Tuesday 20 April 2010

Article roundup 20th April 2010

The desperation to generate Doctor Who related news moves to the reporting of Matt Smith stuck in a loo! At least we have items like how The Eleventh Hour beat BBC America viewing records, and the Doctor and Jo Grant appearing in The Sarah Jane Adventures to counteract that!

Series Coverage
CBBC(19th) - Fans angry about new Dr Who music (video)
Digital Spy(19th) - Smith: 'I play the Doctor truthfully'
Express and Star(19th) - Humble pie served up for Doctor Who doubter
UK Press Releases(19th) - Doctor Who Fans rebel against Theme Tune update

Victory of the Daleks
Airlock Alpha(19th) - 'Doctor Who' – Victory Of The Daleks
CM Bitter(19th) - Victory of the Daleks Review

The Time of Angels
Digital Spy(20th) - Alex Kingston talks 'Doctor Who' return

Spinoffs: The Sarah Jane Adventures
CBBC(20th) - New Doctor Matt Smith to join Sarah Jane
Digital Journal(19th) - UK sci-fi spin-off show gets two very special guest stars
IGN(19th) - New Doctor Joins Sarah Jane
io9(19th) - Russell T. Davies Returns To Doctor Who — And He's Bringing An Old Friend
Pop Culture Zoo(19th) - The Doctor And Jo Grant Visit ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’
Press Association(19th) - Matt Smith to appear on CBBC show
Shadowlocked(19th) - Russell T. Davies returns to Doctor Who

Spinoffs: Torchwood
Airlock Alpha(19th) - There's No 'Torchwood' Without Capt. Jack

Series Coverage (USA)
Airlock Alpha(18th) - Two Strips Of Latinum: 'Doctor Who' Revisited
Gear Live(19th) - TV Talk: Doctor Who Sets Records
DVR Playground(19th) - Our First Time... Watching DR. WHO
Futon Critic(19th) - Doctor Who Premiere - BBC America's highest rated telecast ever
Hitfix(20th) - New 'Doctor Who' brings record ratings to BBC America
Hollywood Reporter(19th) - 'Doctor Who' reboot sets records for BBC America
Multichannel News(19th) - ‘Doctor Who' (Again) Breaks Records at BBCA
Real TV Addict(19th) - New Doctor Who Makes BBCA Ratings History
Reuters(19th) - "Doctor Who" sets BBC America record
The Wrap(19th) - David Tennant Who?
UGO(19th) - Exclusive: Matt Smith On Why His Doctor Who Is a Little Bonkers
Zap2It(19th) - 'Doctor Who' Matt Smith on bow ties, fish fingers and U.S. fans

Series Coverage (New Zealand)
New Zealand Herald(20th) - Doctor at large

The Adventure Games
Escapist Magazine(19th) - Enjoy Your First Look at Dr.Who Adventure Games
Game Pro(19th) - Episodic Dr. Who game coming this June
Hexis(19th) - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - PC
MTV(19th) - 'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' Trailer Foretells The Dalek Invasion

Accidental Sexiness(19th) - Matt Smith rocks out at Coachella
Current Movie Reviews(19th) - Daisy Lowe And Matt Smith “Inseparable” At Coachella Music And Arts Festival
Mirror(20th) - Toilet Matt
MTV UK(19th) - Daisy Lowe 'Just Having Fun' With Doctor Who Star
Telegraph [AU] (20th) - Dr Who Matt Smith reportedly kissing model Daisy Lowe at Coachella Music Festival
The Sun(19th) - Dr Phew gets fans fired up
The Sun(19th) - Matt and Billie Pipe up from past

Coventry Telegraph(19th) - Regenerate your Doctor Who collection with Matt Smith figures and a sonic screwdriver