Sunday 29 August 2010

Article roundup 29th August 2010

Steven Moffat revealed that Doctor Who will be split into two series next year - see the press release for more details. Karen Gillan wants to be in the Simpsons. And Sylvester McCoy is eyeing up a role in The Hobbit!

Series Coverage
Guardian(29th) - Doctor Who to have 'game-changing cliffhanger' as Steven Moffat announces double series (video)
TV Overmind(29th) - Breaking News: Doctor Who’s Sixth Series To Be Split In Two!
Digital Spy(29th) - New 'Doctor Who' series split in two
Guardian(29th) - Doctor Who promises 'game-changing cliffhanger' as series split in two
Press Association(29th) - Double dose of Doctor Who on way
Digital Spy(29th) - Live blog: 'Doctor Who' Masterclass (11:02-11:50am)
Guardian(29th) - Doctor Who's Steven Moffat - 'Matt Smith is like a young man built by old men from memory' (video)
TV Overmind(29th) - Steven Moffat learns from “Victory of the Daleks”
Digital Spy(29th) - Moffat: 'No Daleks in next Who series'
The New Current(29th) - MGEITF 2010 EXCLUSIVE: Dr Who Christmas Special
Herald Scotland(29th) - Time catches up with The Doctor’s assistant as fans are turned away

The Adventure Games
BBC YouTube(29th) - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - Tardis trailer

Comic book Movies(29th) - Sylvester McCoy Might Be In The Hobbit, But Not As Bilbo Baggins
Monsters & Critics(29th) - Ex Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy in talks for 'The Hobbit'
News of the World(29th) - Joint made me a dope (Sylvester McCoy)
News of the World(29th) - Lucky Time Lord Matt gets hands on with dalektable Daisy
Press Association(28th) - Gillan reveals Simpsons role desire
Belfast Telegraph(28th) - Gillan reveals Simpsons role desire

Related News/Passing Mention
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