Sunday 12 September 2010

Article roundup 3rd-12th September 2010

Doctor Who wins three awards at TV Choice, GQ and the Hugos, more information on Torchwood: The New World, a new promo pic for The Sarah Jane Adventures (believed to be starting on 11th October), and plenty of Doctor Who Live coverage. Throw in a sonic wii remote, rumours of Matt Smith's impending marriage, and his alleged "on-screen" wife dying (which the journalist seems to have missed that already happening in Forest of the Dead!), and Karen Gillan being tempted back to modelling, it's been a busy week!

Series Coverage
TV Overmind(11th) - Christopher Eccleston is a fan of Matt Smith’s Doctor
Unreality TV(10th) - Christopher Eccleston thinks Matt Smith is a “great choice for Doctor Who”
Digital Spy(10th) - 'Who' star Gillan 'wants Amy to evolve'
Belfast Telegraph(9th) - Gillan wants Amy Pond to change
Press Association(9th) - Gillan wants Amy Pond to change
Mirror(9th) - Dr Who too grown-up, says comic David Mitchell
STV(9th) - Katherine Jenkins was worried about Dr Who role
Digital Spy(8th) - Jenkins: 'I didn't think I could act'
Techland(7th) - Rumor PaTroll: Doctor Who and Gravity Rumors Debunked
Daily Star(6th) - Doctor Who's wife River Song to Die
All Your TV(6th) - 'Dr. Who's' River Song To Be Killed Off?
io9(6th) - Watch Steven Moffat and Karen Gillan give a "Doctor Who Masterclass"
Digital Spy(6th) - Filming begins on new 'Doctor Who'

Digital Spy(10th) - Writer: 'New Torchwood is more ambitious'
SFX(10th) - The Man Who Killed Off Torchwood’s Ianto Jones (John Fay)
flick filosopher(10th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: why Ianto Jones had to die
Scyfilove(9th) - Torchwood writer John Fay excited by The New World, plus why killing Ianto was ‘right thing to do’
Digital Spy(8th) - Barrowman 'quit Housewives for Torchwood'
Den of Geek(8th) - Torchwood: The New World news round-up
Manchester Evening News(6th) - I Am What I Am has become my signature tune (John Barrowman)
Film Shaft(6th) - New Details Emerge For Torchwood: Season 4
Unreality Shout(6th) - Jane Espenson teases Torchwood: The New World
About(5th) - Espenson Talks Torchwood: The New World
io9(3rd) - Jane Espenson says Torchwood will allow her to "push the boundaries of what can be done on television."

Sarah Jane Adventures
Den of Geek(6th) - New promo pic for The Sarah Jane Adventures series 4
Unreality Shout(5th) - Preview for Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4!

Doctor Who Live
The Sun(10th) - Doctor in the House (video)
Digital Spy(10th) - First look at the 'Doctor Who' arena tour!
SFX(10th) - Doctor Who Live Trailer
The South Yorkshire Star(10th) - Doctor Who Live arena show sneak preview - VIDEO
On The Box(10th) - Doctor Who Live Trailer
Southport Visiter(10th) - Dr Who monsters surprise shoppers at Tesco Southport
Liverpool Echo(10th) - Director Will Brenton on Doctor Who Live at the Echo Arena
Beehive City(9th) - Matt Smith’s in the trailer, but Nigel Planer stars in Doctor Who Live
Yahoo News(8th) - 'Doctor Who Live' out of control?
STV(8th) - 'Doctor Who Live' out of control?
BBC News(8th) - Doctor Who monsters invade Belfast
Belfast Telegraph(8th) - Doctor Who monsters stalk Belfast streets
io9(7th) - Your new Doctor Who catchphrase: "Wibbly wobbly explodey wodey."
Liverpool Echo(4th) - Doctor Who monsters invade Mathew Street in Liverpool

The Proms
Den of Geek(5th) - If I could turn back time: Doctor Who At The Proms
Telegraph(5th) - Record-breaking year for the BBC Proms

Coventry Telegraph(8th) - Daleks and Doctor Who guest stars at the National Space Centre

BBC Newsbeat(8th) - Stars out for GQ Men of the Year awards
Press Association(8th) - GQ awards for Arterton and Smith
ATV Network(8th) - Matt Smith wins GQ Award
Anglophenia(8th) - Doctor Who's Matt Smith Named GQ's Actor of the Year
Mirror(8th) - GQ Men of the Year awards: Organisers keep Matt Smith, Daisy Lowe and Mark Ronson apart
Daily Mail(8th) - Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith make their red carpet debut...
Matt Smith(8th) - Matt Smith, Dizzee Rascal win at GQ Awards
The Sun(8th) - Daisy's Smitten
BBC Newsbeat(7th) - Doctor Who and Emmerdale win TV Choice awards
CBBC(7th) - Doctor Who wins best family drama at TV Choice Awards
OsoBlog(7th) - Karen Gillan at the TV Choice awards
BBC Newsbeat(7th) - Doctor Who and Emmerdale win TV Choice awards
BBC News(6th) - Emmerdale scores TV Choice hat-trick
Gearlive(6th) - 2010 Hugo Awards: Phil Foglio, Doctor Who, Shaun Tan!
The Daily Dust(5th) - Doctor Who now the most successful sc-fi TV show ever
Airlock Alpha(5th) - 'Doctor Who' Wins Fourth Hugo Award
Wired(5th) - Moon Lands Hugo Award for Best Sci-Fi Movie

