Thursday 31 March 2011

Article roundup 24th-31st March 2011

Plenty of promotional material over the last week, with a prequel, promotional image, and a full length trailer to get us in the mood for the new series! Meanwhile, Karen Gillan looks forward to a new role ...

Series Coverage
Entertainment Weekly(31st) - 'Doctor Who' first full trailer for new season -- VIDEO
TG Daily(31st) - Another Doctor Who trailer released
Den of Geek(31st) - Did you spot what was hiding in the Doctor Who trailer?
Bleeding Cool(31st) - Doctor Who Trailer Dissected
Escapist(31st) - New Doctor Who Trailer Promises Answers and Disaster
Pittsburgh Post Gazette(31st) - Trailer whets appetite for Doctor Who
io9(30th) - First Full-Length Trailer for Doctor Who Season Six
flick filosopher(30th) - `Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Series 6 full teaser
Babble(30th) - Watch ‘Doctor Who’ Full Length Season 6 Trailer
Crave(30th) - Full Length 'Doctor Who' Season Six Trailer
...ology(30th) - Watch This: 'Doctor Who' Series Six Trailer
Zap2It(30th) - 'Doctor Who' readies for Season 6 and 'Impossible Astronaut' with new promo, pics
Portland Mercuty(30th) - To the TARDIS! There's a New Doctor Who Trailer!
Crikey [AU](30th) - Doctor Who – New Season Trailer
Salt Lake Tribune(30th) - Video proof of "Doctor Who" in Monument Valley
This is Fake DIY(30th) - 5 Things… You Need To Know About Doctor Who Series 6
Comic Book Resources(30th) - New Doctor Who Trailer Is Creepy, Glorious (And Gloriously Creepy)
Digital Spy(30th) - New 'Doctor Who' trailer released online
Digital Spy(30th) - New 'Doctor Who' trailer scene-by-scene
ATV Today(30th) - New Doctor Who Trailer
Blastr(30th) - See the awesome, all-new Doctor Who season 6 promo trailer
seenit(30th) - Doctor Who series six trailer
Cubed3(30th) - Doctor Who Series 6 Discussion
Den of Geek(29th) - Full trailer for Doctor Who series 6
Channel Canada(29th) - SPACE launches new Doctor Who season with the rest of the world, April 23
Digital Journal(29th) - BBC begins promoting new series of Doctor Who
The Sun(31st) - Who is kissing River Song?
ATV Today(30th) - Cult News Wrap; Doctor Who, Merlin and Primeval
Digital Journal(29th) - Doctor Who to be given a wife in new series
SFX(28th) - Doctor Who: Title Of The Neil Gaiman Episode Revealed
TV Overmind(28th) - Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who Episode Details Revealed
UnrealityTV(28th) - Doctor Who – Fourth episode title revealed: The Doctor’s Wife
Digital Spy(28th) - 'Doctor Who' Gaiman ep title revealed
Blastr(28th) - 1st out-of-this-world Doctor Who season premiere promo pic
Geeks of Doom(28th) - New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Coming Tomorrow; New Iconic Image Revealed
Comic Book Resources(28th) - Mysterious New Image Debuts For Doctor Who Season Premiere
Den of Geek(27th) - First promo pic from Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut
Monsters & Critics(27th) - Time And Future Dimensions Of ‘Doctor Who’ (VIDEO)
Big Shiny Robot(27th) - PREVIEW: Doctor Who – ‘The Impossible Astronaut’
SFX(26th) - Doctor Who: Series Six Promotional Image
Cultbox(26th) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 promo image revealed
Cultbox(26th) - 'EastEnders' star cast in Series 6 of 'Doctor Who'
Music Rooms(26th) - Doctor Who preview airs and Easter premiere announced
TV Overmind(26th) - Doctor Who: Prequel Webisode is Available NOW, Along With New 'Iconic' Image
Digital Spy(26th) - New 'Doctor Who' image released by BBC
Geeks of Doom(26th) - Watch Now: Prequel Teaser Video For ‘Doctor Who’ Series 6!
SFX(25th) - Doctor Who: Prequel To Episode One
Pop Culture Zoo(25th) - New Doctor Who Image Teases New Episode
Blastr(25th) - Watch the chilling new Doctor Who season 6 prequel episode NOW
Comic Book Resources(25th) - ‘Look Behind You’: Creepy Teaser Debuts For Doctor Who
Digital Journal(25th) - BBC premiers first Doctor Who prequel webisode
Comic Book Movie(25th) - New Clip For 'Doctor Who'
Den of Geek(25th) - Prequel clip arrives for Doctor Who series 6
Anglotopia(25th) - Doctor Who: Series 6 Prequel Video Here Now!
Anglotopia(25th) - Doctor Whooligan: News on Torchwood, Season Six
Bleeding Cool(24th) - The Latest Doctor Who Trailers… Are They Haunted?

