Thursday 8 July 2010

Article Roundup 8th July 2010

You can tell Doctor Who has finished broadcasting (in the UK) by the sudden drop in media items being published about it. Until the next celebrity revelation of course ...

The Adventure Games
The Boar(7th) - Dr. Who Adventures

Movie News
Online Casino Advisory(5th) - Internet Casinos Say Johnny Depp Likely Doctor Who
Family Video(7th) - Will Johnny Depp play "Doctor Who?"

Sleaford Standard(7th) - Who called for a Doctor? Dr Who star Colin Baker on set of Sleaford film

SFX(7th) - SFX to present Best Of British panel at Comic-Con 2010
Hollywood Reporter(7th) - Who's NOT going to Comic-Con (and why)

TV Overmind(7th) - Bryan Fuller Battles Daleks with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner
flick filosopher(7th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Terry Pratchett doesn’t understand the essential whatsit of ‘Doctor Who’
Stuff [NZ](7th) - Big girls do cry
Shadowlocked(2nd) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The War Games
Shadowlocked(7th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Spearhead From Space