Thursday 24 December 2009

Article roundup 24th December 2009

The End of Time (UK)
The Mirror(24th) - Pick of the Day, Doctor Who
The Economic Voice(24th) - Dr Who: Farewell David Tennant’s Doctor
The Guardian(23rd) - Doctor Who's departing Davies reveals debt to Pop Idol
The Guardian(23rd) - All the highlights for TV this Christmas
BBC Press(23rd) - June Whitfield in Doctor Who: The End Of Time
Belfast Telegraph(23rd) - Whitfield gets to grips with Doctor
On The Box(23rd) - Doctor Who: Russell T Davis Interview
BeeCareful(23rd) - June Whitfield in Doctor Who: The End Of Time
The Telegraph(23rd) - John Simm interview: who's the baddie?
South Wales Evening Post(23rd) - Famous faces join Doctor Who for final David Tennant episodes
Evening Express(24th) - Doctor Who has cheeky admirer
Sky News - Photos from The End of Time
Bournemouth Echo(23rd) - Branksome-based Hi-de-Hi actor Barry Howard appearing in Christmas Doctor Who

Television (USA)
Mercury News(24th) - David Tennant departs after 4 years as 'Doctor Who'
The Sun(24th) - Who’s got 1m fans in the US
Weekly Alibi(24th) - “Doctor Who: The End of Time” (BBC America 7 p.m.) 
The Guardian(23rd) - Doctor Who achieves record US audience
The Northwestern(23rd) - The 10 best shows of 2009 (Children of Earth #1)
Huffington Post(23rd) - Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, Dexter and More: The Ten Best TV Shows of 2009

Russell T Davies on BBC future
The Mirror(23rd) - Tories will exterminate BBC if they get elected
The Telegraph(23rd) - Doctor Who producer warns BBC will be 'dismantled' by Tories
Western Mail(24th) - Doctor Who writer is convinced the Tories will call time on the BBC

BBC News(23rd) - Top Gear is most watched show on iPlayer (iplayer viewers)
SFX(23rd) - Telefantasy Hits On iPlayer (top 20 watched)
Lifehacker Australia(24th) - Crafty Tardis Is Filled With Doctor Who Craft Projects (knitted TARDIS)
Cambs24(23rd) - Gallery: March Dog Training Club holds fancy dress Christmas party (dogs dressed as daleks)
Religious Intelligence(23rd) - Parish unveils living Advent Calendar (ice sculpture TARDIS)
Digital Spy(23rd) - 2009's staggering death list (Ianto Jones, Adelaide Brooke)