Saturday 27 February 2010

Article roundup 27th February 2010

Into the Future
STV(26th) - Doctor Who’s new assistant ***** (plot spoiler in subject!)
Digital Spy(26th) - 'Doctor Who' to feature ****** plot?
On The Box(26th) - Doctor Who To Feature ****** Storyline

Cinema Blend(27th) - Doctor Who Two Weeks Later For US Fans
About(26th) - Doctor Who Season 5 Comes Stateside in April
Topless Robot(26th) - You-Know-Who Debuts on April 17th in the U.S.
The Flick Cast(26th) - New ‘Doctor Who’ Series Arrives In April
Airlock Alpha(26th) - BBCA Schedules 'Doctor Who'
AOL TV(26th) - 'Doctor Who' to Premiere April 17 on BBC America
ATV Network(26th) - BBC America sets Who return date
All Headline News(26th) - "Doctor Who" Premieres April 17 On BBC America

Wired(26th) - Monster mix-up at Dr. Who prop auction

Richland Chronicle(26th) - Who's your doctor?
Inverness Chronicle(26th) - Threatening letters cloud the joy of non-TV existence

Passing Mention
io9(26th) - The Real Problem With Midichlorians
BBC News(25th) - 'Most unfortunate names' revealed (Jon Pertwee)

Bob The Angry Flower(26th) - Cybermen cartoon

Friday 26 February 2010

UK Television Coverage, w/e 26th February 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television over the last few days.

Doctor Who trailer, BBC1, ~6:30pm (first broadcast)
First showing of the new Doctor Who trailer for the up-and-coming series starting Easter.

The Alan Titchmarsh Show, ITV1, Tue 23rd Feb 2010, ~5:50pm
Nina Wadia guested on the show, during which she briefly discussed her role in the next series of Doctor Who.
Available on ITV Player until 22nd March.

South East Today, BBC1 (South East), Tue 23rd Feb 2010, ~6:55pm
There was a brief article on the BBC Showcase exhibition that has been taking place in Brighton this week.

The One Show, BBC1, Tue 23rd Feb 2010, ~7:00pm
John Barrowman featured as a guest on the show, which also featured an item on the Bonhams Auction of Doctor Who props/costumes taking place on Wednesday.
Available on BBC iplayer until 2nd March

Newsround, BBC1, Wed 24th Feb 2010, ~5:10pm
A report on the Bonhams auction.

London News, BBC1 (London), Wed 24th Feb 2010, ~6:50pm
A report on the Bonhams auction

Wales Today, BBC1 (Wales), Wed 24th Feb 2010, ~6:50pm
Brief item on the Bonhams auction (Welsh emphasis!)

Lorraine Kelly, ITV1, Thu 25th Feb 2010, ~9:00am
John Barrowman appeared on the morning show to discuss his appearance in Desperate Housewives, but also commented on how he would love to do more Torchwood if offered.

The One Show, BBC1, Thu 25th Feb 2010, ~7:15pm
David Morrissey guested on the show, and though there was no specific mention of the show, when Christine Bleakley put up a large picture of chancellor Alistair Darling's eyes against her own, Morrissey commented on it being a Doctor Who monster in the making!

Jill Franks Show, QVC, Fri 26th Feb 2010, ~2:00pm
John Barrowman crops up everywhere, this time promoting his new album.

John Barrowman has also been doing the rounds on the radio, promoting his appearance in Desperate Housewives and the release of his new album; you can catch him via BBC iplayer for the Chris Moyles Show on Radio One from Monday afternoon, and with Richard Bacon on Radio Five Live on Thursday.

The Bonhams Auction featured on the Today Show on Radio Four on Wednesday (~2h:50m), with plenty of other media coverage reported in a previous article!

Article roundup 26th February 2010

The Sun has a spoiler for the upcoming series, not quite what you might think, but obviously don't look at the article if you don't want to know! And some nice new figures to look forward to from Underground Toys and Tonner.

Into the Future
The Sun(26th) - Doctor Who is daddy? (plot spoilers)

Digital Spy(26th) - US premiere date set for 'Doctor Who'
Film School Rejects(25th) - New Doctor Who Gets an American Debut Date
Blogcritics(25th) - BBC America Announces Doctor Who Premiere Date
Zap2It(25th) - New 'Doctor Who' arrives in April
Chicago Tribune(25th) - New 'Doctor Who' premieres April 17 on BBC America
Los Angeles Times(25th) - The new 'Doctor Who' arrives in U.S. on April 17
HitFix(25th) - New 'Doctor Who' premieres on BBC America in April
io9(25th) - Doctor Who Hits BBC America 2 Weeks After The U.K.

