Thursday, 13 January 2011

Article roundup 7th-13th January 2011

It was mainly Torchwood news over the weekend, with a "BBC" internet presence revealed to be a fake, and an official Twitter feed started to tie in with the series starting filming. The series itself was covered quite intensively as casting, plot and change of name to Miracle Day were all formally announced (press release). Meanwhile for Doctor Who Steven Moffat has announced changes to the running order for the next series and the addition of writer Steve Thompson. Former Doctor David Tennant gets two lots of news attentions, firstly for appearing with Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing, and then being linked yet again with The Hobbit! And watch out for Daleks in a zoo!

Series Coverage
Digital Journal(13th) - Doctor Who’s magic number ‘7777’
Digital Spy(13th) - Moffat confirms 'Who' episode shooting
Unreality Shout(13th) - Sherlock Holmes Steve Thompson will write an episode of Doctor Who
Digital Spy(13th) - 'Sherlock' writer joins 'Doctor Who'
Den of Geek(13th) - Doctor Who series 6 update
io9(13th) - Doctor Who updates
Unreality TV(13th) - Doctor Who – No Daleks in new series but expect some Cybermen battles!
Bang Showbiz(13th) - Daleks dropped from Doctor Who?
ATV Network(12th) - Mark Gatiss’ Doctor Who story pushed back
io9(10th) - 11 Reasons to be Scared of 2011
Comic Book Movie(8th) - Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer Analysis!
Unreality Shout(8th) - Watch this cheesy Doctor Who Series 6 promo video!
io9(7th) - Doctor Who rumours

Digital Spy(13th) - Davies: 'New Torchwood not a reboot'
TV Squad(12th) - 'Torchwood' Creator Russell T Davies Talks about the Show's 'Miracle' Season (VIDEO)
Comic Book Movies(12th) - Russell. T. Davies Explains The Continuity Of "Torchwood: Miracle Day"!
Shadowlocked(12th) - Details on new Torchwood Series
Anglophenia(11th) - ‘Torchwood’ Cast Finally Heads Back to Work
flick filosopher(11th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: ‘Torchwood’ season 4 details
Digital Spy(11th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' begins filming
Film Shaft(10th) - New Plot Details And Title For Torchwood Season 4
...ology(10th) - Torchwood May Just Become The Greatest TV Show Ever
World Screen(10th) - Details Revealed for New Torchwood Season
Televisionary(10th) - Day of the Dead: Inside Torchwood: Miracle Day
Broadcast [registration](10th) - New Torchwood details revealed
The Star(10th) - Salem: Bits and bytes from the cable networks
Blastr(10th) - New Torchwood plot REVEALED: What happens when no one dies?
The Escapist(9th) - Fourth Season of Torchwood Gets a New Subtitle and a Plot
Geeks of Doom(9th) - New ‘Torchwood’ Gets A Title Change; BBC Releases Plot Details
ATV Network(8th) - New Title for Torchwood
TV Overmind(8th) - Torchwood Season 4 for July 1
Airlock Alpha(8th) - 'Torchwood' Doesn't Quite Get Airdate Just Yet
Digital Journal(8th) - BBC: Torchwood air date ‘has not been set’ - Winter 2011 TCA Press Tour: Top 10 Quotes from Day 3 (Bill Pullman)
TV Overmind(8th) - Torchwood Season 4 Renamed, Given Plot
Anglotopia(8th) - Talking Telly: Dear Torchwood fans, give the new series a chance (SPOILERS)
Digital Spy(8th) - BBC reveals new 'Torchwood' details
BBC Worldwide(8th) - Torchwood cast joined by Independence Day and ER stars
io9(7th) - Torchwood's new storyline actually tops Children Of Earth in the high-concept sweepstakes
After Elton(7th) - Russell T Davies on "Torchwood: Miracle Day": "It's Shocking" and "Feels New"
Gather(7th) - Torchwood Season 4 Premiere Date, Spoilers & New Title
TVLatest(7th) - New name for Torchwood, story details (spoiler-ish)
E! Online(7th) - Dollhouse Star Joins Community Cast as a Love Interest
Hitfix(7th) - Press Tour: 'Torchwood' on Starz gets a subtitle, a premise and some co-stars
Post Gazette(7th) - Press tour: 'Torchwood' takes on death
Entertainment Weekly(7th) - 'Torchwood' gets new title, mad brilliant plot
Zap2It(7th) - The next step for 'Torchwood?' 'Miracle Day'
ScreenCrave(7th) - Torchwood Gets New Title and New Plot
ATV Network(7th) - Torchwood: The New World Broadcast Date Announced
Digital Spy(7th) - BBC confirms 'Torchwood' airdate
Daemon's TV(7th) - TORCHWOOD Casts Alexa Havins and Dichen Lachman
The Sun(7th) - Dichen Lachman
ATV Network(7th) - Dichen Lachman cast in Torchwood: The New World
Crave(6th) - 'Torchwood' Adds Final Main Cast Member
Zap2It(6th) - Joss Whedon alums go to 'Grey's,' 'Torchwood' (Dichen Lachman)
Anglotopia(6th) - Torchwood: The New World Get Airdate
TV Latest(6th) - 'Torchwood: The New World' has cast, premiere date

