Thursday 31 December 2009

Article roundup 31st December 2009

The End of Time
BBC News(31st) - Doctor Who plays the regeneration game
Aberdeen Press and Journal(31st) - Davies knows who has secrets
Chicago Now(31st) - 'Doctor Who: The End of Time' sneaks, plus Catherine Tate surprises

Airlock Alpha(30th) - Adm. Adama, Capt. Jack Battle It Out For Best Episode Of 2009 (Waters of Mars/Children of Earth)
TV Squad(29th) - Best TV of the '00s: Drama
Guardian(30th) - Mail not keen on BBC's Tennant extra
io9(30th) - Play Along At Home: Doctor Who "End Of Time" Bingo Cards
Guardian(30th) - David Tennant: not interesting enough for Dom Joly
Telegraph(30th) - If you must know, I’d rather stay home on New Year’s Eve (Tennant on TV)

Who 2010
io9(30th) - ... And Doctor Who May Be Totally Out Of Left Field (speculation)

The Stage(30th) - Barrowman and Rylance make top 20 of Stage 100 (John Barrowman)

In Passing
Telegraph(30th) - The Road: the end of the world, again (dalek mention)