Chelmsford Weekly News(26th) - Dalek Davros at the Civic (Terry Molloy)
Manchester Evening News(26th) - Five Days: Suranne Jones

Chip Chick(26th) - SFX Magazine Celebrates the 11th Doctor Who with Special Animated 3D Cover
Media Connection(26th) - The Doctor is in (Doctor Who figures)

Thursday 25 February 2010

Article roundup 25th February 2010

The new series has got a US start date - 17th April! Though not officially confirmed, the UK date is believed to be the 3rd April, so the US will only be two weeks behind each new episode. Also, there was plenty of media interest in the Bonhams Auction - see our separate article on the aftermath! 

Into the Future
Hereford Times(25th) - Skenfrith is just what the doctor ordered (filming report)
Cinema Blend(24th) - The New Doctor Who Has A Start Date

Variety(25th) - New 'Who' sets U.S. airdate

Digital Spy(24th) - Barrowman 'unsure' over 'Torchwood' future
STV(24th) - The future of Torchwood is uncertain, according to John Barrowman

Den of Geek(24th) - Doctor Who: The Space Museum/The Chase DVD review

Metro(24th) - Adjoa Andoh:"Almost all my scenes were with Morgan. He’s brilliant, funny and thoughtful."
Den of Geek(24th) - Noel Clarke interview: King Of Ads, 4321, Kevin Smith and his unmade movies

Shields Gazette(25th) - Verse for Doctor Who
What's on Stage(25th) - Barrowman Meets the Doctor on New Album??? Exclusive Clip!
4rvf(25th) - Delicious Sound Boosts Doctor Who
Sarah Jane TV(24th) - Life's a Doodle (Elizabeth Sladen doodle on Ebay)

Passing Mention
The List(25th) - If You Prefer a Milder Comedian Please Ask for One - Stewart Lee interview (RTD mention)

Bonhams Auction Roundup

Plenty of media attention over the Bonhams auction that took place yesterday (24th February), where many of the items fetched far more than their original estimates - a more detailed report with final prices is on the Doctor Who News page.

The BBC published a video of the auction (may not be accessible outside the UK)

Article 1: Fans snap up Doctor Who costumes at auction
Article 2: Doctor Who fan leaves auction with two alien heads

Media coverage after the auction:
Digital Spy(28th) - 'Doctor Who' - The Auction
Wired(26th) - Monster mix-up at Dr. Who prop auction
Metro(26th) - Battered Doctor Who Dalek sells for over £20,000 in prop auction
Evening Standard(25th) - Battered Dalek from 1985 fetches £20,400 at Doctor Who auction
CBC [Canada](25th) - Fans lift sales at Doctor Who auction
Press Association(25th) - Dalek sells for £20,000 at auction
Digital Spy(25th) - Piper's 'Who' pyjamas sold for £1,000
Courier Mail [Australia](25th) - Kylie Minogue's Doctor Who little black dress snapped up
Anorak(25th) - Dr Who Enthusaist Buys Billie Piper’s Worn Pyjamas For £2000
South Wales Echo(25th) - Doctor Who and Torchwood pieces sold at auction
Western Mail(25th) - Doctor Who fans shell out thousands at props auction
The Sun(25th) - Dr Who Much?
Belfast Telegraph(25th) - Fan pays £20k for vintage Dalek
The Daily Star(25th) - Billie in Bed for Fanatics
CBBC(24th) - Dalek success at Dr Who auction
News Antique(24th) - £250,000 'Dr Who' prop sale
Herald Sun [Australia](25th) - Dr Who memorabilia snapped up
Daily Mail(25th) - Doctor Who auction exterminates the recession as show props sell for thousands
Guardian(24th) - Sold to the fanboy in the long scarf

Articles leading up to the auction in the last week:
Metro(24th) - Daleks and Billie Piper's pyjamas for sale in Doctor Who auction
Guardian(24th) - Extortion-ate? Extortion-ate? Doctor Who fans will be hoping not (Bonhams)
This is Money(24th) - Doctor Who auction: Is a Dalek a wise investment? (Bonhams)
The Telegraph [Australia](24th) - Used '88 Dalek, good condition, $10K (Bonhams)
The Times(24th) - Doctor Who fans to battle for Daleks as BBC sells its DIY monsters (Bonhams)
Sideways News(22nd) - Who's up for auction
The Express(20th) - Dalek is a star buy
TMCNet(20th) - BRIEF: Who Goes There?
inancial Times(20th) - Sale of the week: The trappings of Time Lords
CBBC(20th) - In pictures: Doctor Who auction
Little About(20th) - Daleks from Doctor Who expected to fetch 3k each at auction
Telegraph(19th) - Doctor Who Daleks up for auction
Telegraph(20th) - Daleks for sale, can be used for bin or world domination

There was also a feature on Tuesday's The One Show - this is available on the BBC iplayer until the 2nd March.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Article roundup 24th February 2010

As if the media attention on the Bonhams Auction wasn't enough, another item of Doctor Who history has cropped up on Ebay in the form of a synthesiser used in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for the arrangement of the Doctor Who theme in the early 1970s - well possibly!

