Friday 6 May 2011

Article roundup 1st-6th May 2011

With Day of the Moon's overnights being down, this seemed to upset certain elements of the media, though the consolidated ratings for The Impossible Astronaut showed very healthy results (improved still further with iplayer!). Meanwhile plenty of clips and interviews with the next story The Curse of the Black Spot to tantalise. After misleading articles during the week the BBC formally confirmed that The Sarah Jane Adventures would not be continuing. Meanwhile Matt Smith demonstrates his clumsy side by banging his head at a party!

The Curse of the Black Spot
Telegraph(6th) - Doctor Who episode three: The Curse of the Black Spot, preview
The Sun(6th) - Karen is the Doctor's head girl
Monsters & Critics(6th) - Karen Gillan headbutted while filming Doctor Who
Digital Spy(6th) - Bonneville: "Matt Smith is Jon Pertwee!" (video)
Digital Spy(6th) - 'Doctor Who' Q&A: Episode 3 Preview
The Daily Mail(6th) - Femme fatale! First look at Lily Cole in Doctor Who playing an evil fire-conjuring monster who lures men to their doom
The Sun(6th) - Cole's a killer creature on Who
Boom Tron(5th) - Doctor Who – Curse of the Black Spot Clips
What's on TV(5th) - Shiver me timbers, it’s Cap’n Hugh Bonneville!
Digital Spy(5th) - 'Doctor Who': Ten teasers about 'The Curse of the Black Spot'
Metro(4th) - Doctor Who is Hugh Bonneville's 'dream come true'
Digital Spy(4th) - Hugh Bonneville: 'Doctor Who role a dream'
Digital Spy(4th) - 'Doctor Who' Q&A: A chat with Hugh Bonneville
Cultbox(4th) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 3 prequel
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 3 spoiler-free review
Den of Geek(3rd) - Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot spoiler-free review
Den of Geek(3rd) - Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot pictures
The List(3rd) - Lily Cole to terrorise Doctor Who pirates
Digital Spy(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Curse of the Black Spot' in pictures
Blastr(3rd) - Watch the chilling Doctor Who episode 3 prequel NOW!
Cultbox(2nd) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 3 trailer
The Sun(2nd) - Bonneville's Doctor Who ban
Belfast Telegraph(2nd) - Hugh Bonneville's Doctor Who ban (and Sussex Express)
Cultbox(1st) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 3 teasers
ATV Today(1st) - Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot Trailer
Anglotopia(30th) - Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot Preview Trailers and Prequel Clip
SFX(30th) - Doctor Who “The Curse Of The Black Spot” Prequel

Day of the Moon - Ratings
SFX(3rd) - PURE GOLDER Why Doctor Who’s Falling Overnight Ratings Are A Good Thing
Daily Mail(3rd) - Now Doctor Who scares off another one million viewers
Airlock Alpha(2nd) - UK Ratings Slip For 'Doctor Who'
ATV Today(2nd) - ATV Blog: Doctor Who Needs A Later Slot
Daemons TV(2nd) - DOCTOR WHO “Day of the Moon” Review
Digital Spy(1st) - 'Doctor Who' audience slips to 5.4m
ATV Today(1st) - Hot weather dents Doctor Who ratings again
SFX(1st) - Doctor Who “Day Of The Moon” Ratings

Day of the Moon
Digital Spy(6th) - 'Doctor Who: Day of the Moon' - your verdict
Independent(5th) - Culture Club: Doctor Who
Cultbox(4th) - 'Doctor Who': Was the opening two-parter of Series 6 too complicated?
Collective Review(4th) - Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 2 - Day of the Moon
TV Pixie(3rd) - Doctor Who - Day Of The Moon (or 'Lost' In Space)
Geeks of Doom(2nd) - TARDISblend 24: Day of the Moon
Hollywood(2nd) - ‘Doctor Who’ Recap: Day of the Moon
Belfast Telegraph(2nd) - Doctor Who series 6 blog: Day of the Moon
TG Daily(2nd) - On kisses and babies in Doctor Who
Digital Spy(2nd) - Opening 'Doctor Who' story pleases critics
Newsarama(2nd) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO "Day of the Moon"
Buzz Focus(2nd) - Doctor Who Episode 6.2 Review: Moffat Delivers Mind-Blowing Shockers
Herald Scotland(2nd) - A talent for snobbery
Independent(2nd) - Review of Doctor Who ‘Day of the Moon’
Blogcritics(1st) - TV Open Thread: Dr. Who - "Day of the Moon"
Examiner(1st) - Doctor Who: Recap/review: Episode 6.2 'Day of the Moon'
The Faster Times(1st) - Doctor Who Recap (Series 6, episode 2): Day of the Moon
Assignment X(1st) - TV Review: DOCTOR WHO – Series 6 – “Day of the Moon”
Music Rooms(1st) - Doctor Who's Steven Moffat sets new benchmark for TV
Digital Spy(1st) - 'Doctor Who' review: 'Day of the Moon'
Crave(1st) - DOCTOR WHO 6.02 'Day of The Moon'
Comic Book Resources(1st) - Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About ‘Day Of The Moon’
Big Shiny Robot(1st) - REVIEW: Doctor Who 6.2
Monsters & Critics(1st) - 'Doctor Who' Recap: Day Of The Moon
Tor(30th) - Doctor Who S6, Ep2: “Day of the Moon”
Screenrant(30th) - Doctor Who: ‘Day of the Moon’ Review & Discussion
Cultbox(30th) - 'Doctor Who': 'Day Of The Moon' review

