Friday 2 July 2010

Article roundup 2nd July 2010

Series Coverage
Digital Spy(1st) - 'Doctor Who' fans defend Matt Smith
South Wales Echo(1st) - Is Matt’s Doctor Who a turn-off?
Digital Spy(1st) - Steven Moffat: 'My cowardice inspires me'

Future Series Coverage
Digital Spy(1st) - Neil Gaiman 'Who' ep to air third in run
RTE(1st) - Eric Cantona to star in Doctor Who?
The List(1st) - Doctor Who star Eric Cantona

Series Coverage (USA)
Monsters & Critics(1st) - Doctor Who 5.10 'Vincent and the Doctor'

Movie News
Cinema Blend(1st) - Johnny Depp Will Not Be Your Theatrical Doctor Who
io9(1st) - The BBC says there's no Doctor Who movie in the works. Not even with Johnny Depp
The Sun(2nd) - Dr Depp and the Daleks
Sky Movies(1st) - Depp To Play Doctor Who?
Airlock Alpha(1st) - Johnny Depp Cast In 'Doctor Who' Movie?

The Adventure Games
io9(1st) - The Cybermen terrorize an isolated Arctic base. What could be better?

Pink Paper(1st) - Doctor Who and Captain Jack in TV Choice Awards battle

Den of Geek(2nd) - Andrew Garfield cast as Spider-Man
Comic Vine(1st) - Okay, Now It Looks Like Andrew Garfield Is Spider-Man
Gearlive(1st) - Doctor Who Pubcon (Dez Skinn)

Comic Book Resources(1st) - Doctor Who: Adventures in Space, Time & Comics
flick filosopher(1st) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: What if Disney got their mousy mitts on the Doctor?
Newsarama(1st) - Get Your TORCHWOOD Fix From Tommy Lee Edwards This Summer

Passing Mention
The Sun(2nd) - Strawberry deals for ever