Wednesday 6 January 2010

Article roundup 6th January 2010

Who 2010
TV Overmind(6th) - Doctor Who Season 5 – New Doctor, Same Composer
Houston Chronicle(5th) - Its a geeky new year
FW Daily News(5th) - "Doctor Who:" What do you think of Matt Smith?
Sugarscape(5th) - What do you make of the new Dr Who?
if Magazine(5th) - Clip of the Day: Matt Smith steps into David Tennant's shoes as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'
Topless Robot(4th) - The First Look at the New Doctor Who Will Blow Your Eyebrows Off

BBC News(5th) - Abba duo linked to Torchwood musical
Broadway World(5th) - ABBA's Andersson and Ulvaeus Once Linked to Musical Version of Doctor Who Spin-Off Show 'Torchwood'

The End of Time Roundup
TV By the Numbers(5th) - Ratings Records for BBC America With Doctor Who Tennant Finale
Wired(5th) - Why Don’t They Read the Evil Overlord List? (review)
The Times(2nd) - The fall-out from Doctor Who

CBBC(5th) - Dr Who nominated for top TV award
The Stage(5th) - David Jason to battle David Tennant for National Television Award

Journal Live(5th) - Dr Who exhibition heads for Newcastle's Centre for Life

Digital Spy(6th) - The Deaths of the Doctor (regeneration)
IGN(5th) - Top 10 Tennant Doctor Who stories
ATV Network(5th) - ATV Icons: The Tenth Doctor
Paste Magazine(5th) - High Definition: The Tenth Doctor Who
Topless Robot(4th) - 9 Reasons We'll Miss David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor
Destructoid(5th) - HAWPcast: a Dr Who sandwich on Half-Life bread (podcast)
Numis Master(4th) - Medals Honor 'Doctor Who'

Passing Mentions
National Post(6th) - Paging Doctor Who (brief quote)

Grannies Inc - The Dalek-jeeling Limited (Dalek tea cosy)