV Bafta award

NewsOK(27th) - David Tennant: Nerdage’s #12 actor with geek appeal
Digital Spy(27th) - 'Scott & Bailey': Q&A with Suranne Jones
Holy Moly(27th) - The Prime of Miss Jean Shrimpton (Karen Gillan)
Express(27th) - Theatre Review: Much Ado About Nothing
Standard(27th) - Much Ado About Nothing
Guardian(27th) - Much Ado About Nothing – review
Gibraltar Chronicle(27th) - Dr Who and Much Ado About Gibraltar
Independent(27th) - Can David Tennant and Catherine Tate make Shakespeare the year’s hottest ticket?
Guardian(25th) - Much ado about 1980s Gibraltar
Express(27th) - Matt Smith can't keep his hands off Daisy Lowe
Mirror(27th) - Doctor Who Matt Smith squeezes girlfriend Daisy Lowe's bottom
Metro(26th) - Matt Smith can't resist giving girlfriend Daisy Lowe a squeeze
Daily Mail(26th) - That's unbecoming of the Doctor! Matt Smith gets to grips with his gorgeous girlfriend Daisy Lowe
The Sun(26th) - Who's pinching Daisy's bum?
East Anglia Daily Press(23rd) - Growing interest in Dereham man’s Doctor Who stories (David Fisher)
Observer(22nd) - Bafta TV special/Mark Gatiss: "Television is my great friend and teacher"

Independent(25th) - Bill Hunter: Actor known for archetypal, gruff Australians in films like 'Gallipoli' and 'Strictly Ballroom'
Guardian(23rd) - Bill Hunter obituary
Toby Hadoke(23rd) - Memoriam Loss

Financial Times(27th) - The Man Who Invented the Daleks
IGN(27th) - Doctor Who's Deadly Day of Daleks
TV Shows on DVD(27th) - Doctor Who - Finalized List of Extras, Packaging for 'Story #060: Day of the Daleks'
Games On Net(27th) - Free 1-hour trial for the second episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.
Ely Standard(26th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who – The Hounds of Artemis
Monsters & Critics(26th) - Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons – DVD Review
Monsters & Critics(26th) - Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders - DVD Review
Den of Geek(22nd) - Doctor Who: Frontios DVD review

The Age(28th) - Just what the Doctor ordered (also Sydney Morning Herald)
Bleeding Cool(27th) - Daleks, Divas And Dickheads – Bleeding Cool At MCM London Expo
Anglotopia(27th) - Doctor Who: The 11 Doctors as Muppets
WalesOnline(27th) - Love where you live event is all about the environment in Rhondda Cynon Taf
Shadowlocked(27th) - What made Christopher Eccleston unique
Den of Geek(27th) - Doctor Who titles in the style of the Super Nintendo
Indie Wire(26th) - TV Vs. Film: Ten Shows Worth Skipping The Multiplex For
Anglotopia(26th) - Doctor Who: The Opening Titles Re-imagined as a Super Nintendo Game – Video
io9(26th) - 10 Dirt-Cheap Aliens Who Still Look Awesome
Seenit(26th) - Review: Doctor Who Experience
Blastr(26th) - 18 sci-fi drunk scenes funnier than anything you'll see in Hangover 2
Jackson Free Press(25th) - Doctor Who
BBC America(25th) - Hats Off To Oprah: Five British Celebrity Farewells (End of Time)
Shadowlocked(25th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: New Earth
Bournemouth Echo(25th) - Bournemouth University student invents new Doctor Who computer game
This is Somerset(26th) - Tardis lands for Somerset Dr Who fan's birthday
Daily Mail(26th) - Are you old enough to be a Doctor? Five-year-old gets his very own full-size Tardis
Chard & Ilminster News(25th) - Who's a lucky time traveller in Chard?
SFX(24th) - Top 10 Resurrections
The List(24th) - Five interesting things about... Dylan Moran (#4)
Concord Patch(23rd) - Update: Enjoying DNA; Traveling Through Time in the Tardis
CBC(26th) - N.L. company tangled up in Doctor Who controversy
Canadian Press(25th) - Canadian replica of 'Doctor Who' tweed jacket at centre of international row
The Mark(24th) - U.K. Tweed Off Over Canadian Dr. Who Jacket Supplier
Vancouver Sun(24th) - Scots uproar follows Canadian company's Dr. Who deal (also Calgary HeraldGlobalMail)
Daily Mail(23rd) - What a stitch up: BBC infuriates Scots by sourcing Doctor Who's 'Harris Tweed' jackets in China
Anglotopia(25th) - Doctor Who: Adam Savage Does Doctor Who with Massive Tesla Coils – Video
Mashable(25th) - Tesla Coils + Doctor Who + Mythbuster’s Adam Savage = Music To Our Ears [VIDEO]
io9(23rd) - See a Mythbuster cage dance to the Dr. Who theme while being blasted by Tesla coils
Sonic State(22nd) - The Dr Who Theme, Played On Tesla Coils

