Thursday 20 May 2010

Article roundup 20th May 2010

Yesterday saw the reveal of the official UK 2012 Olympic Mascots, which a number of papers today compared to Doctor Who monsters! Torchwood sees itself available for rental online, whilst Joanna Page denies the rumours of her 2011 Who appearance. And as for Doctor Who, Disney style ... !!!

Series Coverage
Digital Spy(19th) - 'Doctor Who' finale titles revealed
io9(19th) - Season Finale rumours

Future Series Coverage
Digital Spy(19th) - Joanna Page denies 'Doctor Who' rumours
Press Association(19th) - Page: I'd love Doctor Who role

The Register(20th) - SeeSaw adds telly show rentals
Broadband TV News(20th) - SeeSaw adds premium content
Sci-Fi Wire(19th) - 12 sci-fi movie and TV deaths that made us go "WTF?"

Doctor Who Adventure Games
IGN(19th) - Doctor Who Triple-Keynote At Develop Conference
Games Industry [registration](19th) - New Dr Who game to feature in Develop triple keynote presentation
Electronic Theatre(19th) - Dr Who: The Adventure Games to Feature as Develop in Brighton Production Keynote

Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News(20th) - Dr Who Live is coming to the Echo Arena in Liverpool
Stereoboard(19th) - Doctor Who Live Tour coming to UK arenas & tickets

The Sun(20th) - Timelord visits the 1930s (Matt Smith/Isherwood)
The Scotsman(19th) - Interview: Noel Clarke - Actor
Right Fashion(19th) - Karen Gillan: Doctor Who actress (photos)
Monsters & Critics(19th) - Karen Gillan dyed hair pink as child

Wal You(20th) - The Judoon Helmet Will Help You Change Your Voice
Daily Break News(19th) - Doctor Who: Sting Of The Zygons (Doctor Who (BBC Hardcover))

The Scotsman(19th) - Making time for sci-fi in class can open a whole new dimension
io9(19th) - What if Doctor Who were a Disney movie?

Passing Mention
Telegraph(20th) - London 2012: Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville unveiled
The Times(19th) - I’d prefer smiley mascots to this sinister pair
Forbes(19th) - London Olympics Mascots: Paging Dr. Who
Daily Mail(19th) - London's Olympic 2012 mascots are revealed
Den of Geek(19th) - Matthew Graham interview: the Ashes To Ashes finale (mention of Torchwood)