Tuesday 13 April 2010

Article roundup 13th April 2010

Dalekmania strikes today as the Radio Times releases three covers to promote the upcoming Victory of the Daleks and the UK election campaign. The BBC Archive has also released documentation on Doctor Who's regenerative past (see our other article for more details). Meanwhile, Matt Smith makes his presence known in the US!

Victory of the Daleks
Telegraph(13th) - Dr Who: Daleks 'ultimate war machine'
Belfast Telegraph(13th) - Daleks show off military disguise
Den of Geek(13th) - Doctor Who: Victory Of The Daleks trailer
Digital Spy(12th) - Ten teasers about 'Victory of the Daleks'
BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat(12th) - Doctor Who takes on the Daleks in World War II
Pink Paper(12th) - TV: Doctor Who – Victory of the Daleks

The Beast Below
IGN(12th) - Doctor Who: "The Beast Below" Review
Guardian(12th) - TV ratings: 6.6m watch Doctor Who to keep BBC top on Saturdays - for now
Flick Filosopher(12th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Beast Below”

Series Coverage (International)
Accidental Sexiness [US](12th) - Doctor Who stars meet the New York media
New York Magazine [US](12th) - Tell Us Your Questions for the New Doctor Who
Monsters & Critics [US](12th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith `privileged` to be playing role
io9 [US](12th) - Doctor Who And Batman Are Both Back
Zimbio [US](12th) - Screening Of "Who's Next? The New Era Of Doctor Who"
Sci-Fi Wire [US](12th) - Everything you need to know about every sci-fi TV show this week
Music Rooms [US](12th) - Matt Smith Talks About New Doctor Who Season
Dose [CA](12th) - Interview: Karen Gillan Travels the Universe with Doctor Who

DVD Talk(11th) - Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks

Shadowlocked(12th) - I Was A Teenage Doctor Who Fan In America
Guardian(10th) - Automaton Aguilera Vs Robot Robyn
Times(13th) - David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor Who, is new recruit to Labour campaign

Doctor Who Adventures Games
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BBC Archive
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