Related News
BBC News(26th) - Doctor Who executive Piers Wenger leaves BBC for Film4
ATV Today(26th) - Doctor Who producer Piers Wenger to join Film4
Variety(26th) - Film4 taps Wenger
Guardian(26th) - Doctor Who producer Piers Wenger joins Film4
C21Media(26th) - Wenger scores Film4 role
Screen Daily [registration](26th) - Film4's Commissioning team grows with addition of Piers Wenger
Hollywood Reporter(25th) - Chris Hardwick Reveals Details of BBC America Deal

Passing Mention
Wheels(27th) - The Tardis of the car world
Washington Post(24th) - Barack Obama is a Time Lord!
Guardian(24th) - Alan Moore's comic: a masterpiece of SF art

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Trailer Coverage

Last weekend Starz released a full-length trailer for the forthcoming series of Torchwood: Miracle Day, which unsurprisingly generated a lot of media interest!

Torchwood: Miracle Day - 1:46 trailer, Starz, via BBC Torchwood/Dailymotion

Media Articles:
Wired(25th) - Torchwood: Captain Jack is Back!
Boomtron(24th) - Torchwood Miracle Day Teaser
Geeks of Doom(24th) - Watch Now: Official Trailer For ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’
Accidental Sexiness(24th) - FIRST LOOK TRAILER: “Torchwood: Miracle Day”
tv.com(24th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day is the Show We've Been Waiting For
...ology(24th) - Watch This: 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Trailer
Just Press Play(24th) - "Torchwood" Looking a Little Less "Who"
MovieWeb(24th) - Second Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer
Flick Cast(24th) - First ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Trailer Debuts
Hollywood(24th) - New ‘Torchwood’ Trailer Looks Amazing
IndieWire(24th) - Trailer Watch: Torchwood Fans Rejoice! Starz Debuts Spin-Off Series Miracle Day July 8
IndieWire(24th) - Watch: Mekhi Phifer in the American “Torchwood” Series Teaser
Blastr(24th) - Full-length Torchwood trailer reveals dramatic new footage
Zap2It(24th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': 5 things we learned from the official trailer
HItfix(24th) - Watch: Action-packed new footage from 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'
Chicago Tribune(24th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' trailer: Thrills, chills & dark humor
Escapist(24th) - New Torchwood Trailer Gets a Little Gun Happy
Crave(24th) - DOCTOR WHO 6.05 'The Rebel Flesh'
Pop Culture Zoo(23rd) - New Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer Teases New Thrills, Returning Faces
TV Latest(23rd) - More trailers: Torchwood: Miracle Day and True Blood (video)
Cinema Blend(23rd) - Watch The New Torchwood Miracle Day Trailer Even If You Don't Know What Torchwood Is
Big Shiny Robot(23rd) - TRAILER – Torchwood: Miracle Day
UGO(23rd) - It's a Miracle! An Actual Trailer for Torchwood: Miracle Day
Blastr(23rd) - New action-packed (and Americanized) Torchwood: Miracle Day clip
Hollywood Reporter(23rd) - Watch Official Trailer for Starz's 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' (Video)
Coming Soon(23rd) - Starz Unveils Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer
Comic Book Resources(23rd) - Watch The Explosive Trailer For Torchwood: Miracle Day
BBC America(23rd) - WATCH: ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Trailer
TG Daily(23rd) - Torchwood: Miracle Day gets first trailer
SFX(23rd) - Torchwood New Trailer
Inside Pulse(22nd) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' full-length Starz trailer
Daily Blam(23rd) - Access Hollywood's inside look at Torchwood
Comic Book Movie(22nd) - TORCHWOOD Miracle Day Trailer
io9(22nd) - Full Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer brings us Captain Jack’s charm (and explosions)
Examiner(22nd) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' new full trailer here

