Monday 4 January 2010

Article roundup 4th January 2010

Who 2010
Western Mail(4th) - BBC ‘hugely committed’ to Doctor Who
The Sun(4th) - Dr Woo times 2
The Sun(4th) - Who fans see red
The Sun(4th) - Monster bunch
SFX(4th) - Murray Gold Back For Matt Smith Doctor Who Season
Mirror(3rd) - Matt Smith replaces David Tennant as Doctor Who - new series video preview

The End of Time Roundup
Mirror(4th) - David Tennant's Doctor Who farewell was spoiled by Timothy Dalton's Time Lords
Blend Television(3rd) - Reaction: David Tennant Leaves Doctor Who In The End Of Time
Digital Spy(2nd) - The End Of Time Part Two: The Verdict
Behind the Sofa[blog](2nd) - Doctor Who: The End Of Time Part 2
Sepinwall[blog](3rd) - Doctor Who, "The End of Time" Part 2: I have been, and always shall be, your friend
The Daily Inquirer(3rd) - The Doctor welcomes Matt Smith
A.V. Club(2nd) - "The End Of Time, Part Two"
Star News Online(2nd) - “Doctor Who” finale preview: David Tennant and Russell T Davies reflect on their time on the series - Doctor Who, "The End of Time" Part 2: Reviewing David Tennant's farewell
Screen Rant(2nd) - ‘Doctor Who: The End of Time’ Review & Discussion [Updated]
Boston Herald(3rd) - Tennant ends his reign as ‘Doctor Who’ on high note
Scotsman(4th) - 10m meet Matt, the new Doctor Who
The Mirror(3rd) - Over 10 million watch David Tennant exit as Doctor Who
TV By The Numbers(3rd) - Dr. Who “End of Time” Tennant Finale averages 10.4 million for BBC in UK
Airlock Alpha(2nd) - David Tennant Finale Attracts 10.4M Viewers

Music from the Movies(3rd) - Out of Time (Murray Gold)

Independent(4th) - David, you're just too much of a good thing
Independent(3rd) - From page to screen and back again (mention of The Writer's Tale)
Sunday Mercury(3rd) - Overdosing on David Tennant and other telly faces - you can have too much of a good thing
The New Current(3rd) - Jacob Dyer for YOUR Dr Who 2010