Daemons TV(30th) - TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY Poster
Kansas City Star(29th) - Pop culture Q&A
World Screen(28th) - New Torchwood Installment to Be Launched at MIPTV
About(28th) - Torchwood Return Set for July 8
Airlock Alpha(27th) - Two Strips Of Latinum: 90 Day Wait for Starz on Netflix
Inside Pulse(27th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Starts July 8, 2011
TG Daily(26th) - Torchwood returns to television under new management
Mania(25th) - Torchwood Returns with Miracle Day
TV Latest(24th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day has premiere date, streaming delayed
Flickcast(24th) - Starz Sets ‘Torchwood’ US Premiere Date
BSC Review(24th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Premiere Set and Teaser
Digital Spy(23rd) - Starz confirms US 'Torchwood' air date
Digital Spy(23rd) - A new 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' poster!

Huffington Post(30th) - Carey Mulligan, Marcus Mumford Dating?
Elle(31st) - Karen steps into the Shrimp's Mini
Express(31st) - Look who's set to play sixties icon Shrimpton
Holy Moly(31st) - The Prime of Miss Jean Shrimpton
STV(31st) - Doctor Who star to play 60s supermodel Jean Shrimpton - Doctor Who's Karen Gillan Lands First Lead Role
UnrealityTV(30th) - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan to play ‘60s model Jean Shrimpton in BBC drama
Cultbox(30th) - Karen Gillan fashion drama is 'a beautiful love story'
Cultbox(30th) - Karen Gillan to star in BBC Four drama 'We’ll Take Manhattan'
Lucire(30th) - Karen Gillan to play 1960s’ supermodel Jean Shrimpton in BBC bio-pic
RTE(30th) - Doctor Who star to play Jean Shrimpton
Daily Mail(30th) - Doctor Who's Karen Gillan to play iconic Sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton in BBC drama
Press Association(30th) - Doctor Who star to play Shrimpton
Telegraph(30th) - Karen Gillan to play Jean Shrimpton in David Bailey biopic
Guardian(30th) - Doctor Who's Karen Gillan to play Jean Shrimpton in BBC4 drama
BBC Press Office(30th) - We'll Take Manhattan: new single drama for BBC Four starring Karen Gillan
BBC News(30th) - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan to play Jean Shrimpton
What's on TV(30th) - Doctor Who star to play Sixties icon in BBC4 drama
Burnley and Pendle Citizen(30th) - Gillan to play role of 'The Shrimp'
Bleeding Cool(29th) - The Doctor’s Daughter Has Had The Doctor’s Daughter
TVShowsOnDVD(29th) - Party Animals - Before Doctor Who, Matt Smith Was in the BBC's Short-Lived Political Drama
Digital Spy(29th) - 'Secret Fortune', 'Tonight's The Night' renewed
World Screen(28th) - BBC One Recommissions Two Saturday Night Formats (Tonight's the Night)
All Media Scotland(28th) - BBC Entertainment Recommissions to Return to Pacific Quay (Tonight's the Night)
Digital Spy(25th) - 'Torchwood' scribe pens extraterrestrial drama (John Shiban)
Pink Paper(25th) - Interview: Andrew Hayden-Smith is grown up, single and returning to your TV
Cultbox(25th) - First look: 'Doctor Who' star Colin Baker in 'Doctors'