Tuesday 24 May 2011

UK Broadcasting roundup 24th May 2011

Richard Bacon, BBC Radio 5 Live, Tuesday 24th July, from 2:00pm
Richard Bacon is joined by Britain's Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff. He's the latest celebrity to become the centre of a reality show. The Hasselhoffs of the Bio channel focuses on him and his daughter. John Barrowman also drops in to talk about the new series of BBC One's Tonight's The Night.
This will be available to listen to worldwide after broadcast via the BBC iplayer until 31st May.

Doctor Who: The Whispering Forest (episode three), BBC Four Extra, Tuesday 24th May, 6:00pm
Nyssa and Turlough uncover the secrets of the Takers, and the Time Lord walks into a trap.
The episode will be available to listen to worldwide after broadcast via the BBC iplayer until 31st May.
Episode four will be broadcast tomorrow, with episode one still available until Friday 27th May, episode two until Monday 30th May.

The One Show, BBC1, Tuesday 24th July, 7:00pm
Matt Smith will be a guest on the show.
This will be available to watch in the UK after broadcast via the BBC iplayer until 31st May.

Four Rooms, C4, Tuesday 24th July, 8:00pm
The first episode of the series features a collection of Christmas cards from Princess Diana to her personal chef, an original 1960s Dalek, a cigar owned by Winston Churchill, and a Francis Bacon portrait all but destroyed by the artist.
This will be available to watch in the UK after broadcast via 4od


Doctor Who/Confidential - all available until 11th June:
1. The Impossible Astronaut (SD/HD) / Coming to America (SD/HD)
2. Day of the Moon (SD/HD) / Breaking the Silence (SD/HD)
3. The Curse of the Black Spot (SD/HD) / Ship Ahoy! (SD/HD)
4. The Doctor's Wife (SD/HD) / Bigger on the Inside (SD/HD)
5. The Rebel Flesh (SD/HD) / Double Trouble (SD/HD)

BBC Radio 4 Extra:
Cobwebs - episodes two (until 24th May), three (25th May), four (26th May)
The Whispering Forest - episodes one (27th May), two (30th May)

Sunday 22 May 2011

Article roundup 20th-22nd May 2011

BAFTA evening saw Steven Moffat's Sherlock do well, but Matt Smith missing out on Leading Actor ... whose jacket was the subject of a Scottish Sunday Mail story about it no longer being Harris Tweed. Meanwhile, The Rebel Flesh reviews rolled in, whilst the episode overnights showed it in its traditional second place behind Britain's Got Talent.

The Rebel Flesh
Buzz Focus(22nd) - Doctor Who Episode 6.5 Review: A Tale of Two Doctors and a New Race
Comic Book Resources(22nd) - Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About “The Rebel Flesh”
Big Shiny Robot(22nd) - REVIEW: Doctor Who 6.5
AssignmentX(22nd) - TV Review: DOCTOR WHO – Series 6 – “The Rebel Flesh”
Popzara(22nd) - Who's abbreviated season six gets its first penultimate episode stuffed with cheesy effects and yet another disappointing monster-chase.
Monsters & Critics(22nd) - Doctor Who recap - 'The Rebel Flesh'
SFX(21st) - Doctor Who 6.05 “The Rebel Flesh” Review
Telegraph(21st) - Doctor Who, episode 5: The Rebel Flesh, review
IGN(21st) - Doctor Who - "The Rebel Flesh" Review
io9(21st) - A Doctor Who Story that Doesn’t Need the Doctor
Digital Spy(21st) - 'Doctor Who' review: 'The Rebel Flesh'
Metro(21st) - Doctor Who was enjoyable silliness
Holy Moly(21st) - Doctor Who - The Rebel Flesh
Guardian(21st) - Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh – Series 32, episode 5
Den of Geek(21st) - Doctor Who series 6 episode 5 review: The Rebel Flesh
On The Box(21st) - Doctor Who Episode 5 Review: The Rebel Flesh
The Sun(21st) - Doctor Who's that?
Daily Mail(21st) - Doctor Who looks like he's suffering from a case of Voldemort-itis as the time lord is 'cloned'

