Thursday 15 April 2010

Article roundup 15th April 2010

Who mania continues apace in the States in readiness for the series premier on Saturday. Plus how well does Doctor Who sites do in search engines.

Victory of the Daleks
Mirror(15th) - Doctor Hue

Series Coverage
Bleeding Cool(14th) - The Great Doctor Who Conspiracy Of The Fifth Season

Series Coverage/The Eleventh Hour (USA)
Philadelphia Enquirer(15th) - Ellen Gray: New Doctor just the Rx for famed sci-fi series
Decatur Daily(15th) - New Doctor makes debut in Saturday’s ‘Doctor Who’
The Sun [UK](15th) - Gillan girl action
AM New York(14th) - 'Doctor Who' premieres Saturday with new lead character, drink to that
Fearnet(14th) - Exclusive: Producer Steven Moffat on the New ‘Doctor Who'
Digital Journal(14th) - Doctor Who actors at exclusive NYC screening of sci-fi show - Revisiting the Doctor: Looking Back at Doctor Who (2005) Season 1
Newsarama(14th) - DOCTOR WHO's New Crew Has Super-heroes On The Mind
In Style [UK](14th) - Doctor Who's sexy new sidekick wows in DKNY jumpsuit
NBC New York(14th) - 4/14: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Doctor Who
Hello Magazine [UK](14th) - New Timelord Matt Smith and his glam assistant take Dr Who mania to the US

Series Coverage/The Eleventh Hour (Canada)
Dose(14th) - Q&A with Doctor Who's Steven Moffat (with spoilers!)

BBC Archive
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Corsham People(14th) - Corsham Sci-Fi Event This Saturday

SEO Consult(14th) - Doctor Who’s Biggest Battle Yet – SEO (search engine optimisation)
Shadowlocked(12th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Massacre
Shadowlocked(14th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Ark

Random Who
Herald Sun [AU](15th) - Serial hoaxer Daniel Hammond claimed he was raped by whale