Sunday 25 April 2010

Article roundup 25th April 2010

The Time of Angels has been well received, though the "intrusion" by a Graham Norton animation in the cliffhanger moment has had the opposite effect! Also mixed thoughts on the US airing of The Beast Below. Meanwhile, in the UK a number of celebrities have put their name to a petition to protect the BBC.

The Time of Angels
Anglotopia(24th) - Doctor Who – Series 5 – Episode 4 Review – The Time of Angels Part 1 – SPOILER FREE!!!
Den of Geek(24th) - Doctor Who series 5 episode 4: The Time Of Angels review
Den of Geek(24th) - Open letter to whoever put a Graham Norton graphic over tonight's Doctor Who
Digital Spy(24th) - Was "The Time of Angels" a triumph?
Telegraph(24th) - Doctor Who review: The Time of Angels
SFX(24th) - The Time of Angels
Shadowlocked(24th) - Doctor Who: The creeping horrors before The Time Of Angels
Unreality Shout(24th) - Doctor Who - The Time Of Angels (S05E04) - Episode review

Flesh and Stone
TV Overmind(25th) - Promo – Doctor Who 5.05 "Flesh and Stone"

Series Coverage
Mirror(24th) - Doctor Who's new star Matt Smith constantly breaking things on set
Sunday Mirror(25th) - The doctor's sexiest sidekick?
Star on Sunday(25th) - Karen Gillan compared to Jimmy Crankie
Top News(24th) - Doctor Who and Daleks Get on Screen Makeover

The Beast Below (USA)
AV Club(24th) - "The Beast Below"
io9(24th) - Doctor Who's New Era Isn't Quite New Enough
NJ Star Ledger(24th) - Doctor Who, 'The Beast Below': The Doctor and Amy go to the future
TV Squad(24th) - 'Doctor Who' - 'The Beast Below' Recap

Victory of the Daleks (USA)
The Gather(25th) - Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks

Spinoffs: Torchwood
Flickcast(22nd) - Fox Passes On Americanized ‘Torchwood’
The Gather(24th) - Plans for an American 'Torchwood' Put on Hold

BBC News(23rd) - Frank Hennessy wins Celtic media prize (Torchwood: best drama series)
Celtic Media Festival(23rd) - Drama - Drama Series (Torchwood: best drama series)

News of the World(25th) - New Dr Who Matt Smith reveals secret lust for Daily Lowe
Star on Sunday(25th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith to install water bed in new flat

Sci-Fi Wire(23rd) - Sing along to awesome fan-made Doctor Who musical tribute

Doctor Who in Politics
Guardian(25th) - UK's leading actors urge voters to protect licence fee and keep BBC safe
Mail on Sunday(25th) - Why Clegg can't join Government without permission from the Cybermen
Press Association(24th) - Stars attack tories over BBC plans
Telegraph(24th) - The Doctor Who fan, the Big Brother winner and the porn director – meet Nick Clegg's candidates

The Spoof(24th) - Dr Who's Rainbow Daleks should be Exterminated