Saturday 28 August 2010

Article roundup 28th August 2010

Details from the Edinburgh International Television Festival emerging from today have included Mark Thompson defending the licence fee, Steven Moffat warning that fiddling with the licence fee could cause harm to future Doctor Who, and further speculation on when the series will broadcast next year. Meanwhile, Karen Gillan had her first signing session in Edinburgh, during which she commented (or rather didn't) on the future of her character in the series!

Series Coverage
Yorkshire Evening Post(28th) - Doctor Who star remains in dark over future
Daily Mail(28th) - Karen Gillan looks lovely in leopard print as she admits she has 'no idea' about her future on Doctor Who
Digital Spy(28th) - Live: TV's Question Time (Steven Moffat)
Digital Spy(28th) - Moffat: 'Doctor Who needs licence fee'
Digital Spy(28th) - Exclusive: BBC discussing 'Who' scheduling
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph(27th) - Dr Who star to remain a timelord for three more years

The Adventure Games
Here There Be Gamers(27th) - Fly the TARDIS today in third Doctor Who PC adventure

Sugarscape(28th) - PDA alert: Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith

UPI(27th) - Pranksters place TARDIS on MIT roof
Technabob(27th) - hackers + mit + the tardis: the doctor is in!
Popular Fidelity(27th) - MIT Pranksters Put TARDIS On Roof
Shadowlocked(25th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Green Death
Shadowlocked(27th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Time Warrior
flick filosopher(27th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: plimsolls of Rassilon
Anglotopia(27th) - Doctor Who: The Coolest Coffee Mug Ever – Disappearing TARDIS!
Computer and Video Games(27th) - Top Gear video game touted by Beeb

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