Series Coverage
Evening Post(22nd) - Fury over Dr Who jacket switch (also Exeter Express and EchoCroydon Advertiser)
Irish Independent(22nd) - Fury over Doctor Who jacket switch (also STV)
Sunday Mail(22nd) - Doctor Who swaps Harris Tweed for Chinese rip-off as BBC sell replicas for £360
SFX(21st) - Doctor Who “The Almost People” Spoiler Free Preview
Wired(21st) - Last Week’s Doctor Who Recap: ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ by Neil Gaiman
Digital Spy(20th) - 'Doctor Who' should be scary, says writer (Mark Gatiss)
BBC(20th) - Matt Smith takes us on a tour of Apollo 11 (video)

SFX(22nd) - Doctor Who “The Rebel Flesh” Overnight Ratings
ATV Today(22nd) - Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh ratings
Digital Journal(21st) - Doctor Who episode most recorded of all time
SFX(20th) - Doctor Who “The Impossible Astronaut” Most Recorded UK Show Ever
Blastr(20th) - Numbers are in: Doctor Who premiere most recorded U.K. show ever!
ATV Today(20th) - Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut is the Most Recorded Programme Ever

Newsarama(20th) - BBC America Delays Two DOCTOR WHO Eps Due to Memorial Day

Examiner(22nd) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' new full trailer here
Big Shiny Robot(21st) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Interview

BBC News(22nd) - Sherlock wins two trophies at Bafta TV Awards
ATV Today(22nd) - Sherlock Wins at the Baftas
Dinnington Today(22nd) - Sherlock triumphs on TV Bafta night
Sky News(22nd) - Sherlock Wins Best Drama Gong At TV Baftas
OK!(22nd) - TV BAFTAs 2011: Dr Who, Sherlock, X Factor, Misfits and more battle for prizes
Digital Journal(22nd) - Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes in BAFTA head-to-head
BBC America(22nd) - Live Coverage of the BAFTA TV Awards: Follow @Anglophenia on Twitter
Wales on Sunday(22nd) - Doctor Who up for Bafta tonight
WalesOnline(21st) - Dr Who and Sherlock in Bafta battle
Hillingdon Times(21st) - Dr Who and Sherlock in Bafta battle (also Worthing Herald)
BBC America(20th) - Who Should Win the BAFTA: Benedict Cumberbatch or Matt Smith?

Daily Mail(22nd) - Daisy Lowe causes a stir in a see-through dress at the BAFTA Television Awards as she cuddles up to boyfriend Matt Smith
Now(22nd) - Daisy Lowe needs to sort out Doctor Who boyfriend Matt Smith's dodgy style
Mirror(21st) - Billie Piper talks young love, teen angst and sheltering her husband from naughty scenes
Digital Spy(21st) - Billie Piper: 'Fame was too much, too soon'

The Australian(22nd) - Charismatic wild man of cinema (Bill Hunter)

TV Shows on DVD(20th) - Doctor Who - Front Package Art Arrives for 'Story #060: Day of the Daleks' on DVD

Assignment X(21st) - The X List: Five Best DOCTOR WHO Stories About the TARDIS
St Helens Star(21st) - PICTURES: Look Who’s spun into town
Londonist(20th) - London’s Top 9 Doomsday Scenarios
Orlando Sentinel(20th) - Orlando Fringe Festival review: ‘Doctor WHOse Line Is It Anyway?’
Shadowlocked(20th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: The Christmas Invasion

