Wednesday 23 June 2010

Article roundup 23rd June 2010

The Big Bang
io9(23rd) - Plus heavy-duty Doctor Who and Futurama spoilers!
BSC Review(23rd) - Doctor Who – ‘Big Bang’ Season Finale clip
Den of Geek(23rd) - Lots of images from Doctor Who: The Big Bang
CBBC(23rd) - Doctor Who finale is 'best yet'
Den of Geek(23rd) - First clip from Doctor Who: The Big Bang
Anglotopia(22nd) - Doctor Who: The Big Bang Preview and Trailer – HEAVY SPOILERS!!!
The Press Association(22nd) - Doctor Who finale 'is best yet'
Scotsman(23rd) - Family affair as writer hails best Doctor Who
Digital Spy(22nd) - A sneak peek at the 'Doctor Who' finale
Digital Spy(22nd) - Gallery: 'Doctor Who - The Big Bang'
TV Overmind(21st) - Doctor Who Spoilers – Who will save Amy, River, and the Doctor?
Unreality Shout(21st) - Doctor Who: Matt Smith teases the series finale

The Pandorica Opens
The Yorker(22nd) - Doctor Who blog: The Pandorica Opens
The Collective Review(22nd) - Doctor Who Series 5, Episode 12 - The Pandorica Opens
North Wales Chronicle(22nd) - TV REVIEW: Doctor Who in good form as finale looms
SFX(21st) - Tweets Of The Week
Airlock Alpha(21st) - 'Doctor Who' – The Pandorica Opens
Unreality Shout(21st) - Doctor Who: How will The Doctor escape the Pandorica?

Series Coverage
Digital Spy(23rd) - Matt Smith: 'The Doctor's quite bumbly'
Digital Spy(23rd) - Moffat 'felt under pressure over Who'
Digital Spy(23rd) - Matt Smith got 'Who' advice from dad
Digital Spy(22nd) - Matt Smith 'enjoys watching Doctor Who'
Belfast Telegraph(22nd) - Smith's appointment with the Doctor
STV(22nd) - Bumbly Doctor Matt Smith
Press Association(22nd) - Smith's appointment with the Doctor
Digital Spy(21st) - Gillan 'stopped reading online comments'

Future Series Coverage
Digital Spy(22nd) - Matt Smith wants Eric Cantona for 'Who'
Digital Spy(22nd) - Matt Smith reveals Moffat's 'Who' vision
What's on TV(22nd) - Matt Smith: 'I already know about next 5 episodes'

Series Coverage (USA)
Crave(21st) - DOCTOR WHO 5.09 'Cold Blood'
Anglophenia(21st) - Craig Ferguson and Chris Hardwick Talk Doctor Who
Newsarama(21st) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO S5E9 "Cold Blood"
UGO(21st) - The Latest Doctor Who Leaves Us "Cold"

Series Coverage (Australia)
ABC News(23rd) - Time Lord's weekly appointment with Doctor

The Sarah Jane Adventures
ATV Network(23rd) - Sarah Jane Adventures titles revealed

New York Magazine(21st) - Has Starz Found Its Sopranos?
After Elton(21st) - Torchwood Goes Fourth, but Fry thinks it’s a Chicken Nugget!

The Adventure Games - Blood of the Cybermen
Digital Spy(22nd) - Preview: 'Doctor Who: Blood Of The Cybermen'
Digital Spy(22nd) - Second 'Doctor Who' game episode dated
Kotaku(22nd) - release
Kotaku(22nd) - Blood Of The Cybermen Looks Terribly Chilly
PlayTM(22nd) - Cecil hints at flying the TARDIS in future episodes
Worth Playing(22nd) - 'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' Ep.2 Gets Named & Dated - Screens
Gamers Daily News(22nd) - Dr. Who Episode 2 - Blood of the Cybermen Announced

STV(23rd) - Dr Who Dalek goes under the hammer at Glasgow auction
Unreality Shout(21st) - Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor's TARDIS is for sale!
Escapist(21st) - TARDIS for Sale: One Careful Owner
Belfast Telegraph(21st) - Doctor Who's Tardis set for auction

Herald Scotland(23rd) - Daleks, Cybermen and children … what the Doctor ordered (Gavinburn Primary School in Old Kilpatrick)

Daily Star(23rd) - Daisy Lowe paranoid her Doctor Who boyfriend will sleep around
Digital Spy(22nd) - Daisy Lowe mum 'approves of Matt Smith'
Express(22nd) - Doctor Who star Smith is a hit with Pearl Lowe
Contact Music(22nd) - Matt Smith - Doctor Who Star Smith Is A Hit With Pearl Lowe
Hollywood(22nd) - Doctor Who star Smith is a hit with Pearl Lowe
Sky Showbiz(22nd) - Daisy & Matt Back On?
Monsters & Critics(21st) - Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith reunite
Now Magazine(21st) - Reunited Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe snapped snogging on holiday
Digital Spy(21st) - Eccleston: "I don't really do heroes"
Press Association(21st) - Yoko actress got drunk to get naked

Daily Mail(23rd) - Call the Doctor! Nasa spots Dr Who's crack in the universe in the middle of the Milky Way
Shadowlocked(23rd) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Krotons
SFX(22nd) - SF’s Silliest Science
Den of Geek(22nd) - Doctor Who: the top 10 Cybermen stories
LA Times(21st) - Critic's Notebook: "Doctor Who," man of plastic
Conducive Chronicle(21st) - Rewatching the Ninth Doctor: Rose
Sci-Fi Wire(21st) - Jonah Hex and 24 other mangled sci-fi characters we love
SFX(21st) - BLASTERMIND Doctor Who monsters – now with answers
Unreality Shout(21st) - Video: The Hitchhiker's Guide To Daleks
Comics Alliance(21st) - Portraits of Every Doctor and Companion in 'Doctor Who' [Art]
TV Overmind(21st) - An uninformed American's Guide to the Genius of DOCTOR WHO