Into the Future
Now Magazine(24th) - James Corden tipped to star in Doctor Who
The Daily Dust(23rd) - James Cordon to star in Dr Who

Music Radar(24th) - 'Doctor Who theme synth' for sale (ebay) - Original synthesizer used to write Doctor Who theme for sale on eBay
Synthtopia(23rd) - Dr. Who Synthesizer For Sale On eBay 
Retro to Go(23rd) - eBay watch: John Baker's EMS VCS3 synthesiser from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Guardian(24th) - Extortion-ate? Extortion-ate? Doctor Who fans will be hoping not (Bonhams)
This is Money(24th) - Doctor Who auction: Is a Dalek a wise investment? (Bonhams)
The Telegraph [Australia](24th) - Used '88 Dalek, good condition, $10K (Bonhams)
The Times(24th) - Doctor Who fans to battle for Daleks as BBC sells its DIY monsters (Bonhams)

DVD Talk(23rd) - Doctor Who Dalek War: Frontier in Space & Planet of the Daleks

BBC News(24th) - Don't Let Me Down: rise of the rock biopics (Christopher Eccleston)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser(23rd) - Panda Players protege scoops BAFTA (Carey Mulligan)
Sarah Jane TV(23rd) - An Afternoon with Tom (Tommy Knight)

Miscellaneous - Dr Who and Top Gear drive BBC iPlayer to record levels

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Article roundup 23rd February 2010

As usual with the media, a few negative comments about the new Doctor Who trailer by fans is of more interest to report than of those who really liked it! More unexpectedly the two appearances of the Empire State Building in Doctor Who was worthy of a mention in an article on the top five views in the world!

Into the Future
Metro(23rd) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith: Top 5 young talents
The Sun(23rd) - Who's that girl? (Karen Gillan at BBC Showcase)
Den of Geek(23rd) - Doctor Who series 5: latest casting news
Press Association(22nd) - James Corden set for Doctor Who?
Watch with Mothers(22nd) - NewsGush: James Corden Set For Doctor Who Casting
Metro(22nd) - James Corden set for Doctor Who?
STV(22nd) - James Corden is to star in Doctor Who
io9(22nd) - Just 5 Saturdays Until Doctor Who Comes Back!
io9(22nd) - (reported extract from a recent Doctor Who script)
Entertaining News(22nd) - Doctor Who Trailer Flop (some fan reaction)

Worldscreen(22nd) - AXN Channels Score BBC Worldwide Fare for CEE Feed

io9(22nd) - 18 Upcoming TV Shows That Could Save Small-Screen Scifi (Torchwood USA)

io9(23rd) - Explained! Why Doctor Who Is A Monster, And Why You Won't See A Squid Vs. Whales At The Multiplex
flick filosopher(22nd) - the ‘Doctor Who’ teasing is killing me!

Passing Mention
Hello Magazine(22nd) - On top of the world (mentions Empire State Building)

Monday 22 February 2010

Doctor Who for Central / Eastern Europe

BBC Worldwide have issued a press release for a deal with Sony Pictures Television to show programmes like Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval in Central and Eastern Europe:
The Time Lord turns up in Macedonia, Captain Jack Harkness speaks Hungarian and CGI dinosaurs roar through the Czech Republic. Sci-fi will sweep Central and Eastern Europe as BBC Worldwide signs a deal which sees 114 hours of entertainment from Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval being beamed into homes across the region, from Poland and Romania to as far afield as Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro. The sci-fi hits will air on Sony Pictures Television’s AXN SCI-FI and AXN channels.

Eddie Nelson, GM of Sony Pictures Television's networks businesses in the region said: "We are delighted to secure such a fantastic selection of BBC shows for AXN and AXN SCI-FI. The addition of these exciting new titles to our schedule further reinforces our channels’ reputation as the destination for world-class TV entertainment in Central and Eastern Europe."

