Thursday 24 March 2011

Article roundup 20th-24th March 2011

Quite a busy few days, with both a Doctor Who Series 6 Teaser (two of them to see on TV!), and Starz revealing Torchwood's Miracle Day premier as 8th July. And amidst the recent novelisation re-releases, a previously un-novelised story Shada will see print.

Series Coverage
CBBC(24th) - New Doctor Who teaser trailer released
Blastr(24th) - BBC alternate season 6 promo reveals Doctor Who big bad easter egg
Den of Geek(24th) - Why you should watch the Doctor Who series 6 teaser closely
Digital Spy(24th) - BBC premieres new 'Doctor Who' trailer
Pop Culture Zoo(23rd) - Two New Doctor Who Teasers
Blastr(23rd) - Watch 2 new spacey, super cool Doctor Who season 6 teasers
Comic Book Movie(23rd) - DR WHO Season Six Teaser/Prequel Trailers Online!
Den of Geek(23rd) - Brand new teaser trailer for Doctor Who series 6
TV Overmind(23rd) - Doctor Who: Series Six Prequel Webisode To Premiere Soon
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who' prequel details announced
Digital Spy(23rd) - Neil Gaiman 'happy with Who episode'
Cultbox(23rd) - Neil Gaiman 'impressed' by finished 'Doctor Who' episode
Screen Rant(22nd) - ‘Doctor Who’ Season 6 to Premiere In US & UK on Same Day
The List(22nd) - Michael Sheen to guest star in Doctor Who
Den of Geek(22nd) - Michael Sheen joins Doctor Who series 6
The Sun(21st) - New Sheen to Doctor Who
Digital Spy(21st) - Michael Sheen confirmed for 'Doctor Who'

Cultbox(24th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' US premiere date and poster revealed
CinemaSpy(24th) - Starz Announces 'Torchwood' Premiere Date, Releases Poster
Monsters & Critics(24th) - Starz set air-date for ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’
BBC America(23rd) - ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Has a Poster and a Premiere Date
Airlock Alpha(23rd) - Starz Announces 'Torchwood' Airdate, BBC Remains Quiet
Big Shiny Robot(23rd) - Torchwood: Miracle Day July 8th! - Starz's Torchwood Gets a Premiere Date
Crave(23rd) - Starz Announces 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Debut
RedEye(23rd) - Starz sets July 8 premiere for 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'
ATV Today(23rd) - Starz announces Torchwood premier date
Zap2It(23rd) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' gets a premiere date and a pretty cool poster
Comic Book Movie(23rd) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Gets a Premiere Date and Promo Poster!
SFX(23rd) - Torchwood Miracle Day Poster Art Revealed
Blastr(23rd) - Torchwood: Miracle Day gets a premiere date and a killer poster
Gather(23rd) - 'Torchwood': Miracle Day is coming to Starz in July
UPI(23rd) - Pullman, Phifer cast in U.S. 'Torchwood'
TV|Line(23rd) - Exclusive: Torchwood: Miracle Day Premiere Date and Poster Revealed!
PR Newswire(22nd) - A Star-Studded Lineup for MIPTV 2011
MIPTV(21st) - A Star-Studded Lineup for MIPTV 2011

Comic Relief
flick filosopher(21st) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: new Comic Relief mini episode
Den of Geek(20th) - Doctor Who: Space and Time - Red Nose Day 2011 videos

Wales Online(24th) - Doctor Who Tourism lost as Cardiff Bay Exhibition closes
South Wales Echo(23rd) - Time is up for Doctor Who exhibition
Coming Soon(21st) - Wondercon (Doctor Who 3rd April 11:30am)

Press Association(24th) - Catherine joins April Fools gig (Catherine Tate)
Herts Advertiser(23rd) - The man behind the Man of Steel (Paul Cornell)
Digital Spy(23rd) - James Corden welcomes first child
Golden Plec(22nd) - John Barrowman announces Irish double
JohnJohnSaidIt(22nd) - Matt Smith banned from baring all
Independent(21st) - The Weekend's TV: Christopher and His Kind, Sat, BBC2
Cultbox(21st) - 'Christopher And His Kind' director 'would love to work with Smith again'

Economic Voice(21st) - Michael Gough passes away aged 94
About(20th) - Michael Gough, Toymaker and Butler, Is Dead

Cultbox(24th) - 'Doctor Who': Frontios DVD extras revealed
Guardian(24th) - Douglas Adams's Doctor Who story to be novelised
Bookseller(24th) - BBC Books to publish "lost" Adams Doctor Who story
SFX(23rd) - Douglas Adams Doctor Who Story Finally Gets Novelised
Blastr(23rd) - Douglas Adams' incomplete Doctor Who episode finally gets finished
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who' novelisation for 'lost serial' Shada
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who': Revisitations 2 DVD artwork revealed
Cultbox(23rd) - Classic 'Doctor Who' novels republished with new intros
Cultbox(23rd) - 'Doctor Who': Planet Of The Spiders DVD extras revealed
TV Shows on DVD(23rd) - Doctor Who - The Only Unreleased/Unannounced 5th Doctor (Davison) Story is Now Scheduled for DVD!
TV Shows on DVD(23rd) - Doctor Who - July to Get a Second Classic Who DVD After All: Hartnell's The Gunfighters
BBC America(22nd) - Who’s Day Roundup: ‘Doctor Who’ Comics Released as an App
Media Connection(22nd) - Davros and The Daleks Invade Toy Stores
Airlock Alpha(20th) - Two Strips Of Latinum: 'Doctor Who' Comics Comes To Portable Devices

Guardian(24th) - Six to watch: TV aliens
flick filosopher(24th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: not your typical convention panel
Wigan Today(24th) - Disney classic puts ex-Wigan student in line for award
Den of Geek(23rd) - 10 classic Doctor Who sound designs
flick filosopher(23rd) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: K9 hearts R2
Kent Online(22nd) - Doctor Who fan Steve Clark sues BBC over Davros claim
Escapist(22nd) - Man Sues BBC Claiming Copyright On Doctor Who's Dalek Leader
Blastr(21st) - BBC sued over Doctor Who villain created by 13-year-old in 1972
Chicago Tribune(21st) - Costumes take show by Storm(trooper)
Blastr(21st) - INFOGRAPHIC: Doctor Who's time-traveling TARDIS revealed

Related News
Eagle View(21st) - U.S. vs. U.K. Television Programing
BBC News(21st) - Liverpool special effects company creates TV body parts

Passing Mention
The Sun(24th) - Craig: Reinstate Strictly Dance Off
Guardian(23rd) - Why the 'big society' is frightening the young
CNET(23rd) - Netpulse platform might make gyms more bearable
Shropshire Live(22nd) - Thousands Set To Visit RAF Cosford Shropshire Model Show
TechEye(22nd) - Scientists close to creating time travel
Telegraph [AU](21st) - Large Hadron Collider could unlock secret of time travel
BBC News(21st) - Hobbit filming finally under way

The Spoof(23rd) - BBC rocked as DR WHO 'outed'