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Liverpool Echo(21st) - Charming detached home for sale in Aughton
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Doug Eat Dog(20th) - Cartoon
Doug Eat Dog(21st) - Cartoon

Friday 20 May 2011

Article roundup 16th-20th May 2011

This week's news has been dominated by Torchwood, with items on a web-based tie-in, Web of Lies, further cast announcements, a preview screening in the UK (which sold out within a couple of hours!), and plans to sell to Latin America. If that wasn't enough, the show's principal star John Barrowman is to receive an honorary degree! Not to be outdone, Doctor Who receives an official Twitter feed, plus the show is up for several nominations in the TV Choice Awards - don't forget Matt Smith is also up for Leading Actor in Sunday's BAFTA TV Awards. A record was also broken with The Impossible Astronaut becoming the most watched show on timeshift in the UK (for now...).

Not to mention plenty of media coverage on last week's The Doctor's Wife and this week's The Rebel Flesh!

Episode Five: The Rebel Flesh
SFX(19th) - Doctor Who “The Rebel Flesh” Writer Interview
NME(19th) - 'Doctor Who' writer teases 'unpleasant' episode
Digital Spy(19th) - 'Doctor Who': Ten teasers about 'The Rebel Flesh'
Digital Spy(18th) - 'Doctor Who' writer: 'New episode is unpleasant'
Den of Geek(18th) - Matthew Graham interview: on writing Doctor Who
Digital Spy(17th) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Rebel Flesh' in pictures
Blastr(17th) - 10 awesomely disturbing Doctor Who episode 5 promo pics
Den of Geek(16th) - Doctor Who: more pictures from The Rebel Flesh
Den of Geek(16th) - Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh spoiler-free review
Cult Box(16th) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Rebel Flesh' spoiler-free review
Cultbox(15th) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 5 hints
Digital Spy(15th) - This Week's Must-See TV: 5 Shows You Shouldn't Miss
Den of Geek(15th) - Doctor Who: trailers for The Rebel Flesh
Cultbox(15th) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 5 trailer
Cultbox(14th) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 5 teasers

Episode Four: The Doctor's Wife
Airlock Alpha(20th) - SciFriday: 'The Doctor's Wife' Was Absolutely Amazing
Collective Review(19th) - Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 4 - The Doctor's Wife
Escapist(17th) - Neil Gaiman Talks Swimming Pools, Regeneration, and Time Lords
FlickCast(17th) - TV REVIEW: ‘Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife’
Crave(17th) - DOCTOR WHO 6.04 'The Doctor's Wife'
Geeks of Doom(17th) - TARDISblend 26: The Doctor’s Wife
Anglotopia(17th) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Go Behind-the-Scenes of Neil Gaiman’s Episode
Bleeding Cool(17th) - Neil Gaiman Talks Doctor Who. Or Types It. You Know What I Mean
Capsule Computers [AU](17th) - Winner of the Design a TARDIS contest *SPOILERS*
Guardian(16th) - Live Q & A: Neil Gaiman
Belfast Telegraph(16th) - Doctor Who series 6 blog: The Doctor's Wife
Independent(16th) - Review of Doctor Who ‘The Doctor’s Wife’
Hollywood(16th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Recap: The Doctor’s Wife
Antenna(16th) - Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who: Fan Service Meets the Junkyard Look
Newsarama(16th) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO S6E4 THE DOCTOR'S WIFE
RTE(16th) - TV Insider
Economic Voice(16th) - The Doctor’s Wife – a Dr Who review
Scotsman(16th) - Review
Cultbox(16th) - 'Doctor Who': What did you think of 'The Doctor's Wife'?
Zap2It(15th) - 'Doctor Who' recap: Finally, A Crossover With House!
Buzz Focus(15th) - Doctor Who Episode 6.4 – The Doctor’s Wife is a Classic Ep that Exceeds Expectations
io9(14th) - Doctor Who really is a love story after all
Examiner(14th) - 'Doctor Who' recap/review: 'The Doctor's Wife'
Cultbox(14th) - 'Doctor Who': Neil Gaiman introduces 'The Doctor's Wife'
Cultbox(14th) - 'Doctor Who Confidential': Neil Gaiman clip
Cultbox(14th) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Doctor's Wife' review
Cultbox(11th) - Suranne Jones: 'Me and Matt Smith had a lot of fun together'