Sarah Jane Adventures
Monsters & Critics(12th) - The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Third Season
Daily Mail(12th) - Anger over ‘Malvinas’ gaffe on BBC

SFX(10th) - K9 And Show’s Creators Confirmed For The Weekender (Bob Baker, Paul Tams)
24-7 Press Release(12th) - - Enjoy the Doctor Who Experience in London
The Open Press(10th) - - Enjoy the Doctor Who Experience in London
Red Carnation Hotels(7th) - Doctor Who Experience at the Olympia

Metro(13th) - David Tennant to join The Hobbit?
Blastr(12th) - Those David Tennant casting rumors continue. But what's the truth?
Moviefone(12th) - David Tennant Joins The Hobbit?
Anglotopia(12th) - David Tennant To Have a Part in The Hobbit After All?
The One Ring(12th) - David Tennant joins ‘The Hobbit’?
Cinema Blend(11th) - Reality Check: David Tennant Probably Hasn't Been Cast In The Hobbit
Slashfilm(11th) - Christopher Lee Confirms a Likely Role in ‘The Hobbit;’ David Tennant Rumors Resurface
TV Overmind(11th) - Doctor Who Star to Play an Elf in The Hobbit?
Movies [IE](11th) - David Tennant in talks for The Hobbit?
Digital Spy(11th) - David Tennant joins 'The Hobbit'?
Comic Book Movie(11th) - David Tennant Cast In "The Hobbit"!?
Examiner(10th) - David Tennant as a J.R.R. Tolkien elf king?
Bella(10th) - Interview - Louise Jameson, Doctor Who
Herald Scotland(10th) - It takes two - The Diary, 10 January 2011 (john Barrowman)
What's on Stage(9th) - Barrowman dazzles in Aladdin triumph
Sunday Mercury(9th) - Sean Pertwee talks Doctor Who and Warhammer
Discount Vouchers(12th) - Tate and Tennant to appear in West End
AddPR(11th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate to star in Much Ado About Nothing
Escapist(10th) - Doctor Who and Donna Team Up With the Bard
Daily Star(10th) - Tennant & Tate re-teaming for Shakespeare Show
Viagogo(10th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate to reunite for Much Ado About Nothing
UK Theatre Tickets(10th) - Doctor Who stars to appear in West End Shakespeare adaptation
Monsters & Critics(10th) - David Tennant heading to West End stage with Catherine Tate
Telegraph(9th) - From Doctor Who to Much Ado for Tennant and Tate
Gather(9th) - Doctor Who's David Tennant & Catherine Tate Working Together Again
BBC News(8th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate reunite in West End (video)
BBC News(8th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate to star on stage
Anglotopia(8th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Partners Tennant and Tate Reunite on Stage
Press Association(8th) - Doctor Who pair in Shakespeare play
What's On TV(8th) - Doctor Who twosome to be reunited on stage
Digital Spy(8th) - Tennant, Tate to reunite on West End stage
California Chronicle(8th) - Tennant and Tate reunited
Theater Mania(8th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate to Star in West End Much Ado About Nothing
London Theatre Guide(8th) - Much Ado About Nothing - David Tennant & Catherine Tate
Playbill(8th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate To Star in West End Much Ado About Nothing
Official London Theatre(8th) - Latest News:Tennant and Tate reunite for Much Ado
Anglophenia(7th) - ‘Torchwood’ Star Naoko Mori Appears on ‘Private Practice’
EDP24(7th) - Dr Who star John Simm in Norfolk for new film
Standard(7th) - Decline and Fall is on its way down (Sylvester McCoy)
Anglotopia(7th) - Doctor Who: Watch Alex Kingston – River Song – on Craig Ferguson
Plus Size Tall(7th) - Debbie Chazen can’t lose weight because of low metabolism?
Indie Movies Online(6th) - Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy on set (Andrew Garfield)