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan from the new Doctor Who series, Zoe Tapper and Paterson Joseph (Survivors), Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood) and the full cast of E4’s Misfits (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Antonia Thomas, Lauren Socha, Iwan Rheon, Robert Sheehan) are some of the stars descending on Brighton on Sunday (21Feb) for BBC Worldwide's annual TV market BBC Showcase.

Celebrating the success of British sci fi around the world, BBC Worldwide are hosting a special evening on Sunday entitled Out of this World for over 500 international TV buyers. Brand new to the international market, Misfits has already been snapped up down under, selling to ABC in Australia and C4 in New Zealand. Doctor Who has now sold to over 50 broadcasters, Torchwood to over 35 and ITV’s Primeval has sales of over 40, all distributed by BBC Worldwide. From the Middle East to the Far East, from Latin America to Australasia, British sci fi has landed in most corners of the globe.
  • Doctor Who achieved the enviable number one and two spots on iTunes USA last year.
  • Primeval and Doctor Who were the top two UK imported programmes in South Korea (July 08/June09). They are also in the top 5 selling programmes for BBC Worldwide in 08/09.
  • Survivors has sold to over 20 broadcasters including Romania, Hong Kong and Latin America.
    Misfits, Paradox and The Men in the Moon are three new titles that are being launched to TV buyers at BBC Showcase.
  • Torchwood can be seen in countries as far flung as Turkey and Taiwan, Albania and Australia, Iceland and India.
BBC Showcase is the UK's biggest television export event and the only one of its kind in the world to be hosted by a single distributor. More than 500 digibooths will be available for TV buyers to view 1400 hours of programming over the four days, alongside exclusive screenings, premieres and events with some of British television’s biggest names. "Our sci-fi content offers pure escapism for the viewer, perhaps more so than any other genre – this is exactly what people are looking for in troubled times. British sci-fi’s on a role and there’s a real hunger out there for more," commented Steve Macallister, Managing Director, Sales and Distribution, BBC Worldwide

Article roundup 22nd February 2010

Gavin and Stacey writer/star James Corden is the latest name to be mentioned as a guest star in the up-and-coming series of Doctor Who. Meanwhile, back in the "past", Andrew Cartmel looks back at the madness of last week over 80s Doctor Who 'politics'!

Into the Future
The Sun(22nd) - Gavin and Spacey (James Corden)
What's On TV(22nd) - James Corden to guest star in Doctor Who
Digital Spy(22nd) - James Corden to star in 'Doctor Who'?
Chortle(22nd)) - Corden for Dr Who?
TV Overmind(21st) - 'Doctor Who' Series 5 to Premiere April 3 in UK

Bonhams Auction
Sideways News(22nd) - Who's up for auction
The Express(20th) - Dalek is a star buy
TMCNet(20th) - BRIEF: Who Goes There?

The Guardian(22nd) - Storm in a Tardis (Andrew Cartmel on last week's 'mayhem')
BBC News(21st) - Bafta wins for Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth
Wales on Sunday(21st) - Torchwood 1-0 Hollywood: Eve Myles is the queen of sci-fi

Liverpool Echo(22nd) - Music from Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr Who to be performed by Liverpool Phil
The Force(21st) - Corsham Family Sci-Fi Day (The Charity Daleks)

ABC Australia(22nd) - Media Watch vs Doctor Who
Tufts Daily(22nd) - British TV offers bolder, grittier shows with less fluff (Torchwood USA)
TBI Vision(22nd) - Sony buys 100hr package from BBC Worldwide 

The Spoof(21st) - Daleks Spotted Roaming Around The White House

Saturday 20 February 2010

Article roundup 20th February 2010

Main focus for today's news are the various auctions items available from Bonhams next week, and the aftermath of the new trailer shown tonight!

East Anglian Daily Times(20th) - On the sofa with Davros, lord of Daleks (Terry Molloy)

LA Times(19th) - 'Lost' leads with eight TV Saturn Awards nominations

Bonham's Auction
Financial Times(20th) - Sale of the week: The trappings of Time Lords
CBBC(20th) - In pictures: Doctor Who auction
Little About(20th) - Daleks from Doctor Who expected to fetch 3k each at auction
Telegraph(19th) - Doctor Who Daleks up for auction
Telegraph(20th) - Daleks for sale, can be used for bin or world domination

Trailer Mentions
TV Overmind(20th) - Series 5 Promo
Den of Geek(20th) - Doctor Who series 5: the brand new trailer
Pop Culture Zoo(20th) - New Doctor Who 2010 Teaser Trailer
io9(20th) - Doctor Who And The Vortex Of Monsters
Chicago Now(20th) - Geronimo! Brand new teaser for Matt Smith's 'Doctor Who

io9(19th) - Epic Space Heroes Who Gave A Better Apology Than Tiger

Passing Mention
Guardian(20th) - Law & Order, So You Think You Can Dance – why British TV ruins US shows
Belfast Telegraph(20th) - Eastenders: A gripping story of death and weddings in the Square

Doctor Who: Easter 2010 Trailer

The new trailer for Doctor Who has now been broadcast, featuring a couple of the Doctor's old adversaries and some new ones!

