Tuesday 6 July 2010

Article Roundup 6th July 2010

As of this week coverage of the next series development etc. is now just "Series Coverage"!

Series Coverage
Den of Geek(6th) - Doctor Who: in support of Matt Smith
TV Overmind(5th) - Doctor Who Spoilers – Neil Gaiman and Episode 6.03
Digital Spy(5th) - Gaiman: 'Who ep changed in 20 minutes'
ATV Network(5th) - Next Series of Doctor Who: What WE want to see
Anglotopia(3rd) - Doctor Who: 2010 Christmas Special News and Series 6 News – SPOILERS!!!

Episode Coverage
Den of Geek(5th) - Explaining Doctor Who: The Big Bang
Airlock Alpha(5th) - 'Doctor Who' – The Big Bang
SFX(3rd) - Doctor Who: The Awards

Wales on Sunday(4th) - Torchwood star can’t wait to start new series (Eve Myles)

Series Coverage (USA)
Philly(6th) - I've been getting my weekly ration of sci-fi whimsy...
io9(5th) - Some overused Doctor Who plot devices we'd like a moratorium on

The Adventure Games
VG Reloaded(5th) - PC Review: Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Episode 2: Blood of the Cybermen

Movie News
Digital Spy(2nd) - BBC denies 'Who' movie reports
Celebrity Cafe(5th) - Jonny Depp, the Next Doctor Who
Watch with Mothers(5th) - NewsGush: Johnny Depp For Movie Doctor Who?
Epoch Times(5th) - Johnny Depp Time Lord’s Dr. Who ?
Scotsman(4th) - Profile: Johnny Depp
Digital Journal(3rd) - Johnny Depp to star as Doctor Who?
Flecking Records(3rd) - Johnny Depp to be the new Dr Who?
Sugarscape(3rd) - Could Johnny Depp be the next Doctor Who?

BBC Annual Report
BBC(5th) - Putting Quality First - Annual Report and Accounts 2010
BBC Worldwide(5th) - BBC Worldwide’s profit up 36.5% to £145.2m
Guardian(6th) - Top Gear helps BBC Worldwide to £40m profit
BBC News(5th) - Top Gear sales boost BBC profits
Licensing(5th) - BBC Worldwide sales surpass £1bn for second year

The Sun(5th) - Daisy's out with you know Who
BBC News(4th) - Neil Gaiman on comics and literary success (video)
News and Star(4th) - Dr Who star calls in for coffee at Gretna cafe (John Barrowman)

About(5th) - This Week: The Space Museum / The Chase (1965)

Religion Dispatches(6th) - Of Love and Lodging: Doctor Who Part VIII
flick filosopher(5th) - classic ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Spearhead from Space”
Media Newswire(5th) - Tibetan Dancers, Reggae Drummers and Doctor Who at Religious Education Conference
Digital Spy(5th) - 'Trek' star Wheaton a 'Doctor Who' fan
Airlock Alpha(30th) - 2010 Portal Award Nominee: 'Trek Through Time'
Airlock Alpha(5th) - Two Strips of Latinum: 'Trek Through Time,' Part 2