Monday 4 April 2011

Article roundup 1st-4th April 2011

The weekend saw more Torchwood and Doctor Who coverage in the lead-up to today's Doctor Who press screening and Torchwood's publicity campaign in Cannes.

Series Coverage
Den of Geek(4th) - Doctor Who series 6 episodes 1 & 2 spoiler-free review
BBC News(4th) - Matt Smith talks about the new series of Dr Who
Press Association(4th) - Timelord enters the space race
The Sun(4th) - Who's going to get killed off?
Metro(4th) - Doctor Who: Which character will die in episode 1?
Airlock Alpha(4th) - Major Death Coming In 'Doctor Who'?
ATV Today(4th) - Doctor Who regular to be killed off
Bleeding Cool(4th) - Doctor Who’s New Huge Twist Revealed On Magazine Covers
The List(4th) - Mystery Doctor Who character to die
Blastr(4th) - 1 of Doctor Who's 4 leads will DIE in the 1st episode
Cultbox(4th) - Moffat teases 'Doctor Who' character death
Digital Spy(4th) - New 'Doctor Who' will be 'scariest yet'
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who' River Song mystery to continue beyond Series 6?
The Baltimore Sun(4th) - Mark Sheppard on 'Doctor Who' Season 6: Huge!
NME(4th) - Matt Smith: 'Doctor Who will face his darkest days in new series' - TV News
South Wales Echo(4th) - New Doctor Who series on set in Cardiff
SFX(4th) - New Who Pics
Neil Gaiman(4th) - Neil Gaiman Shares Doctor Who Love At Wondercon
Den of Geek(4th) - Doctor Who: new behind the scenes of series 6 video released
flick filosopher(4th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Season 6 BBC America trailer
Cultbox(4th) - 'Doctor Who': BBC America go behind the scenes of Series 6
Geeks of Doom(4th) - WonderCon 2011: Neil Gaiman Shares New Details Of His ‘Doctor Who’ Episode
Lifehacker(4th) - ABC Doctor Who Fast-Tracking To Take A Week
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who' new Episode 8 cast revealed
Whedonopolis(3rd) - Wondercon: The Doctor's Coming to America
UGO(3rd) - Wondercon 2011: Dr. Who Panel
Daily Blam(3rd) - New Doctor Who: Insider featurette shows American filming locations & cast reactions
Assignment X(3rd) - WonderCon 2011: Author Neil Gaiman chats about scripting DOCTOR WHO
Assignment X(3rd) - WonderCon 2011: Mark Sheppard says his DOCTOR WHO character is amazing
Bleeding Cool(3rd) - The US Doctor Who Trailer Dissected
Anglotopia(3rd) - Doctor Who: Insider – New Season 2011 Behind-the-Scenes – From WonderCon 2011
Geeks of Doom(3rd) - Watch Now: Behind The Scenes Clip From ‘Doctor Who’ Series 6
io9(3rd) - Learn why this season of Doctor Who changes everything
Independent(2nd) - Review of the new Doctor Who trailer
Geeks of Doom(2nd) - New Teaser Videos Released For ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Torchwood’!
Anglotopia(1st) - Doctor Who: BBC America Releases Their Own Extended Trailer for Series 6
Comic Book Resources(1st) - BBC America’s Doctor Who Trailer Sports Different Tone, Footage
Bleeding Cool(1st) - The Great Doctor Who Conspiracy Of 2011
Blastr(1st) - See exciting new footage in the extended Doctor Who trailer NOW
Bleeding Cool(1st) - Even More Doctor Who Footage In The New BBC America Trailer
Inside Pulse(1st) - Another Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer
The Sun(1st) - Dr Whopermodel
Daily Record(1st) - New Doctor Who trailers gives fans sneaky look at new villains
New York Post(1st) - New 'Doctor Who' Trailer!
Hollywood(31st) - New 'Doctor Who' Trailer!
CBBC(31st) - Brand new trailer

