Saturday, 11 December 2010

Article roundup 9th-11th December 2010

Doctor Who is one programme that viewers would like to see in 3D. And the show is one of the most popular searched items on Google! Meanwhile, it's a fortnight before broadcast and you can now watch the Christmas Special trailer, and a behind-the-scenes video.

A Christmas Carol
Pop Culture Zoo(10th) - BBC America Looks Behind The Scenes Of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol
Mirror(9th) - Katherine Jenkins looks a real Christmas cracker - picture
MTV(9th) - 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Gets A DVD Release Date & Photo Shoot!

Digital Spy(10th) - Tom Price to make 'Torchwood' return?

Guardian(11th) - Karen Gillan: 'It's been a mental year, but amazing and fun'
Newbury Today(11th) - Former Dr Who in Newbury (Colin Baker)
EADT(11th) - Singing superstar Katherine Jenkins to play Christchurch Park
California Chronicle(11th) - KATHERINE classical beauty ...
Bolton News(11th) - Cameras roll for the latest film drama based in Bolton (John Simm/Exile)
Anglophenia(10th) - ‘Luck’ Leads ‘Doctor Who’ Star Michael Gambon to HBO
Heatworld(10th) - It's fashion Friday with Grazia tv (Karen Gillan)
California Chronicle(10th) - John Doesn't Hide His Lamp (John Barrowman)
Daily Mail(10th) - Cor Blimey, it's Billie Doolittle (Billie Piper in Pygmallion)
Broadway World(9th) - Jason, Lansbury, Everett, Piper to Star in West End PYGMALION?

Geeks of Doom(11th) - Watch Now: Inside Look Of ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special
Pocket Gamer(10th) - Hands on with Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time for iPhone and iPad
Geeks of Doom(9th) - ‘Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol’ DVD & Blu-ray Details
TV Shows on DVD(9th) - Doctor Who - A Dickens Classic and 'Dumbledore' Meet the Doctor on DVD, Blu: 'A Christmas Carol'!

SFX(11th) - Things We Love About Doctor Who #10
SFX(11th) - 20 TV Sci-Fi Gamechangers (regeneration)
BBC News(10th) - Cheryl Cole is Google's 'most searched of 2010' (Doctor Who listed)
Mirror(10th) - Doctor Who and Wallace and Gromit are a must-see for 3D TV, say viewers
flick filosopher(10th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: I *knew* the TARDIS used to be smaller...
flick filosopher(9th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: four decades of police box modifications
Geek(10th) - UK scientists working to make Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver real
ExtremeTech(9th) - Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver Could Someday Be Real
PRMac(9th) - Doctor Who iPhone app WhoNews donates profits to Cure Leukemia

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