io9(11th) - Doctor Who serves up two tales of alien worlds colliding (Meglos, The Dominators)
SFX(7th) - Doctor Who: Meglos – DVD review
Wired(10th) - Tardis iPhone dock pumps out transdimensional tunes
Anglotopia(9th) - Coming Soon: Doctor Who iPhone TARDIS Speaker Dock
Wired(7th) - TARDIS iPhone Dock Pumps Out Transdimensional Tunes
PCR(7th) - Doctor Who speaker TARDIS materialises
Herts Advertiser(6th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction
Herts Advertiser(6th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who: Demon Quest: Starfall

Pop Matters(13th) - Yet Another British Invasion: “Doctor Who” in America
Chart Attack(13th) - Twelve Great Songs About Our Robot Masters
Yale Daily News(13th) - Fantasy and sci-fi group builds snow creatures
Express Advocate(13th) - Anime Under the Stars at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre
Mirror(12th) - Tom Baker brands fellow Doctor Who Jon Pertwee an "insufferable know-all"
Geeks of Doom(12th) - New ‘Doctor Who’ Wallpapers & Screensavers
Geeks of Doom(12th) - To Buy Or Not To Buy? ‘Bill & Ted’ Meets ‘Doctor Who’ Fusion Poster
Blastr(11th) - Image of the Day: Bill and Ted meet the Daleks
Comics Alliance(11th) - Link Ink: Sailor Moon Daleks
Digital Journal(11th) - Shameless materialises into Doctor Who universe
Global News [CA](11th) - The Best TV of 2010 (19 Doctor Who)
South Devon Herald Express(11th) - Zoo's bid to exterminate boredom for its animals
Geeks of Doom(10th) - Geek Art: Doctor Who – Dr Seuss Mash-Up
Anglotopia(9th) - How To Start Watching Doctor Who
Walyou(9th) - Doctor Who Goes Russian in Nesting Doll Form
SFX(8th) - 16 Sci-Fi Sex Changes (#3 Doctor Who)
Empire(9th) - Doctor Who Poster Mash-Up Gallery
Harrogate Advertiser(12th) - Travelodge reveals lost and found discoveries
Shoreham Herald(11th) - Travelodge reveals lost and found discoveries
Leamington Courier(10th) - Travelodge reveals lost and found discoveries
Car Rentals(10th) - Weird Things Guests Leave at Hotels
Bournemouth Echo(9th) - Going home from the holidays? Don't forget your dentures
Northern Echo(7th) - Dalek left behind in hotel room
Newslite(7th) - Dalek and gold dentures left in hotel rooms
Huddersfield Examiner(7th) - The bizarre mix of property left in our local hotels
Examiner(8th) - CBS, Ferguson finally air Doctor Who musical opening
Anglophenia(7th) - WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Alex Kingston on ‘Craig Ferguson’
Geeks of Doom(7th) - Craig Ferguson’s ‘Doctor Who’ Musical Finally Airs
TV Squad(7th) - Craig Ferguson Finally Gets to Broadcast that 'Doctor Who' Opening Number
Wall Street Journal(6th) - Craig Ferguson’s Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Cold Open to Finally Air
Blastr(5th) - 11 sci-fi/fantasy TV shows we're looking forward to in 2011
Shadowlocked(5th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Snakedance
Shadowlocked(6th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Mawdryn Undead
Shadowlocked(10th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Terminus
Standard(4th) - Look sharp and don your dicky bow tie with pride

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