Tuesday 30 March 2010

Article roundup 30th March 2010

In this (large!) update the Doctor Who Tour has started in earnest, with the roadshow finishing at Swansea on Thursday - plus 3D footage for Manchester. The new Doctor's costume is bringing life back to the Harris Tweed industry, whilst the new TARDIS interior is revealed. Almost overlooked in the Who-fest, K9 is also returning to our screens on Saturday. And watch out for "cybergirl" ... !

Doctor Who Tour/Promotion
STV(30th) - Dr Who visits fans in Inverness
STV(30th) - Dr Who visits fans in Inverness
Aberdeen Press and Journal(30th) - New Doctor Who will materialise in Inverness later today
BBC News(29th) - BBC Newsline meets Doctor Who and his assistant (videos)
BBC News(29th) - New Doctor Who takes tardis to Belfast
BBC News(26th) - Doctor Who heads to Inverness
Inverness Courier(26th) - Who's that girl?
BBC News(25th) - Doctor Who roadshow at Swansea BBC Big Screen
Click Lancashire(30th) - Exclusive Doctor Who 3D footage on Manchester's Big Screen

Series Coverage
Northampton Chronicle(30th) - Matt Smith: From Great Billing to star billing - the rise and rise of the new Doctor Who
Northampton Chronicle(30th) - Matt Smith: "What's a pneumatic blonde? Work is my mistress"
Irish Herald(30th) - Who is the new Doctor?
RTE Ireland(30th) - Matt Smith takes on the role of the Doctor
SFX(29th) - Steven Moffat Interview, Part One
SFX(30th) - Steven Moffat Interview Part Two
Belfast Telegraph(30th) - Matt Smith's screwdriver troubles
Guardian(30th) - Doctor Who would be a game of two halves
Den of Geek(30th) - Doctor Who series 5: meet the new TARDIS
Telegraph(30th) - New Dr Who gets to grips with sonic screwdrivers
Digital Spy(29th) - Matt Smith: 'I wrote Doctor Who stories'
STV(29th) - Matt Smith's Doctor stories
Examiner(29th) - New TARDIS interior revealed!
Scotland on Sunday(28th) - Interview: Karen Gillan, actress, Doctor Who
Scotland on Sunday(28th) - A Heartfelt letter to Doctor Who producers
Press Association(29th) - Matt Smith's screwdriver troubles
Topless Robot(29th) - New Who-a-Palooza
Press Association(29th) - Matt pens own Doctor Who stories
Whovian Net(29th) - The Doctor and Amy in the new-look TARDIS!
SFX(28th) - Dressing Doctor Who
Digital Spy(29th) - Smith: 'My generation didn't have Who'
Mirror(29th) - New Doctor Who Matt Smith wrote stories to help him understand Timelord's character
Anglotopia(29th) - This Week in Doctor Who
io9(29th) - Weird Twists In Predators, V, Doctor Who And Inception.
Mirror(29th) - New Doctor writing his own stories
News of the World(28th) - Red-y for action
The Times(28th) - Life in the Day: Karen Gillan
Aberdeen Press and Journal(27th) - It’s Doctor Who ‘right enuff’
STV(26th) - Clumsy Doctor Matt Smith
Den of Geek(26th) - Doctor Who series 5: behind the scenes pictures
Fearnet(25th) - How Much Horror Will New 'Doctor Who' Deliver?
Manchester Evening News(25th) - Doctor Who's Theatre of Dreams

Northampton Chronicle(29th) - Review: Doctor Who, the first episode
The Quietus(30th) - A Practically Spoiler-Free Preview Of The Revelatory Return Of Doctor Who

Into the Future
Express(25th) - Will Tom return?

BBC News(29th) - Behind the scenes with the new Doctor Who (video)
CBBC(29th) - Behind the scenes on new Doctor Who

