Saturday 29 May 2010

Publicity: Cold Blood

Doctor Who – Cold Blood Ep 9/13

Saturday 29 May, 7.00-7.15pm BBC ONE/HD

Written by Chris Chibnall; Directed by Ashley Way; Produced by Peter Bennett

Supporting Cast:
Nasreen Chaudry - Meera Syal; Tony Mack - Robert Pugh; Alaya - Neve McIntosh; Mo - Alun Raglin; Ambrose - Nia Roberts; Malokeh - Richard Hope; Eldane - Stephen Moore

It is the most important day in the history of Earth: the dawn of a new age of harmony or the start of its final war.

In the latest episode of the time-travelling drama, written by Chris Chibnall, The Doctor must face his most difficult challenge yet. It is a battle in which he cannot take sides and a day when nobody must die...

BBC Doctor Who Website - Cold Blood

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