Friday 1 January 2010

Article roundup 1st January 2010

The End of Time
BBC News(1st) - Tennant's last interview before leaving Doctor Who (video)
Mirror(1st) - Doctor Who, BBC1, 6.40pm
Daily Mail(1st) - It's time to exterminate Tennant from the TV schedules
Guardian(1st) - Watch This
The Star(1st) - Doctor Who
Pop Culture Zoo(31st) - David Tennant And Julie Gardner Talk ‘Doctor Who’
MTV(31st) - David Tennant On His 'Doctor Who' Mementoes... And When He'll Be Back For A Cameo!
South Wales Evening Post(31st) - Timelord Doctor Who is set for a change of face
Press Association(31st) - Tennant predicts Dr Who heartbreak (and Belfast Telegraph, MSN)

Who 2010
Northampton Chronicle and Echo(1st) - New Doctor Who will make our town proud
The Sleaze(31st) - Doctor Doctor

Mirror(1st) - Hit TV shows Gavin and Stacey, Torchwood and Doctor Who earn South Wales police £74k
io9(31st) - The Greatest and Wrongest spoilers of 2009
Guardian(31st) - Doctor Who leads Welsh regeneration
Techwatch(31st) - David Tennant’s seventy five appearances over Christmas
Glasgow Evening Times(31st) - Dr Who star takes BBC by storm

News Biscuit(1st) - Earth faces extinction as pleas for help dismissed by Dr Who’s zealous new receptionist