Monday 9 August 2010

Article roundup 5th-9th August 2010

Torchwood is temporarily promoted to top spot, having plenty of coverage in the last few days over the announcement of both its writing team and the overall title for series four, "The New World". Plus James Marsters hints that he'd like to appear! Meanwhile, Matt Smith's mum reports on the amount of fan mail he receieves now he is the Doctor. And ... David Tennant who?!!!

Den of Geek(9th) - Torchwood season 4: new title, writers, and more
ATV Network(8th) - More Torchwood details revealed - Torchwood's Stateside reboot
Anglotopia(8th) - Latest Torchwood News – Plot, Writers and Details Released
Airlock Alpha(8th) - 'Torchwood' Becomes Legend In 'New World'
Blastr(7th) - 6 ways Torchwood's new season will change everything
Zap2It(7th) - 'Torchwood' relaunch is more global
TV Overmind(7th) - Torchwood: After 'Children of Earth' Comes 'The New World'
SFX(7th) - Torchwood Series Four Subtitle Revealed
IGN(7th) - Torchwood: The New World is Coming
The Wrap(7th) - Starz Shows Off 'Camelot' + New 'Torchwood,' 'Spartacus' Projects
Star News Online(7th) - TCA tidbits: “Torchwood” gears up for a “New World” on Starz
Broadcasting and Cable(7th) - TCA: Starz Continuing to Pursue 'Epic, Entertainment and Fun' Programming
Hollywood Reporter(7th) - ‘Torchwood’ gets new title: ‘The New World’ (pics)
io9(7th) - The new Torchwood reboot gets a title (and a plot synopsis from Russell T. Davies)
USA Today(7th) - Torchwood reborn
Digital Journal(7th) - Torchwood series 4 writers announced
ATV Network(7th) - Writers for new Torchwood announced
Screen Crave(6th) - Torchwood Season 4 Gets American Writers
Zap2It(6th) - 'Torchwood' lines up U.S. writers for 2011 Starz run
io9(6th) - Torchwood season four's writers: a television dream team!
TV Latest(6th) - More details on 'Torchwood' return
TV Squad(6th) - 'Buffy,' 'Breaking Bad' Writers Join 'Torchwood'
Airlock Alpha(6th) - Jane Espenson, John Shiban To Write 'Torchwood'
Chicago Tribune(6th) - 'Torchwood' attracts 'Buffy,' 'Breaking Bad,' 'House' writers
Digital Spy(6th) - James Marsters wants 'Torchwood' return
ATV Network(6th) - James Marsters keen to return to Torchwood

Series Coverage
Northampton Chronicle(5th) - Matt Smith's mum talks about managing Doctor Who fan mail
Premium Hollywood(4th) - Steven Moffat discusses 2010 “Doctor Who” Christmas special…but not very much
TV Guide(9th) - Ask Matt (Big Bang comment)
Nerdles(5th) - BBC Order 13 New Episodes Of Doctor Who
Anglotopia(8th) - Quick Doctor Who News – Episode Order

The Adventure Games
Adventure Gamers(4th) - REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - Episode One: City of the Daleks

Yorkshire Star(7th) - Win: Doctor Who Live family tickets

South Wales Echo(7th) - Stone angel flies in to add bite to Doctor Who show
This is Wiltshire(5th) - Tots and a Dalek open new Corsham store
Dudley News(5th) - Book challenge is out of this world!
View from Publishing(4th) - DORCHESTER: Historic summer fair at county museum

Broadway(6th) - Barrowman Plays Royal Albert Hall 10/4; DVD to Be Released 11/15
io9(5th) - James Marsters explains the secret to playing a great supervillain
The Sun(5th) - Who's there? (Karen Gillan)
Style List(4th) - Street Style: Karen Gillan does rock chic in leather

Helium(8th) - Product reviews: Character Options Doctor Who Eleven Doctors set
Comic Book Bin(6th) - Torchwood Comic Trailer
SFX(6th) - DVD REVIEW Doctor Who: Revenge Of The Cybermen/Silver Nemesis
The Comet(5th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 3
The Comet(5th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Dominators
Harlow Herald(5th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 3
Saffron Walden Reporter(5th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Dominators
SFX(4th) - BOOK REVIEW Blue Box Boy – Matthew Waterhouse

CNET Australia(9th) - Doctor Who's nemesis immortalised in sponge and frosting
Swindon Advertiser(8th) - Youngsters write and perform show in town based on BBC hit
SFX(6th) - Doctor Who “Write Like Terrance Dicks” Compo Results
io9(6th) - The 11 greatest, craziest sci-fi crossovers in television history
Tech Republic(6th) - How many items can you check off this geek to-do list?
Den of Geek(6th) - The Retrospective Franchise Destructor
Geekosystem(5th) - 15 Fantastic Doctor Who Mash-Ups and Works of Fan Art
Entertainment Weekly(5th) - Who is the ultimate sexy beast?
Digital Spy(5th) - Noah Wyle 'has Doctor Who scarf'
io9(4th) - Noah Wyle: I had a Doctor Who scarf as a teenager
flick filosopher(4th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Bill Bailey’s ode to the wonderfulness of the Doctor
Shadowlocked(4th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Sea Devils
Yahoo News(2nd) - Bonhams auction daleks (and also here)

Passing Mention
Observer(8th) - Tanning trends: beyond the pale (Karen Gillan)
Express and Star(6th) - Sci-fi geeks shall inherit the mirth in a fair world
Guardian(7th) - Let's dig up treasure! (David Atkin, Dalek)
Guardian(6th) - The mysterious case of the unknown Moriarty: Sherlock will reveal all
Independent(5th) - Culture Club: Sherlock, Sunday, BBC1
Manchester Hippo Press(5th) - Dork vs. Dork: The Expendables (Eric Roberts)
IEET(5th) - The Sci-Fi Explanation of Why Gay People Must Be Allowed to Marry
Office Broker(5th) - The Dalek: Yorkshire’s Tallest Office Building on the Market
Newslite(5th) - Did Winston Churchill order a UFO cover-up?
Hey U Guys(5th) - Outcast Trailer Will Hunt You Down (Karen Gillan)
New York Times(4th) - David Crystal Guest Post: Who’s John Wayne? (will people remember David Tennant?)
Digital Spy(4th) - World exclusive poster for 'Outcast'
Guardian(4th) - Sky1 drops plans for Blake's 7 remake