The new series is scheduled to arrive on UK television screens during Easter 2010.

Media comment on the trailer may be found from: Den of Geek, Pop Culture Zoo, io9, Chicago Now, TV Overmind, Comic Book Movie, Zap2It, Screen Rant, BSC Review, TV Overmind, Digital Spy, News of the World, Spread It, On The Box, The Sun, IGN, Daemons TV, BuddyTV, Topless Robot, The Flick Cast.

Friday 19 February 2010

Article roundup 19th February 2010

Tennant-mania today with lots of coverage of his role in the BBC1 show "Single Father", but let's not forget Colin Baker who's supported an animal charity campaign. Billie Piper tops the best known people from Swindon, unsurprisingly, but apart from Diana Dors who else do you know?!!!

Into the Future
Techwatch(19th) - 3D Dr Who trailer in cinemas
io9(19th) - Doctor Who in 3D For A Short Time Only
Digital Spy(18th) - 3D 'Doctor Who' trailer to screen in cinemas
Broadway World(18th) - Meera Syal mention

SFX(19th) - Saturn Awards Nominations Announced
The Stage(19th) - Theatre Live! nominated for Broadcasting Press Guild award
Digital Spy(18th) - Tennant, Walters, more for BPG Awards

Den of Geek(19th) - Doctor Who The Writer’s Tale: Benjamin Cook interview

People: David Tennant
BBC Press(18th) - Of Mice and Men (David Tennnant stars)
BBC Press(19th) - David Tennant to star in BBC One drama Single Father
Digital Spy(19th) - Tennant cast in BBC's 'Single Father'
Scottish Herald(18th) - Tennant set for dramatic return to Scottish roots
STV(19th) - Dr Who star David Tennant is going to be a dad... in a new sitcom
Guardian(19th) - David Tennant back on BBC1 in Single Father
Monsters & Critics(19th) - David Tennant to play a single father in BBC drama
Daily Record(19th) - Former Doctor Who David Tennant to return to Scotland to star in new TV drama
Mirror(19th) - David Tennant to play struggling dad in BBC1 drama called Single Father
The Sun(19th) - Who's Your Daddy
Ireland Online(18th) - Madonna wants 'Doctor Who' actor for new movie
Contact Music(18th) - Madonna - Madonna Wants Doctor For Film

Whovian Net(18th) - Colin Baker featured in new animal charity campaign
Swindon Advertiser(19th) - But Diana is only No.5 in list of celebrity Swindonians (Billie Piper #1)

Blogcritics(19th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who - The Complete Specials

Spalding Today(18th) - Doctor Who lookalike is first competition entrant
Penrith Press(19th) - Treasure trove a hit at Penrith Library (display including DW items)
Atlantic Online(18th) - "Resistance is useless..."

Passing Mention
The Register(19th) - The Not-Invented-Anywhere Syndrome (mentions the Ood)
io9(18th) - British Government Declassifies Its UFO Files, Reveals "Flying Toblerone" Sightings

UK Television Coverage, w/e 19th February 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television over the last few days.

BBC Breakfast, BBC1, Sun 14th Feb 2010, ~8:22am
Newspaper discussion, including celebrity endorsement in politics, and the Times article on Doctor Who politics in the 1980s.

Newsnight, BBC2, Mon 15th Feb 2010, ~11:05pm
There was a discussion on the perceived political agenda of Doctor Who during the later 1980s, with former script editor Andrew Cartmel and fan/ex-MP Tim Collins (plus a feature including Terrance Dicks). [Doctor Who News item]
Available on BBC iplayer until 22nd February

Newswipe, BBC4, Tue 16th Feb 2010, ~10:00pm (first broadcast)
A very brief mention of John Barrowman in this edition!
Available on BBC iplayer until 26th February

Blue Peter, BBC1, Wed 17th Feb 2010, ~4:45pm
The results of the competition to design a new TARDIS console for an episode of the series were announced, with the winner chosen by Matt Smith. [Doctor Who News item]
Available on BBC iplayer until 24th February

Homes under the Hammer, BBC1, Fri 19th Feb 2010, ~10:00am
The first property on the show was in Salford, and landed up with several references to Doctor Who as Christopher Eccleston grew up in the area!
Available on BBC iplayer until 26th February

Don't forget, the new trailer for Doctor Who will air early Saturday evening!

