Saturday 30 October 2010

Article roundup 27th-30th October 2010

The RTD/Regeneration debate continues, but meanwhile we have a preview of the current Doctor in the Christmas Special to look forward to in Children in Need. And John Barrowman makes another of his rare appearances at Christmas too, in the Strictly Come Dancing special!

Series Coverage
Digital Spy(28th) - 'Who' preview for 'Children in Need'
ATV Network(28th) - Children in Need to feature Doctor Who Christmas Preview
flick filosopher(28th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: geek fave Mark Sheppard to appear in Season Six

Sarah Jane Adventures
Den of Geek(28th) - The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Empty Planet gallery
Den of Geek(28th) - Russell T Davies on Doctor Who regeneration issue
Digital Spy(27th) - Davies admits 'Who' fan controversy
BBC Doctor Who(27th) - Interview with Russell T Davies
Northern Echo(27th) - Time-travel companions
Guardian(27th) - Doctor Who: Matt Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures
The Yorker(27th) - Doctor Who blog: The Sarah Jane Adventures

Doctor Who Live
South Wales Echo(30th) - Dr Who Live – Cardiff International Arena HHHHH
Western Mail(30th) - Doctor Who Live tour lands in Cardiff
Big Issue in Scotland(29th) - Doctor Who Live: The Monsters are Coming!
South Wales Echo(28th) - Doctor Who stage show comes to life
L&Si(28th) - Le Mark Floors for Dr Who Live UK tour
Left Lion(28th) - Dr Who Live at the Nottingham Ice Arena

Scotsman(30th) - Gig review: John Barrowman
Bromsgrove Standard(29th) - An entertaining show for all (An evening with John Barrowman)
Anglophenia(28th) - Happy Birthday To 'Doctor Who' Star Matt Smith
flick filosopher(28th) - tres cool: Sylvester McCoy will appear in ‘The Hobbit’!
Airlock Alpha(27th) - Former ‘Doctor Who’ Star Set To Visit Middle-Earth
Filmonic(27th) - Sylvester McCoy is Radagast the Brown
Rutherglen Recorder(27th) - Andy leads Doctor Who invasion force (Andrew Smith/Full Circle)
Unreality TV(27th) - Strictly Come Dancing 2010: John Barrowman to star in Christmas special
Anglophenia(27th) - 'Torchwood' Star John Barrowman Goes 'Dancing'
Now Magazine(27th) - John Barrowman to appear on Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special
STV(27th) - Strictly speaking John Barrowman’s a busy boy
South Wales Argus(27th) - Take one in theatre bid (Gareth David Lloyd)
Daily Beast(27th) - Sherlock Holmes Gets an iPhone (Steven Moffat)

MovieWeb(30th) - EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series Blu-ray Clip
SFX(29th) - DVD REVIEW The Sarah Jane Adventures, series three
SFX(29th) - BOOK REVIEW Wiped! Doctor Who’s Missing Episodes – Richard Molesworth
flick filosopher(29th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: 42 classic-series Target novelizations for sale on eBay
IGN(28th) - Doctor Who's Movie Due (TVM)
TV Shows on DVD(27th) - Doctor Who - Announced for February DVD: 'The Movie: Special Edition' and 'Story #063: The Mutants'

ATV Network(29th) - Poll Results: Which Doctor Who Companion Would You Like to See Return
OLBG(29th) - Doctor Who Movie Odds Make Johnny Depp And Matt Smith Favourites To Play Lead Role
Shiny Style(29th) - Top Halloween make-up looks
Coolest Gadgets(28th) - Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS
Walyou(28th) - Remote Control Daleks Will Never Exterminate You (But They’ll Still Try)
Times and Star(28th) - A passion for Antiques (Stephanie Connell from Bonhams)
BBC News(27th) - Dr Who cottage is brother's tribute to lifelong fan

The Spoof(30th) - The Last Will and Testimony of Paul: Psychic Octopus predicts next Vajazzling