News of the World(12th) - I Who (Matt Smith to get married?)
Guardian(11th) - The Measure: Karen Gillan ... – who is hot and who is not?
SFX(9th) - Why Is Chuck Ignoring The Greatest Sci-Fi Icon Ever? (Bernard Cribbins)
Get Reading(9th) - Inspector Morse at New Theatre, Oxford (Colin Baker)
Salford Advertiser(9th) - Torchwood star John Barrowman aims to light up park proms
Manchester Evening News(9th) - Torchwood star John Barrowman aims to light up park proms
Mirror(9th) - Tense moment as Daisy Lowe introduced ex Mark Ronson to new boyfriend Matt Smith
The Sun(9th) - A brew with Who
Northern Times [AU](9th) - School in for Daleks (Stephen Cole)
Gamasutra(9th) - Award-winning screen writer and Dr Who author David Bishop to script Fate of the World
Unreality TV(8th) - Michelle Mone wants to hire Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan as underwear model
Digital Spy(8th) - Karen Gillan 'wanted as underwear model'
The Sun(8th) - Karen: I'm the Bra-dis
Holy Moly(8th) - TV Choice Awards 2010: Karen Gillan, Loose Women and Louis Spence give it some
Now(7th) - Karen Gillan is best dressed at TV Choice Awards
LOOK(7th) - Karen Gillan Wins Best Dressed At The TV Choice Awards
The Sun(7th) - Karen joins Who's Who of Soapland
The Sun(4th) - Karen looks Dalek-table
Daily Mail(4th) - Careful Karen! Doctor Who star gets overexcited as she spots her friend... and drops her phone in the road

Mirror(10th) - Toy firm The Character Group banking on Dr Who figure success
Daily Mail(10th) - Dr Who toy firm shows character
SFX(10th) - DVD REVIEW Doctor Who: Time And The Rani
Den of Geek(9th) - Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 4 DVD review
Technabob(8th) - doctor who sonic screwdriver wii-mote: bleh?
Coolest Gadgets(8th) - Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver is now a Wiimote
Nintendo Life(8th) - Even a Wii Remote or a DS Stylus Can Be a Sonic Device
IGN(7th) - Doctor Who Gets His Own Wiimote
Slashgear(7th) - Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Controller Coming to the Nintendo Wii
Wired(7th) - Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote
CNET UK(7th) - Doctor Who Wii game gets Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote
DVICE(7th) - Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote helps you save the universe with your Wii
Pocket-Lint(7th) - Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver: Wii-stylee
Geek(7th) - Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Controller coming to the Wii
Electric Pig(7th) - Doctor Who sonic screwdriver Wiimote incoming
Destructoid(7th) - Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver is soon to be a Wii remote
Kotaku(7th) - A Wii Remote Suited For Doctor Who
Escapist(7th) - Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver Tranformed Into Wii Remote
Cubed3(6th) - Zap Foes with Doctor Who Wii Sonic Screwdriver
Digital Spy(6th) - 'Doctor Who' accessories for Wii, DS
MCV(6th) - Doctor Who accessories materialise
NJ(5th) - 'Torchwood,' a 'Dr. Who' spin-off, brings its sci-fi world to comics, says Kulesa
TV Shows on DVD(4th) - 'Story #111: Meglos' Revealed as the First DVD of 2011 for North America

Daily Mail(12th) - Ed-terminate! Or why Buckingham Palace vetoed Prince Edward's role in Doctor Who
Slippery Brick(11th) - 1TB hard drive inside a toy TARDIS makes it truly bigger on the inside
Wired(11th) - Lego TARDIS With Lights and Sound
Daemons TV(10th) - DOCTOR WHO Christmas 2010 Special Trailer (Fan Made)
Blastr(9th) - 10 of the best science fiction TV episodes that ever aired (inc. Blink)
Anglotopia(9th) - DragonCon 2010 Parade Video: British and Doctor Who Themed Costumers
Kennet Gazette and Herald(9th) - Fun and games boost Gastard's village hall
Corsham People(6th) - Gastard Fete Opened by Paraolympic Medallist
SFX(8th) - With This Ring… (The Runaway Bride/The Big Bang)
Paul Fraser Collectibles(8th) - Our Top Five... Pieces of collectible Sci-Fi memorabilia
Anglophenia(7th) - Monday Catchup: Booker Prize, Torchwood, Stephen Fry, Doctor Who
Geeky Gadgets(7th) - Dr Who Lego Tardis
Digital Spy(6th) - Trevor Eve slams BBC 'Who' focus
ATV Network(6th) - Trevor Eve blasts BBC over Doctor Who
Anglophenia(3rd) - Roundup: John Barrowman, Doctor Who, X Factor, Tom Hardy
Blastr(3rd) - Functional TARDIS painstakingly re-created with custom LEGOs
Blastr(3rd) - 13 worker revolts and labor union uprisings from sci-fi history (Planet of the Ood)
Shadowlocked(4th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Monster Of Peladon
Shadowlocked(6th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Planet Of The Spiders
Shadowlocked(10th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Robot

Related News/Passing Mention
Observer(12th) - Rewind TV (David Morrissey)
Inventor Spot(11th) - Social Media TVs' Remote Control May Be In The Hands Of Auntie Beeb (charging for programmes e.g. Torchwood)
Irish Times(11th) - What is the stars? (Armagh Planetarium/David Tennant)
The Sun(10th) - The Beeb branded me a Dalek and bullied me out of the Stig job
Guardian(10th) - The Stig: Top Gear bosses compared me to a Dalek
Paisley Daily Express(9th) - Celeb hunter hopes to raise 10k for charity
Guardian(9th) - David Mitchell's Soap Box: Kids' TV
Den of Geek(7th) - Dennis Potter: Karaoke & Cold Lazarus DVD review
Variety(4th) - Pining for past forgets TV's presents
Guardian(3rd) - Are we there yet? Soon we'll all be on a road to nowhere