Some items to listen out for:
Murder in Samarkand, BBC Radio 4, 20th February, with David Tennant
Of Mice and Men, BBC Radio 4, 7th March, with David Tennant

Thursday 18 February 2010

Article roundup 18th February 2010

A 3D Trailer! Woo! A treat for cinema goers in the next few weeks, then, whilst the rest us will have to make do with the 'standard' 2D version on TV from Saturday. And do you remember seeing Doctor Who novelisations in the library? Those big old hardbacks sitting there on the shelf? The Independent looks at why libraries are important.

Into the Future
Broadcast(18th) - BBC to give new Doctor 3D push
Daily Star(17th) - Doctor Who: Time Lord battles for life in TV finale
AOL(17th) - Doctor Who's finale foes
STV(17th) - Doctor Who's finale foes
My Park Magazine(17th) - Doctor Who's finale foes
io9(17th) - Dance In The Time Vortex With Doctor Who! (alternative BBC America Matt Smith montage)
Metro(17th) - Doctor Who trailer to debut on TV this weekend
Den of Geek(18th) - Doctor Who: new picture, trailer this weekend
Techwatch(18th) - New Dr Who Trailer out on Saturday

Daily Mail(18th) - TV buffet: 3,000 hours of shows offered for free on new on demand website

Hello Magazine(16th) - readers vote David Tennant the best dressed man of 2009
Guardian(18th) - Doctor Who v Malcolm Tucker in awards face-off (Broadcasting Press Guilds Awards)
Guardian(18th) - Broadcasting Press Guild Awards: nominations in full
Hollywood Reporter(17th) - Simon Cowell up for British Press Guild award (and David Tennant)

Daily Star(18th) - Madonna to team up with David Tennant for Royal Drama

Telegraph(17th) - Letters: Daleks against Thatcher

Passing Mention
Independent(18th) - Book smart: Why every primary pupil needs a library (mention of DW Books)

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Article roundup 17th February 2010

Main news today is on the release of a new promo image, media coverage is in another post; in addition a new television trailer is due this coming Saturday evening! Also, the "Ianto shrine" in Cardiff Bay seems to have become an 'official' tourist spot!

Into The Future
Digital Spy(17th) - BBC sets new 'Who' trailer premiere date
Sky TV(16th) - Doctor Who to battle ******

South Wales Echo(17th) - Plaques presented at Torchwood’s Ianto Jones ‘shrine’
Examiner(16th) - Torchwood returns, as a web comic

The Times(17th) - What Suranne Jones did next

The Pink Paper(15th) - DVD: Doctor Who - Dreamland

Plymouth Herald(15th) - Dalek invades Plymouth school

New Series Montage

The BBC have released a new promotional montage image for the forthcoming Matt Smith series of Doctor Who.

Media Coverage:

The Sun(17th) - Spin Doctor
Digital Spy(17th) - Oooh, a brand new 'Doctor Who' promo pic!
Small Screen Scoop(17th) - The DOCTOR WHO Vortex Looking Very Aquatic These Days
On The Box(17th) - Doctor Who Gets New Logo
South Wales Evening Post(17th) - Countdown begins to new series of Doctor Who
Yorkshire Evening Post(17th) - Foes line up to take on new Doctor Who
Press Association(17th) - Foes line up to take on new Doctor
Coventry Telegraph(17th) - New pictures show Matt Smith in a whirl as new Doctor Who
Chicago Now(17th) - BBC reveals new 'Doctor Who' photo of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan

io9(17th) - Dance in the Time Vortex with Doctor Who! (alternative design from BBC America)

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Article roundup 16th February 2010

After Matt Smith being listed as a sci-fi hunk yesterday, today his assistant Karen Gillan is revealed as the 19th most eligible Scottish woman. Meanwhile, a Matt Smith fan is revealed to be ... Matt Smith!

Into the Future
Digital Journal(16th) - Two Mr Smiths on Doctor Who

Movie Gossip
Huffington Post(15th) - Doctor Who Movie? Some casting suggestions from politics.


