Wednesday 24 March 2010

Article roundup 24th March 2010

The Radio Times website has finally confirmed what we've pretty much guessed for a while now - Doctor Who is on at 6:20pm on Saturday 3rd April! The countdown to launch really begins, as does the UK Space Agency - whose logo is compared to DW!

Into the Future
Wired(24th) - Exclusive: New Time Lord’s Take on Doctor Who (video)
IGN(23rd) - Doctor Who TV Interview - Karen Gillan Exclusive Interview (video)
Daily Record(24th) - Doctor Who: New star Karen Gillan is the best assistant ever, says show's boss
Popzara(23rd) - Moffat: New Doctor Who Series Leaves Past Characters In The Past!
BBC News(23rd) - Entertainment News (mentions Steven Moffat on Doctor Who budget)
ATV News Network(23rd) - Steven Moffat not worried over by budget squeeze
Den of Geek(23rd) - Doctor Who: More images from The Eleventh Hour

Leighton Buzzard Today(23rd) - Roles are just what The Doctor ordered (Eden and Merin Monteath in The Eleventh Hour)

Broadcast - Doctor Who – New Season Teaser

Airlock Alpha(23rd) - Adaptation Addict: From Old To New (includes Torchwood USA)

ATV Network News(24th) - Doctor Who Boss Steven Moffat blasts the Tories
Mirror(23rd) - Doctor Who boss Stephen Moffat: Tory government would be a disaster for BBC
SFX(23rd) - Karen Gillan will be watching…
STV(24th) - Shrinking star Matt Smith
The Sun(24th) - My sonic screwdriver disappeared during nude scene with beauty Eva

This is Wiltshire(24th) - Corsham stores prepare for mini invasion

Sci-Fi Wire(23rd) - 11 unbelievably crazy things turned into time machines
Metro(23rd) - Is new UK Space Agency inspired by Doctor Who?

Daily Mash(24th) - BBC denies Dr Who cuts as new monsters include some cheese and a stick
The Spoof(21st) - End of Days: [4] The End of Time