Channel Canda(29th) - The Doctor makes house calls exclusively on SPACE as new Doctor Who series premieres April 17
SFX(29th) - The Week In Sci-Fi
Pop Culture Zoo(29th) - BBC America ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Images
Airlock Alpha(29th) - The First Minute Of The New 'Doctor Who'
Den of Geek(29th) - Extended trailer for Doctor Who series 5
Den of Geek(29th) - Doctor Who series 5: see the opening scene here!
Independent(28th) - Archive on 4: The Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire, Radio 4
BSC Review(28th) - Doctor Who – Vampires in Venice clip
Film School Rejects(28th) - Doctor Who: The Thrilling Opening Minute of Season Five
Digital Spy(27th) - 'Doctor Who' meets... 'Buffy'? (Vampires in Venice clip)
Pop Culture Zoo(27th) - Forty Seconds Of ‘The Eleventh Hour’
Pop Culture Zoo(26th) - 'Doctor Who': The TARDIS & Who Are The Daleks? (BBC America videos)
Film School Rejects(26th) - This Extended Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer Will Get You Hooked
Monsters & Critics(26th) - Doctor Who, Matt Smith on Jonathan Ross Friday night, April 2
Pop Culture Zoo(26th) - Matt Smith On ‘Friday Night With Jonathan Ross’
Monsters & Critics(25th) - 'Doctor Who' exclusive preview clips for April 17, BBC AMERICA premiere
Breaking News and Sport(25th) - Watch Doctor Who Trailer

io9(26th) - K-9 Series Premiere Goes Up Against Doctor Who's Return
Bella Online(25th) - Torchwood 101

Guardian(29th) - Leeds prepares for young people's film festival
Den of Geek(28th) - Pete's Comedy Odyssey: Doctor Who convention, Russell Howard, Pete's first gig
Wales on Sunday(28th) - Doctor Who? It’s Matt Smith! (press screening, video)
Runcorn and Widnes World(28th) - Families enjoy encounter with aliens (Halton Lea Library, 27th Mar)
This is Wiltshire(26th) - Daleks on the loose in Corsham

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette(30th) - Growing into fame (Carey Mulligan)
The Sun(30th) - Goal ace Zinspires Timelord
Mirror(28th) - Dr Who girl Karen Gillan buys bonsai trees with new boyfriend
People(28th) - FLYing doctor
Scottish Sun(27th) - Variety Mac (Scottish Variety Awards)
Zap2It(26th) - 12 John Barrowman must-see gems you may have missed
Monsters & Critics(26th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith thought acting was `girly` and wanted to be a footballer

Shadowlocked(29th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Time Meddler
Pink Paper(29th) - DVD: Doctor Who – Myths and Legends
Kent News(28th) - Doctor Who fan creates iPhone ap for instant news
Product Reviews(27th) - Latest news on Doctor Who: WhoNews 1.2 for iPhone
Scotsman(26th) - DVD bonanza: Sci-fi, terror and demons - new releases giveaway (Myths and Legends)
TV Shows on DVD(24th) - 4 new DVD releases bring 5 classic stories in July

Miscellaneous: Harris Tweed
BBC News(27th) - Doctor Who's Harris Tweed helps revive island industry
STV(30th) - Matt Smith sparks boom for Harris Tweed industry
Aberdeen Press and Journal(29th) - Doctor Who to don a Harris Tweed jacket
Aberdeen Press and Journal(29th) - Doctor Who’s in Harris Tweed but what’s Gaelic for Dalek?
Digital Spy(27th) - Dr Who's jacket sparks Tweed frenzy
Telegraph(27th) - Dr Who brings back Harris Tweed
The Times(27th) - Doctor Who finds new powers of regeneration in a Harris Tweed jacket

Wired(30th) - Cybergirl: Kindergartner Point Two
Thingamababy(26th) - Cybergirl: Kindergarten Class Photo
Shadowlocked(29th) - The Top Ten Doctor Introduction Stories
Western Mail(29th) - Ex-BBC boss hits out at Wales-made shows
Digital Journal(26th) - Fans celebrate fifth anniversary of new Doctor Who
Northern Echo(26th) - Wear linked to Tardis
Digital Journal(26th) - New space agency logo gets Doctor Who fans aflutter

Passing Mention
News OK(29th) - Reading and Dr. Who and a bunch of Randomness
South Yorkshire Star(29th) - Bus court action threat won't thwart regulation, says council chief
Sail World(28th) - DSS Pennant Series - Doctor Who sails on to another victory
The Guardian(27th) - The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe? by Paul Davies
New York Post(25th) - Time Traveling in Style
Screen Rant(24th) - The 5 Best (and Worst) Cinematic Time Travel Machines

The Spoof(27th) - End of Days: [5] The Self Preservation Society
The Spoof(27th) - End of Days: [6] Davros Unmasked - Now Chaos Ensues