Inside Pulse(16th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Specials – DVD Review

The Scotsman(16th) - Scotland's most eligible women - #19: Karen Gillan, 22, Actress
The Sun(16th) - Roman Noels (Noel Clarke in Centurian)

Digital Spy(16th) - 'Torchwood's Myles named 'Best Actress'

Related News
The Telegraph(16th) - Election 2010: The big fight for the support of celebrities
World Screen(16th) - BBC Worldwide Gears Up for Showcase
Hollywood Reporter(15th) - BBC Showcase targets big spenders
Baltimore Sun(16th) - James Patterson gets bigger -- graphic novels next (mentions IDW Publishing)
Independent(15th) - A treasure trove of film from the BBC archives goes online

The Spoof(14th) - Dr Who To Replace Gordon Brown

The "political agenda" of Doctor Who

An off-the-cuff comment by Sylvester McCoy on 'political agenda' during his time on the show seems to have set off a right media scramble - the Times started it on Sunday (and got a mention on BBC Breakfast), and the other big-weights have subsequently weighed in with their opinions! It's a non-story - Who fans have known this for years! - but with an election looming the papers seem to like anything 'controversial'! The debate culminated in a discussion on BBC2's Newsnight on Monday evening.

Here is a list of the various media reports and opinions on the subject - for more information see the Doctor Who News Page article.

Media Items:
The Times(14th) - Doctor Who in war with Planet Maggie
The Telegraph(14th) - Doctor Who 'had anti-Thatcher agenda'
The Telegraph(15th) - Thatcher-bashing Lefties didn't ruin Doctor Who – its silliness is apolitical
The Telegraph(15th) - Doctor Who: Invasion of the Nags
The Register(15th) - Doctor Who attempted to overthrow Thatcher
The Guardian(15th) - 'Doctor Who tried to exterminate Thatcher'
Western Mail(15th) - Dr Who reveals ‘political messages’ in 1980s scripts
Daily Mail(15th) - BBC scriptwriters tried to use Doctor Who to bring down Margaret Thatcher
Daily Mail(15th) - Just Who is he kidding? (in response to Sylvester McCoy)

io9(15th) - Doctor Who Tried To Overthrow The British Government
Express(16th) - Doctor Who's war with Margaret Thatcher
Mirror(16th) - Doctor Who's revolution flopped


BBC: How Time Lord Doctor Who took on Margaret Thatcher:

BBC: The role of political satire in Dr Who and other sci-fi:

The Newsnight programme itself is available on BBC iplayer until 11:20pm, 22nd February

Note: videos may not be available to watch from outside the United Kingdom.

Monday 15 February 2010

Article roundup 15th February 2010

An off-the-cuff comment by Sylvester McCoy on 'political agenda' during his time on the show seems to have set off a right media scramble - the Times started it (and got a mention on BBC Breakfast), and the other big-weights have weighed in their opinions today! It's a non-story - Who fans have known this for years! - but with an election looming the papers seem to like anything 'controversial'; other media reports talk about celebrity endorsements of political parties (including David Tennant). 

Meanwhile, Matt Smith is one of the top ten sci-fi hunks for the winter ...

Politics in 80s Doctor Who
The Times(14th) - Doctor Who in war with Planet Maggie
The Telegraph(14th) - Doctor Who 'had anti-Thatcher agenda'
The Telegraph(15th) - Thatcher-bashing Lefties didn't ruin Doctor Who – its silliness is apolitical
The Telegraph(15th) - Doctor Who: Invasion of the Nags
The Register(15th) - Doctor Who attempted to overthrow Thatcher
The Guardian(15th) - 'Doctor Who tried to exterminate Thatcher'
Western Mail(15th) - Dr Who reveals ‘political messages’ in 1980s scripts
Daily Mail(15th) - BBC scriptwriters tried to use Doctor Who to bring down Margaret Thatcher
Daily Mail(15th) - Just Who is he kidding? (response to Sylvester McCoy)

Biz Asia(13th) - Nina Wadia to play evil character in 'Dr Who'
What's on TV(13th) - EastEnders' Nina to play Doctor Who villain
Digital Spy(13th) - Wadia lands role as 'Dr Who' adversary
Digital Journal(13th) - EastEnders’ Nina set for Doctor Who baddie role

SFX(14th) - Win limited edition Doctor Who collectable coins
411Mania(14th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Specials DVD Review 
DVD Times(13th) - Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora

Coventry Telegraph(15th) - Madonna to direct Wallis Simpson biopic - with David Tennant as King Edward?
Metro(15th) - Madonna to direct Wallis Simpson film
Digital Spy(14th) - Madonna to direct Wallis Simpson movie
Show and Stay(15th) - Whatsonstage Awards Announced (John Barrowman, Best Takeover in a Role)
Daily Mail(13th) - CRAIG MURRAY: My story's about torture, car chases, sex and an evil tyrant... No wonder they called in Doctor Who

