Friday 30 July 2010

Article roundup 30th July 2010

Main news today is Steven Moffat writing six episodes for series six, including the Christmas Special. And Karen Gillan - just because :)

Series Coverage
Den of Geek(30th) - Steven Moffat interview: Sherlock, writing modern TV, and Doctor Who series 6
Digital Spy(30th) - Moffat reveals new 'Who' details
Unreality TV(30th) - Steven Moffat will write five Doctor Who episodes for series six
Digital Spy(29th) - No crossover for 'Being Human', 'Who'

Episode Coverage
Guardian(30th) - Tonight's TV highlights
Star Pulse(29th) - The (New) Doctor's Finest Hour

Digital Spy(29th) - Tovey has 'no idea' about 'Torchwood'
ATV Network(29th) - James Marsters to return to Smallville

flick filosopher(29th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: ‘Doctor Who’ at the Proms was awesome, apparently
Guardian(29th) - Radio catchup: The Doctor Who Prom and Cabin Pressure

Stylelist(30th) - Street Style: Karen Gillan channels somes 60s chic
The Sun(30th) - Who knows where she is
Look(29th) - Karen Gillan Steps Out In Sixties Style

TV Shows on DVD(29th) - Revenge of the Cybermen
TV Shows on DVD(29th) - Silver Nemesis

Crave(29th) - The Top 10 'Doctor Who' Episodes
The Atlantic(29th) - Où Sont Les Dodo Chaplets d’Antan?

Digital Spy(29th) - Moffat delighted by 'Sherlock' ratings

Random Who
Round Town News(29th) - Jeremy Clarkson is in hot water again