The Impossible Astronaut
The Ticker(2nd) - Doctor Who screening wows fans
SFX(1st) - Doctor Who “The Impossible Astronaut” Final Consolidated Ratings
The Campus Times(1st) - “Doctor Who” – “The Impossible Astronaut”

ABC [AU](7th) - Doctor Who - Day Of The Moon
Sydney Morning Herald [AU](7th) - Doctor Who, Saturday, May 7
SFX(4th) - Doctor Who “The Doctor’s Wife” On At 6.40pm

Series Coverage
Guardian(6th) - Are Doctor Who's latest aliens The Silence just too terrifying for words?
East Anglia Daily Times(6th) - The Tardis waits for no-one
Anglotopia(6th) - Doctor Wholigan: Season Six News, Torchwood Info, Eccleston Says No to 50, Sarah Jane Adventures Future Decided
NME(6th) - Neil Gaiman's 'Doctor Who' episode takes show 'back to its roots'
The List(6th) - Matt Smith glad Doctor Who scares kids
Bang Showbiz(6th) - Matt Smith glad Doctor Who scares kids
Digital Spy(5th) - Neil Gaiman 'inspired by Doctor Who origins'
News and Star(5th) - Who is Dr Who TV Show for?
Scotsman(5th) - Gareth Edwards and Richard Walter: Is Doctor Who becoming too scary for kids?
Den of Geek(5th) - The slow-burning storylines of Doctor Who
io9(5th) - Is Doctor Who getting too scary or too complicated? A minor backlash is brewing
Guardian(4th) - Is Doctor Who now too scary for children?
Tor(2nd) - How Dangerous You Make People: A Boldly Violent New Side to the Doctor
Digital Spy(4th) - 'Doctor Who key part of Saturday lineup,' says BBC
BBC America(3rd) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Arthur Darvill’s ‘Fevered Anticipation’
The List(3rd) - Stephen Moffat's Doctor Who difficulty
Unreality TV(3rd) - Christopher Eccleston praises Russell T Davies and Steve Moffat but won’t return to Doctor Who!
Blastr(3rd) - Christopher Eccleston refuses to return for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary
TV Overmind(2nd) - Eccleston: Ninth Doctor Won't Return for Doctor Who Anniversary
ATV Today(2nd) - Christopher Eccleston rules out return to Doctor Who
Digital Spy(2nd) - Christopher Eccleston rules out 'Who' return

Airlock Alpha(2nd) - 'Miracle Day' Will Re-Establish 'Torchwood'
Comic Book Movie(1st) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Season One Video Teaser!
Gather(1st) - New 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' clip in BBC trailer

Sarah Jane Adventures
Daily Mail(6th) - BBC announces Sarah Jane Adventures to come to an end after death of Elisabeth Sladen
CBBC(5th) - Sarah Jane Adventures end after Elisabeth Sladen death
NME(5th) - No more new 'Sarah-Jane Adventures', BBC confirms
Blastr(5th) - Sarah Jane Adventures to end with Elisabeth Sladen's final 6 eps
Contact Music(5th) - Doctor Who - Bbc Ends Dr Who Spin-Off After Sladen's Death
Unreality TV(4th) - BBC reveals that The Sarah Jane Adventures will go on without Elisabeth Sladen
Cultbox(4th) - BBC confirms 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' future plans
Airlock Alpha(4th) - Updated: 'Sarah Jane Adventures' Will Not Continue Without Sladen
flick filosopher(4th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: no more ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’
Digital Spy(4th) - 'Sarah Jane Adventures' ends after Sladen death
BBC Doctor Who(4th) - The Sarah Jane Adventures
Digital Spy(4th) - 'Sarah Jane' writer denies series rumours
NME(4th) - 'The Sarah-Jane Adventures' to continue without Elisabeth Sladen?
Digital Spy(4th) - 'Sarah Jane Adventures' to continue?
The Sun(4th) - The Sarah Jane show must go on

Staffs Live(5th) - Potteries Shopping Centre to host Dr Who weekend
South Wales Echo(5th) - Meet your Torchwood heroes
Venues(5th) - Mercure's Cardiff venue to host Doctor Who event
Wales Online(4th) - Doctor Who and Torchwood convention coming to Cardiff

