Sunday 24 April 2011

Article roundup 23rd-24th April 2011

With The Impossible Astronaut now broadcast in the UK, the overnight ratings indicated that it easily beat off opposition in its timeslot and was the second highest rated show of the day; reviews for the episode has been mixed on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Impossible Astronaut - Ratings
Daily Mail(24th) - New Doctor Who episode billed as scariest yet sees ratings FALL by 1.5m (And Britain's Got Talent is also on the slide)
BBC News(24th) - Doctor Who opener watched by 6.4m
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Digital Spy(24th) - New 'Doctor Who' kicks off with 6.5m
TV By The Numbers(24th) - 'Doctor Who' Season Premiere Scores 6.5 Million in the UK

The Impossible Astronaut - Reviews
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The Impossible Astronaut (UK)
The Sun(23rd) - Could it be the end for Doctor Who?
Mirror(23rd) - This could be the end for 11th Doctor Who Matt Smith
Daily Mail(23rd) - Is this the moment the Doctor dies? Teaser images of new series of Doctor Who appear to show Time Lord's demise
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The Impossible Astronaut (USA)
Orlando Sentinel(23rd) - ‘Doctor Who’ visits America, Richard Nixon
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Day of the Moon
SFX(24th) - Doctor Who “Day Of The Moon” Trailer
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Series Coverage
Digital Spy(24th) - Steven Moffat: 'Gaiman Doctor Who episode is mad'
The Star(24th) - Daleks to go on diet
Daily Mail(24th) - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan tries to cover huge bruise with make-up after taking a tumble in 'big heels'
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