TV Guide(4th) - First Look: Torchwood Returns, With CIA Back-Up
Deadline(4th) - The U.S. 'Torchwood' Series: Bigger Budget, Bigger Stunts, More Sex
Comic Book Resources(3rd) - Starz Premieres Teaser Trailer For Torchwood: Miracle Day
ATV Today(3rd) - Torchwood Miracle Day Teaser
South Bend Tribune(3rd) - 'Doctor Who' spinoff returning
UGO(2nd) - Torchwood's Miraculous New Teaser
Anglotopia(2nd) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Teaser Released by Starz
Gather(2nd) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Teaser: It's Definitely Not a 'Perfect Day'
Hitfix(1st) - Watch: 'Torchwood' returns with the 'Miracle Day' teaser

Daily Record(2nd) - Baby joy for Scots actor David Tennant as he celebrates birth of first child
STV(1st) - David Tennant welcomes birth of baby girl
OK!(1st) - David Tennant has become a father!
The Sun(1st) - Dr Who's the daddy
BBC America(1st) - New Baby Joy For David Tennant, Says Source
Monsters & Critics(1st) - David Tennant becomes a dad
Breaking News(1st) - Former 'Doctor Who' star becomes first-time father
Marie Claire(1st) - It's a girl for Dr Who star David Tennant
Digital Spy(1st) - David Tennant welcomes baby daughter
TV Overmind(1st) - The Doctor Has a Daughter! David Tennant's Daughter Born
Daily Mail(1st) - Baby girl joins Doctor Who dynasty as David Tennant and Georgia Moffett celebrate birth of daughter
lucire(1st) - Why aren’t we happy that Jennifer Garner is the new Miss Marple (mentions Karen Gillan)
STV(1st) - John Barrowman and The Krankies 2011 Glasgow panto return

Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Part 1 available to pre-order
TV Shows on DVD(2nd) - Doctor Who - The BBC Reveals the 11th Doctor's DVD and Blu-ray Plans for the 6th Season
MNI Live(2nd) - Doctor Who Monster Partwork to launch May 2011
Moviehole(2nd) - Doctor Who – Mara Tales
TV Shows on DVD(1st) - Doctor Who - Correct Date for Gunfighters, Awakening; Extras for Paradise Towers; Final Boxes for All 3
Cultbox(1st) - 'Doctor Who': Mannequin Mania boxset artwork revealed
Cultbox(1st) - 'Doctor Who': The Seeds Of Death (Revisitations 2) DVD review
Independent(1st) - DVD: Christopher And His Kind (15)
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who': Carnival Of Monsters (Revisitations 2) DVD review
Cultbox(30th) - 'Doctor Who': Resurrection Of The Daleks (Revisitations 2) DVD review
TV Shows on DVD [US](30th) - Doctor Who - The 7th Doctor 'Story #149: Paradise Towers' Announced for DVD

Shadowlocked(4th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Silver Nemesis
Shadowlocked(1st) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
South Wales Argus(4th) - Newport man builds back garden Tardis
Scene Newspaper(1st) - Aliens, Daleks and ghost stories
Anglotopia(1st) - Doctor Whooligan: Two Doctors Change Nappies, A New Trailer is Released, Season Six News, Torchwood: Miracle Day News!
Wired(1st) - Top 10 Awesome Dogs in Geek Culture

Related News
Mirror(3rd) - Daisy Lowe won't be marrying anytime soon, says mum
Mirror(2nd) - Daisy Lowe: How I keep the romance with Doctor Who star Matt Smith
Guardian(2nd) - The Saturday interview: Pearl and Daisy Lowe

Passing Mention
Guardian(4th) - Videogames embrace gay characters
Sequential Tart(4th) - Emerald City Comic Con 2011
The Tone(3rd) - Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 Floorstanding Loud Speakers – Review 77
The National(3rd) - Titanic anniversary
Star Pulse(1st) - What?! Good Actors, Bad Ideas
The Press [NZ](1st) - Toy Story
Your Local Guardian(1st) - BT representatives grilled over "Tardis-like " internet boxes
Computerworld(1st) - Apple, iPhone, Google and the 'open' Android myth
Miami New Times(1st) - Badass Author Ben Thompson Discusses Libya, Nate Dogg, and FSU vs. UM