Tuesday 9 March 2010

Article roundup 9th March 2010

In the run-up to the new series, the weekend saw a flurry of articles on Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Plus, the Star ran another of its "reveal-the-plot" items, this time covering the currently filming Episode 11.

Into the Future
The Star(6th) - Doctor Who in the house (episode 11 plot spoilers)
Guardian(6th) - Meet Matt Smith: star of the Doctor Who
UK Net Guide(8th) - Matt Smith promises 'reckless' Doctor Who with Karen Gillan
Kotaku(8th) - Doctor Number 11
io9(7th) - Matt Smith explains his Doctor
In The News(6th) - Matt Smith promises 'reckless' Doctor Who with Karen Gillan
Press Association(6th) - Wadia praises 'charming' Matt Smith
SFX(8th) - Matt Smith On His First Story

The Sun(8th) - Flying Doctor
Western Mail(6th) - Smithy and Doctor Who go for a kickabout in the park
The Sun(6th) - Doctor phew!


Guardian(5th) - Panel celebrates Doctor Who (Made in Wales)

The Sun(8th) - David's new Doc (David Tennant/Karate Kids)
if Magazine(8th) - Exclusive Interview: 'CAPRICA'S' JAMES MARSTERS TALKS 'TORCHWOOD,' ... Part Two
What's on TV(7th) - John Barrowman album misses top ten place
The Star(7th) - Doc Lust in Space (Matt Smith)
Monsters & Critics(7th) - Doctor Who`s new assistant Karen Gillan used to be teased because of her red hair
Mirror(5th) - Doctor Who's new assistant Karen Gillan in sexy new photoshoot - see pics
Mirror(7th) - Red carpet special: Access all areas (Carey Mulligan)
Female First(5th) - Matt Smith Needed Medical Attention On Womb Set
The Irish Times(5th) - The women who rocked our world (Delia Derbyshire)

The Pink Paper(8th) - DVD: Doctor Who: The Space Museum and The Chase
Slippery Brick(7th) - Doctor Who Tardis zipperrobe
Technabob(7th) - doctor who tardis zipperrobe takes your clothes to another dimension
Collider(6th) - The Complete Specials Blu-Ray Review

Guardian(6th) - The Doctor: past and present (photos)
tauw(5th) - Found Footage: Dalek controlled by iPhone accelerometer

Random Who
Express(9th) - Bad Weather, That's Why Scots have ginger hair (Karen Gillan reference)
Fudzilla(8th) - The Internet is a basic human right
Anglotopia(5th) - Reluctant Anglophile: Top 10 British and Irish Actors I’d Seriously Consider Leaving My Husband For

The Spoof(8th) - The Daleks are taking over - Says Boffin