Licensing(31st) - BBC Magazines unveils Doctor Who Monster Partwork
Chichester Observer(30th) - AUDIO CD REVIEW: Doctor Who: Demon Quest 4 - Starfall, BBC Audio CD.
Midhurst and Petworth Observer(30th) - AUDIO CD REVIEW: Doctor Who: Demon Quest 3 - A Shard of Ice, BBC Audio CD (and Chichester Observer)
Slashgear(30th) - Knock on Wood stickers for iPhone and more
Anglotopia(29th) - Doctor Who: Doctor Who Comics iPhone and iPad App Released
Daemons Books(28th) - SHADA, Douglas Adams DOCTOR WHO Story, Will Be Novelized
Geeks of Doom(26th) - Geek Gear: The Gallifrey Road
Herts Advertiser(25th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders
Escapist(25th) - Upcoming Doctor Who Novel Based on Unfilmed Douglas Adams Episode
About(24th) - Doctor Who Returns (In Novel) (Shada)
IGN(24th) - Doctor Who Awakens

flick filosopher(31st) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: legendary steampunk Dalek
Cultbox(30th) - School kids to write 'Doctor Who' adventure for BBC competition
Hounslow Chronicle(30th) - Dalek to greet shoppers in Hounslow on Saturday
Knox News(30th) - Stories of Local Authors: South Knoxville philosopher’s book about childhood passion
Wired(29th) - Measure Your Child’s Geeky Development With This Awesome Growth Chart
Daily Dust(29th) - Doctor Who makes it big in Farmville
Shadowlocked(24th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Delta and the Bannermen
Shadowlocked(28th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Dragonfire
Shadowlocked(30th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Remembrance of the Daleks
Blog Critics(25th) - Doctor Who: Things That Need To Be Fixed
SFX(25th) - Looney ’Toons (The Infinite Quest)
Total Sci-Fi(25th) - The 100 Greatest Things About Doctor Who: Part Two
The Sun(25th) - Top drawer, Jack
Cultbox(25th) - Our 'Doctor Who Experience' visit
flick filosopher(25th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: TARDIS spotted in Farmville!

Related News
Guardian(25th) - TV's repeat prescription

Passing Mention
Get Wokingham(30th) - Dolphin School pupils raise funds for Comic Relief
FDL(30th) - Japan Nuclear Watch, 3/30: If That’s Not China, We Still Need a Tardis
Stuff(30th) - Toby Robson's Super Rugby Team Talk
Ars Technica(29th) - The Drobo FS in-depth, Part 1: what it is, how it works
TechEye(29th) - Java inventor James Gosling encounters Tardis, joins Google
IT World(28th) - Java creator hangs his shingle at Google
PC World(28th) - Java Founder Gosling Joins Google
The Enquirer(28th) - James Gosling joins Google
IFTN(28th) - Sheehan, Barnes, Hamm & McCormick are 'Killing Bono'
Express(28th) - How Waterloo Road betrays our children
Express India(28th) - Holmes Reloaded
Open Press(28th) - - Meet Darth Vader at SciFi Sydney
South Wales Evening Post(28th) - Poet's exhibit will continue at its city location
BBC News(27th) - Artists' fears over Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea
Runcorn & Widnes World(26th) - Runcorn mum donates gift in memory of her son
University of Southampton(25th) - What's inside a Dalek?
Telegraph(25th) - Roger Daltrey performs the Who's Tommy, Royal Albert Hall, review

Screen Junkies(30th) - 10 Funniest Movie Death Scenes
Daily Grind(29th) - House in Hartlepool looks like Tom Baker