Wednesday 13 July 2011

Article roundup (Torchwood) 9th-13th July 2011

Plenty of reviews for The New World from its international premieres; plus initial ratings indicate that the show has performed well for both Starz and SPACE, achieving high ratings for the channels.

Review: Episode 1: The New World
Mania(11th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Review
Oregon Live(11th) - TV Talk: 'Torchwood: Miracle Day
Gather(11th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' spoilers: Where Jack went, Rex's actions, Gwen's baby
TG Daily(11th) - The cuts and bruises of Torchwood: Miracle Day
Television Without Pity(11th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day: Out with the old, in the the new
Crave(10th) - TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY 1.01 'The New World'
AssignmentX(10th) - TV Review: TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY – “The New World” – Review #2
Seattle PI(10th) - Burning Questions Answered! Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 1: "The New World"
Examiner(10th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' recap/review episode 1 “The New World”
Examiner(10th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day analysis: Are the undying zombies or something more?
Wales on Sunday(10th) - Torchwood wows critics with Stateside debut
Shadowlocked(9th) - Torchwood S4E1 Review
Gather(9th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' premiere 'The New World' recap: Everything changes
Screengrab(9th) - "Torchwood: Miracle Day," Episode 1
Los Angeles Times(9th) - 'Torchwood' recap: Immortality for everyone! - Torchwood: Miracle Day Is a Tasty Piece of Sci-Fi Candy

Cinema Spy(12th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Smashes Series’ Viewing Record on SPACE
Los Angeles Times(12th) - "Torchwood" debut viewership matches "Camelot"
Airlock Alpha(11th) - 'Torchwood' Opens To Audience As Big As 'Camelot'
Multichannel(11th) - 'Torchwood' On Starz Draws Combined 1.5M For Premiere
Hollywood Reporter(11th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Ratings on Par with Now-Cancelled 'Camelot'
TV By The Numbers(11th) - Friday Cable Ratings: More 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'

Preview: Episode 2: Renditions
Comic Book Movie(9th) - Torchwood Miracle Day Episode 2 Teaser Trailer
Gather(9th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' 'Rendition' preview: Jack's now vulnerable
Anglotopia(9th) - Torchwood: Preview for Miracle Day Episode 2 – Renditions

The Lost Files
WalesOnline(12th) - Hit TV series Torchwood takes story onto radio in three exclusive plays

UK/IE Coverage
Digital Spy(13th) - 'Torchwood' star: 'US remake would be ludicrous' (Alexa Havins)
Musicrooms(13th) - Russell T Davies: Torchwood works as a short series
Metro(12th) - Torchwood star Bill Pullman: Dancing on stage put me in a coma
Unreality TV(12th) - Russell T Davies likes Torchwood’s short series’
Den of Geek(12th) - John Barrowman interview: Torchwood, Miracle Day, Doctor Who, and more
Belfast Telegraph(12th) - Pullman's blank over Torchwood
Coventry Telegraph(12th) - John Barrowman talks Torchwood: Miracle Day
Holy Moly!(12th) - An interview with the stars and creator of Torchwood
Digital Spy(12th) - Russell T Davies: 'Torchwood works best as short series'
NewsShopper(12th) - ON THE BOX: TV hunk John Barrowman returns to sexy sci-fi Torchwood
Scotsman(12th) - Interview: Torchwood stars John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Bill Pullman with creator Russell T Davies
RTE(12th) - Barrowman claims Torchwood 'different' to Who
Den of Geek(11th) - Mekhi Phifer interview: Torchwood, Miracle Day, ER and Torchwood season 5
SFX(11th) - Torchwood: Meet Rex
Digital Spy(11th) - Mekhi Phifer: 'Torchwood feels worldwide'
Digital Spy(11th) - Mekhi Phifer: 'Torchwood role is an ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤'
Belfast Telegraph(11th) - John Barrowman wants Torchwood film
Digital Spy(11th) - John Barrowman: 'Torchwood more psychological than Doctor Who'
Digital Spy(11th) - Torchwood Myles was an "absolute berk" meeting Lauren Ambrose (video)
Digital Spy(11th) - Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardener on taking Torchwood
Guardian(11th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day – the critical view from the US
Daily Star(11th) - John Barrowman's a Torch turn-on
Scotsman(11th) - TV preview: Torchwood: Miracle Day
The List(9th) - John Barrowman is like Captain Jack
Metro(9th) - Torchwood hasn't become too American, insists John Barrowman
Digital Spy(8th) - 'Torchwood' Eve Myles: 'Gwen loves Jack'
Digital Spy(8th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': Eve Myles video interview

US Coverage
Airlock Alpha(12th) - Critical Reaction: The U.K. Has Lost 'Torchwood'
Airlock Alpha(11th) - Barrowman: 'Torchwood' Is Psychological Fiction
After Elton(11th) - "Torchwood" in 10 Minutes: Gwen Cooper Puts the "Mother" in BAMF
After Elton(11th) - Exclusive! "Jane's Take" Episode One "Torchwood: Miracle Day"
Fresno Bee(10th) - Hollywood notes: Dodging coyotes, catching stars (Eve Myles)
On Top Magazine(9th) - 'Torchwood' Creator Russell T. Davies: No Pressure To Amp Up Series' Sexuality
Celebrity Cafe(9th) - 'Torchwood' comes to America
Collider(9th) - John Barrowman Interview TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY
...ology(9th) - Interview: Arlene Tur ('Torchwood: Miracle Day')
Blastr(8th) - John Barrowman on Torchwood nudity: 'I'm proud of my bits and bobs'
Atlantic(8th) - How 'Torchwood' Found Its Way
Think Progress(8th) - Talking ‘Torchwood,’ Political Science Fiction, and Tough Mothers With Jane Espenson

Fox31 Denver(12th) - TORCHWOOD: The Complete Original UK Series (Blu-ray)

Digital Spy(9th) - 'Torchwood' John Barrowman 'loved kissing James Marsters'
Screenrant(9th) - ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Creator Russell T. Davies Developing Showtime Series