Sunday 27 June 2010

Article roundup 27th June 2010

So that's it for another season, roll on Christmas!

The Big Bang
ATV Network(27th) - This Week’s Poll: Best Doctor Who Season Finale
Unreality Shout(26th) - Doctor Who Series Finale - The Big Bang (S05E13) - Episode review
Seenit(26th) - An exhilarating Doctor Who finale which rescued a so-so series
Metro(26th) - Doctor Who fans praise series finale on Twitter
Anglotopia(26th) - Doctor Who – Series 5 Episode 13 Review – The Big Bang – SPOILER FREE!!!
Den of Geek(26th) - Doctor Who series 5 episode 13 finale review: The Big Bang
SFX(26th) - The Big Bang
Telegraph(26th) - Doctor Who: The Big Bang - series finale review
Suite101(26th) - Big Bang:The First Doctor Who Series Finale With Matt Smith
Guardian(26th) - Doctor Who: The Big Bang – series 31, episode 13
Daemons TV(26th) - DOCTOR WHO “The Big Bang” Season 5 Episode 13 (Finale)
Digital Journal(26th) - The Big Bang: expectations for Doctor Who finale are high
Coventry Telegraph(25th) - Exclusive look at Doctor Who finale The Big Bang

Series Coverage
Digital Journal(21st) - Matt Smith wore 'modesty trunks' in Doctor Who nudity scene

Series Coverage (USA)
Hotfix(26th) - 'Doctor Who' - 'Vincent and The Doctor': The joy of painting

Press Association(26th) - Dalek fetches £2,000 at auction

The Scotsman(27th) - Garavelli's lost in wrong time zone (letter about Karen Gillan)
Now(26th) - John Barrowman: Take your clothes off, Jake Gyllenhaal!

Mirror(26th) - Doctor Who fan makes a Dalek in England's colours

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Independent(27th) - Screen plays: The growth of the live-action spin-offs

Passing Mention
Guardian(27th) - Muse at Glastonbury 2010