Thursday 9 December 2010

Article roundup 6th-9th December 2010

A Christmas Carol
Daemons TV(9th) - DOCTOR WHO 2010 Christmas Special “A Christmas Carol” New Photos
Western Mail(8th) - Katherine Jenkins dazzles Doctor Who
MSNBC [US](7th) - Get into the spirit of the season with these holiday TV specials
BBC News(6th) - Katherine Jenkins on Christmas Doctor Who (video)

Series Coverage
Bang Showbiz(8th) - Doctor Who [spoiler subject]
Unreality Shout(8th) - Doctor Who [spoiler subject] Christmas Special

ATV Network(8th) - Eggheads Doctor Who Special announced

Digital Spy(9th) - Karen Gillan gets attacked in 'Outcast'!
Hollywood(9th) - Stars turn stockbroker for charity (with David Tennant)
Daily Star(9th) - Prince of Sales: Prince Willam's Charity Fundraiser (with David Tennant)
Daily Mail(9th) - It seems William is inheriting more than the throne from dad... but the wheeler-dealer still manages to seal record £14bn trade for charity (with David Tennant)
Telegraph(9th) - Prince William makes record €17bn foreign currency trade
Small Screen Scoop(8th) - Carey Mulligan of Doctor Who goes back to Sci Fi in Never Let Me Go
TV Guide(8th) - Fox, CW Pick Up New Dramas
Hollywood Reporter(8th) - CW, Fox Pick Up Dramas (Stephen Gallagher)
Express and Star(7th) - Television stars film new Man Utd drama in Carlisle (David Tennant, United)
SFX(8th) - The Hobbit Casting News – Blanchett Returns, Sylvester McCoy Officially Confirmed
New York Times(7th) - For ‘The Hobbit,’ Peter Jackson Signs Up an Old Friend and a Former ‘Doctor Who’
Muveez(7th) - Former Dr Who Sylvester McCoy Joins 'The Hobbit'
ABC News(7th) - Former Dr Who cast in Hobbit films
BBC News(6th) - Carey Mulligan preparing for Gatsby role
SFX(6th) - Being Human creator Toby Whithouse – your chance to meet him

Merchandise - Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series Review
Metro(8th) - Games review - Doctor Who: Return To Earth should be exterminated
Inside Pulse(8th) - Doctor Who (The Complete Fifth Series) – DVD Review
Digital Spy(7th) - Two new 'Doctor Who' iPhone screens surface (The Mazes of Time)
Birmingham Mail(7th) - Convicted sex offender used internet chat about Dr Who as cover to talk to 15-year-old
Dvice(6th) - 10 great Doctor Who gifts for Daleks and Gallifreyans alike
Digital Spy(6th) - Digital Spy's Christmas Gift Guide: Games (Return to Earth)

Daily Post(9th) - Tardis has landed at Portmeirion
io9(8th) - Doctor Who Characters Who Deserve Awesome New Action Figures
Lynn News(8th) - Tardis due to land in Lynn!
Anglophenia(9th) - ‘Doctor Who’: How Sonic Screwdrivers Could Become a Reality
Geeky Gadgets(9th) - Professor Claims Dr. Who Sonic Screwdrivers Are Doable
MSNBC(8th) - Real-life twist for sonic screwdriver
Top News United States(8th) - Scientists have developed a device similar to Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver
Examiner(7th) - Put Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver under Your Christmas Tree
Gizmag(7th) - Sonic screwdriver may become fact rather than fiction
Dvice(7th) - Doctor Who's fix-all sonic screwdriver could get real
AOL News(7th) - Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Close to Reality
SFX(7th) - For Your Consideration #6 (Poll, Best Plot Twist)
SFX(8th) - Things We Love About Doctor Who #8
SFX(7th) - Things We Love About Doctor Who #7
SFX(6th) - Things We Love About Doctor Who #6

Related News/Passing Mention
Guardian(9th) - QVC: sale of the century (John Barrowman)
BBC News(8th) - Why Coronation Street is an enduring TV hit
Hey You Guys(7th) - Outcast Review
The Stage(7th) - Who are our greatest musical theatre actors, and where’s the next generation coming from?…
Geeks of Doom(6th) - BBC Releasing Subscription-Based Service For iPlayer On The iPad