Official London Theatre(6th) - Doctor Who’s Darvill joins Doctor Faustus cast
West End Theatre(6th) - OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill to play Mephistopheles in Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus
Daily Mail(6th) - Look out for (Arthur Darvill)
Digital Spy(6th) - Christopher Ecclestone signs for 'The Fuse'
Daily Mail(4th) - Give me caffeine! A sleepy Billie Piper shows off her toned pins in short denim cut offs on coffee run
The Sun(3rd) - Weary Billie Piper gets her caffeine fix
Zap2It(3rd) - 'Torchwood's' John Barrowmann on P.M. David Cameron's support of same-sex kissing ban on UK TV
MSN Starlounge(3rd) - Daisy Lowe steps out with Dr Who star Matt Smith
Mirror(3rd) - Doctor Who's Matt Smith holds hands with Daisy Lowe
The Sun(3rd) - Matt's cover up after Doctor's trip
AOL(3rd) - Is there a Doctor in the house?
Daily Mail(3rd) - Call the doctor! Matt Smith admitted to hospital after falling over and cutting his head
What's on TV(2nd) - Doctor Who's Matt Smith injures head in fall
Contact Music(2nd) - Matt Smith Needs Real Doctor After Head Injury
Music Rooms(2nd) - Matt Smith in hospital with head injury
Unreality TV(2nd) - Doctor Who: Matt Smith rushed to hospital after splitting his head open!
The Sun(2nd) - Matt Smith splits head open in fall
Zimbio(2nd) - Daisy Lowe and Boyfriend Latest Pictures
Cover Media(2nd) - Karen Gillan is thrift store fan

The Spectrum(2nd) - ‘Doctor Who’ actress dies
John Edward(1st) - Sarah Jane Smith

High Def Digest(5th) - 'Doctor Who: Series Six, Part 1' Announced for Blu-ray
Uber Review(3rd) - Dr Who Tardis Secret Bank Key Chain
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': 'Frontios' DVD review
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': 'Spearhead From Space' ('Mannequin Mania') DVD review
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': 'Terror Of The Autons' ('Mannequin Mania') DVD review
Monsters & Critics(3rd) - Doctor Who: Kinda – DVD Review
Monsters & Critics(3rd) - Doctor Who: Snakedance – DVD Review
IGN(2nd) - Doctor Who Already to DVD and BD
Chip Chick(1st) - Doctor Who Monopoly – Pass Go and Collect 200 Daleks

Chortle(6th) - H-h-h-h-exterminate!
Guardian(6th) - Who's kidding who?
BBC Click(6th) - Webscape - Sound clouds and time lords
Den of Geek(5th) - Sylvester McCoy interview: Doctor Who, Tiswas, fire, The Minister Of Chance & The Hobbit
411Mania(5th) - Ten Deep: Top Ten Planets 5.5.11 (Skaro #4)
AV Club(4th) - Welcome (all of) our new robot overlords (Cybermen)
Bleeding Cool(4th) - The Chriscrossing Timelines Of The Doctor And River Song
io9(2nd) - A Detailed Chart of River Song and the Doctor's Time-crossed Relationship
New Zealand Herald(2nd) - Tardis trader
Dandenong Leader(2nd) - PHOTOS: Cult fans shine at convention
Daily Mail(1st) - Why the BBC tried to... Exterminate Nazi Daleks! As Doctor Who's most notorious enemies return to our screens, we reveal what inspired their creator
Shadowlocked(29th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Aliens of London/World War 3
Shadowlocked(2nd) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Dalek
Shadowlocked(4th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: The Long Game
Shadowlocked(6th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Father's Day

Related News
Inverness Courier(5th) - Karen Gillan's Inverness auntie gets chance of stardom
Disinformation(5th) - NASA Announces There Is A Space-Time Vortex Around Earth
C21Media(5th) - Bellamy to head Discovery International development
Hollywood Reporter(5th) - Discovery Networks International Hires New Creative Boss
Beehive City(5th) - “BBC Two should be our HBO”: writer of Eccleston drama Shadow Line

Passing Mention
Evening Gazette(6th) - Youngsters land leading roles in radio drama
The Quietus(5th) - From Death Factory To Norfolk Fens: Chris & Cosey Interviewed
PR Newswire(5th) - Hugh Grant Takes the Lead in "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" an Aardman Production for Sony Pictures Animation (includes David Tennant)
Houston Chronicle(5th) - The First Word: Conference
Scotsman(5th) - Gig review: Panic! at the Disco
Telegraph(4th) - Even couples who click should never share email
Salon(3rd) - Hot actresses: "We're nerds just like you"
Peter Lee Mail(3rd) - Future looks bright for Alice
Tech Radar(3rd) - Conseal USB review