Tuesday 20 July 2010

Article roundup 20th July 2010

Series Coverage
Western Mail(20th) - Amy says Doctor stays this side of the Pond
Your TV [AU](20th) - Matt Smith not quitting Doctor Who (obviously)
ATV Network(19th) - Karen Gillan denies Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who
Digital Spy(19th) - Gillan: 'Matt Smith isn't leaving Who'
The List(19th) - Matt Smith sticks with Doctor

Episode Coverage
Crave(19th) - DOCTOR WHO 5.12 'The Pandorica Opens'
UGO(19th) - Doctor Who Is Coasting On His Rep As "The Pandorica Opens"
io9(19th) - Doctor Who ends and Being Human begins!

Constellations(19th) - The 2010 Results

Mirror(20th) - 3am's Clocked: Karen Gillan and Ruby Wax
Express(20th) - Doctor Who beauty Karen Gillan wants stage debut
The Sun(20th) - Dipsy Diana (Matt Smith)
After Elton(19th) - Interview: John Barrowman on "Glee" Rumors, His New UK Show, Having Kids and More!

HighDefDiscNews(19th) - “Doctor Who” Season 5 is coming to Blu-ray in November
IGN [US](19th) - Doctor Who's Animated Dreamland

Suite101(20th) - Sherlock: New BBC Crime Drama Starring Benedict Cumberbatch
io9(19th) - Every bad guy from Doctor Who, conveniently presented as an infographic

Passing Mention
Wigan Today(20th) - Jail for Dr Who sex fiend