Series Coverage
Anglotopia(20th) - Doctor Whooligan: Much Ado About Nothing, Torchwood News, DVD Updates, The Rebel Flesh & Five Companions Reunite
Unreality TV(20th) - Doctor Who: Matthew Graham thinks Steven Moffat has a ‘masterplan’ behind Rory’s deaths
The List(20th) - 'Masterplan' for Rory's deaths in Doctor Who
Den of Geek(16th) - Doctor Who: who is River Song?

Escapist(20th) - Doctor Who Season Opener Breaks Time-Shift Records
Broadband TV News(20th) - Doctor Who episode most recorded show of all time
MediaTel(19th) - Doctor Who 'Astronaut' most recorded TV show of all time
Marketing Week(19th) - Who has the most time-shifted TV show? Call on the Dr

Daemon's TV(20th) - TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY Cast Photos
After Elton(19th) - Captain Jack Will Be "Really Gay" in "Torchwood: Miracle Day
Trek Today(18th) - Trek Actors To Appear In Torchwood Series
Subspace Communique(18th) - Star Trek's Nana Visitor and John DeLancie Guest Star in “Torchwood: Miracle Day”
Flickcast(18th) - ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Locks In Great Guest Stars
Comic Mix(18th) - ‘Torchwood’ Adds All-Star Guests. Lots of ‘em!
Screen Rant(18th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Lines Up Guest Stars Galore
World Screen(18th) - Slew of Guest Stars Lined Up for New Torchwood Installment
Digital Spy(18th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' casts three more
Den of Geek(18th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day guest stars confirmed
Variety(17th) - 'Torchwood' guests include Lauren Ambrose, Mare Winningham
Buzz Focus(17th) - ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Blessed By Notable Guest Stars
Cinema Blend(17th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day To Include Guest Appearances By Wayne Knight, Ernie Hudson, And Others
BBC America(17th) - Guest Star Lineup for ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Has Us Pumped!
Gather(17th) - SciFi Fan Faves to Guest on 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'
UPI(17th) - Howell, Hudson to appear on 'Torchwood'
TV By The Numbers(17th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Boasts Guest Star Line-Up Including C. Thomas Howell, Wayne Knight and Mare Winningham
NME(18th) - 'Torchwood' online spin-off confirmed
TubeFilter(18th) - Eliza Dushku to Star in ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Torchwood’ Web Series
Boston Herald(19th) - Eliza Dushku rumored to have a new job
Bleeding Cool(18th) - Eliza Dushku Is Now Part Of The Doctor Who Universe, Set For Torchwood Online Spin-Off
Blastr(17th) - Jane Espenson teases Eliza Dushku's role in a Torchwood spinoff
Zap2It(17th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' releases first footage, teases Eliza Dushku web series
Digital Journal(17th) - Torchwood spin-off drama in preparation
io9(17th) - First Footage from Torchwood: Miracle Day! Plus will Eliza Dushku star in a Torchwood spinoff?
Examiner(17th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day new teaser trailer: 10 seconds of awesome
Gather(17th) - New 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' teaser: No one dies anymore
Blastr(17th) - See an explosive new Torchwood: Miracle Day promo trailer
Anglotopia(17th) - Torchwood: Very Short Teaser Trailer Leaks Out – Video
SFX(16th) - Torchwood Trailer

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Geeks of Doom(15th) - Final ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ Episodes Will Be Aired

TBI Vision(20th) - BBC Worldwide shops series to HBO Lat-Am, confirms 2011 Rio Showcase
C21Media(19th) - HBO Lat Am picks up BBC drama

Swindon Advertiser(20th) - The Daleks will be invading North Swindon library
Canadian Press(19th) - A trip to the moon in classical antiquity? British exhibit finds sci-fi in unexpected places
Londonist(16th) - Review: The Doctor Who Experience @ Olympia 2

Digital Spy(18th) - In Full: TV Choice Awards 2011 - Nominees
Radio Times(16th) - Sherlock vs the Doctor