Den of Geek(15th) - Doctor Who news round-up: villains, opening episode, and anti-Thatcher?
Seattle Post Intellingencer(15th) - What's Next? David Tennant and Doctor Who
Digital Spy(14th) - 'Doctor Who's Product Placements
Sci-Fi Wire(11th) - Your picks for this winter's 10 hottest sci-fi hunks (John Barrowman and Matt Smith on list)

Passing Mention
Telegraph(15th) - Political parties fight for celebrity vote
Guardian(14th) - Parties in pre-election battle to sign up stars

Saturday 13 February 2010

Article roundup 13th February 2010

Plenty more media coverage on returning monsters, and the Sun today suggests another 'monster' to scare the Doctor in Eastenders star Nina Wadia! Meanwhile, Joseph Paterson mentions the Doctor casting rumours, whilst John Barrowman is apparently suggested to play Superman!

Into the Future
The Sun(12th) - Look Who's back to see the Doctor (monster news)
STV(12th) - Doctor Who's enemy returns
Guardian(12th) - David Tennant might be glad he's leaving now ... (monster news)
On The Box(12th) - ***** return to Doctor Who
Digital Spy(12th) - ***** to return to Doctor Who
Digital Journal(11th) - Favourite monster back in Doctor Who

The Sun(13th) - Forget Daleks, Doc, you're up against Zainab (Nina Wadia)

Sydney Morning Herald [Australia](13th) - Doctor Who: The End of Time, ABC1, 7.30pm (Sunday)

What's on Stage(11th) - Brief Encounter with... Terry Molloy
Sci-Fi(12th) - Being Spike - An interview with James Marsters (mentions Torchwood)
TV.Com(10th) - A Chat with Paterson Joseph (mentions Doctor Who)

Independent(12th) - Martin Grace: Roger Moore's stunt double in the James Bond films (Thal in film)

DVD Talk(12th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Specials

SF Universe(13th) - Watch Presents a New Torchwood Comic Online
Digital Spy(12th) - Torchwood comic arrives online

Passing Mention
MTV(12th) - SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Play Superman? (John Barrowman mentioned)

Thursday 11 February 2010

Article roundup 11th February 2010

Into the Future
Digital Spy(10th) - Bellman would team with Moffat on 'Who' (Gina Bellman)
SFX(10th) - Doctor Who exclusive: "You won't miss a heartbeat" (Steven Moffat)
The Examiner(10th) - 2010 Doctor Who spoiler news
ATV Network News(10th) - Old villains to return to Doctor Who

Digital Spy(11th) - EXCLUSIVE: A special gift from John Barrowman to you ("The Doctor and I" preview)
The Trades(10th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead

Berwick Advertiser(10th) - Berwick Emergency Services Panto a hit
Comic Book Resources(10th) - Watch and Titan team up for exclusive Torchwood online comic
io9(10th) - Beware The Superior Snow-Creature Of The Universe: The Snow Dalek!

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Article roundup 10th February 2010

Matthew Graham suggests he might be writer for the 2011 series; actress Neve McIntosh reveals the name of one of the 'monsters' that the Eleventh Doctor will face in the next series (less than two months to go!); meanwhile, as New Zealand geared up to see Children of Earth premiere on television, Digital Spy publish an article that reveals how the story will end!

Into the Future
Perthshire Advertiser(9th) - Neve to star in Dr Who (Neve McIntosh)
Digital Spy(9th) - Moffat: 'Doctor Who is like an eclipse'
Star Tribune(9th) - Another notch in Neil Gaiman's belt: Doctor Who
Film School Rejects(9th) - Things That Are Awesome: Neil Gaiman Writing for Doctor Who
Den of Geek(8th) - Matthew Graham writing for Doctor Who series 6?

TVNZ [New Zealand] (10th) - Torchwood: Children of Earth

SFX(9th) - Eve Myles interview exclusive

The Trades(9th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Next Doctor

Digital Spy(10th) - Classic Moment: Captain Jack's sacrifice
io9(9th) - What If Doctor Who Had Beaten Buffy To Doing A Musical Episode?
Simply Television(8th) - Doctor Who - The Origin of Obsession
Film School Rejects(9th) - Weekly Drinking Game: Get Drunk with Doctor Who
Whitby Gazette(9th) [premium article]TARDIS lands at Egton primary school
io9(8th) - The Glory And Terror Of Doctor Who's Concept Art

Passing Mention
BBC News(10th) - Cardiff and Vale face-off on the people's bridge
Western Mail(10th) - Miss Price? Why some fantasies have no class...
Premium Hollywood(9th) - A Chat with Adrian Hodges (”Survivors,” “Primeval”)