Monday 21 December 2009

Article roundup 21st December 2009

The End of Time
Guardian(21st) - What do we know about The End of Time?
Telegraph(21st) - David Tennant: why I’ll miss playing Doctor Who at Christmas
The Stage(21st) - Square Eyes Special: The pick of Christmas television
io9(21st) - Huge Plot Twists And Shocking Discoveries In Doctor Who And Lost

International Television
Chicago Now(18th) - Review: 'Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars' a dark treat

Chester Chronicle(21st) - Dr Who: Russell T Davies knows Who is keeping secrets
Western Mail(21st) - David Tennant reveals how Doctor Who changed his life forever
Digital Spy(20th) - Tennant: "I'm just passing through"
UPI(20th) - 'Who' writer Davies proud of last episodes
Digital Spy(17th) - 2010 TV Preview: 'Law & Order: UK 2' (Freema Agyeman)

Newsarama(21st) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO: THE WATERS OF MARS

South Wales Argus(21st) - 100,000 Torchwood fans campaign to bring back Ianto

Journal Live(21st) - Passion for TV show Doctor Who brought to North East school (dalek in a school)(alternative article)
Daily Record(20th) - Harris Tweed look to new Doctor Who to save ancient industry
Digital Spy(20th) - Tennant's Top Ten 'Who' Moments #9 and #8
SFX(20th) - The Joke's On Who Part One (recurring themes in Who episodes)
Chicago Now(20th) - Doctor Who teaches Shakespeare? (Catherine Tate/David Tennant sketch)
MI6(16th) - The Men who would be Bond (includes Anthony Rogers and Hans de Vries)

BBC News(21st) - John Simm excited by 'last chance' to play Hamlet