WalesOnline(20th) - John Barrowman guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance
Digital Spy(20th) - Tube Talk Q&A: Mark Gatiss
The List(19th) - Sophie Ellis-Bextor eyes Doctor Who role
Bang Showbiz(19th) - Sophie Ellis Bextor eyes Doctor Who role
Perez Hilton(20th) - From Doctor Who To Dunder Mifflin! Catherine Tate Is Top Contender To Replace Carell
Hollywood Reporter(18th) - 'The Office's' New Boss: British Actress Catherine Tate is a 'Top Choice'
Coventry Telegraph(18th) - Doctor Who Star Karen Gillan Travels Back To The Sixties
Female First(19th) - John Barrowman To Recieve Honorary Doctorate
Broadway World(18th) - John Barrowman to Receive Honorary Doctorate
Glasgow Evening Times(18th) - From Doctor Who to Doctor Barrowman...
Contact Music(18th) - John Barrowman To Receive Honorary Doctorate
BBC News(17th) - Entertainer John Barrowman to be honoured by RSAMD
Heart(17th) - Degree for John Barrowman
Glaswegian(17th) - Doctor Who Star John Barrowman To Receive Honorary Degree From RSAMD
STV(17th) - John Barrowman set for hometown Scottish honour
STV(17th) - Doctor Who actor John Barrowman among entertainers honoured by RSAMD
Spoonfed(19th) - Much Ado About Nothing Celebrity Profile
Rev Stan's Theatre Blog(17th) - Much Ado About Tennant/Tate - the first night
Playbill(16th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate Begin Performances May 16 in West End Much Ado About Nothing
We Are Movie Geeks(16th) - First Look At David Tennant As FRIGHT NIGHT’s Peter Vincent

TVShowsOnDVD(18th) - Doctor Who - Specific Release Date, Cost and More for 'Story #060: Day of the Daleks'
UGO(17th) - Who Will Win The Doctor Who Monster Stare-Down Contest?
Media Bistro(17th) - Neil Gaiman Doctor Who Episode Spawns T-Shirts & Mugs
Cinema Blend(19th) - Complete Torchwood Collection Coming In July
Herald de Paris(19th) - Complete Torchwood Collection Coming In July
HighDef Digest(16th) - 'Torchwood: The Complete Original UK Series' Announced for Blu-ray
Cultbox(13th) - 'Doctor Who': 'Frontios' DVD review

Blastr(20th) - Infographic: 6 years of Doctor Who in one mind-warping image
Anglotopia(20th) - Doctor Who: Beautiful Doctor Who Fan Video – In the Skin of the Universe
io9(19th) - The Beginning and the End of Doctor Who’s "UNIT Family" Era
DelMarvaNow(19th) - Doctor Who's on first? Doctor What's on second?
888Ladies(17th) - Daleks And Bingo Help Rowing Club
Dorset Echo(17th) - Daleks take over at Portland club
BBC News(17th) - East Yorkshire Dr Who fan builds replica Dalek
BBC News(17th) - Plans for Herne Bay Dr Who Tardis (video)
BBC News(16th) - Doctor Who fan in tardis replica plan for Herne Bay
Geek(16th) - This Tardis bed shows off geek cred and saves space
Herald Scotland(16th) - How Terry Nation rewrote the script for British TV

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Passing Mention
Telegraph(20th) - Novak Djokovic: if only Britain had adopted 'the Serbinator'
Rexburg Standard Journal(19th) - How will the world end?
BioFortified(19th) - Genetic engineering on the Fringe
South Wales Echo(18th) - Don’t worry, it’s only the end of the world ... again!
Independent(17th) - When the bubble bursts for soap stars
Sci Blogs(17th) - “Just So Science” – A Song of the Universe
Forbes(16th) - Is The Future of Telecommuting Your Floating Robot Head?

Doug Eat Doug(18th) - Cartoon
Blastr(16th) - Image of the Day: The embarrassing moment Superman met Doctor Who
Anglotopia(16th) - Doctor Who: If Superman Took a Trip to London – Hilarious