Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Article roundup 6th April 2010

A bit of contention in the ratings, with some playing down the figures to 7.7m by 'forgetting' that some 0.3m were watching in high quality on BBCHD - anything to create a negative spin! Still, at least reviews are positive, even if Amy's raised hemline raised several eyebrows!

The Eleventh Hour Reviews/Ratings
Northampton Chronicle(6th) - Millions tune in to watch Matt Smith's Doctor Who debut
Guardian(6th) - New Doctor Who watched by 7.7m
Digital Spy(6th) - 7.7 million tune in for new 'Doctor Who'
Broadcast [subscriber](6th) - Matt Smith's Doctor Who debuts with 8m
Huddersfield Daily Examiner(6th) - Denis Kilcommons: I’ve fallen for new Dr Who assistant
Economic Voice(6th) - Matt Smith’s Doctor Who is met with critical approval
flick filosopher(6th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Eleventh Hour”
Helium(6th) - First impressions of Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor Who
UPI(5th) - 8M watch debut of new 'Doctor Who' star
Cambridge News(5th) - Eight million watch new Time Lord
The Times(4th) - Eight million tune in to watch new Doctor Who, Matt Smith
Belfast Telegraph(4th) - Eight million watch new time lord
Belfast Telegraph(4th) - 8m viewers tune in to new Doctor Who
SFX(4th) - Doctor Who Nabs Eight Million Viewers
Comic Book Movies(5th) - Thwhtguardian reviews Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour
The Scotsman(6th) - TV review: Dr Who
Scotsman(5th) - TV Review: No better time to be a Doctor Who fan if this is your first regeneration
Anglophenia(5th) - The UK Response to New Doctor Who: "Refreshing!" "Terrific!"
TV Overmind(5th) - Was Doctor Who's "Eleventh Hour" Too Sexy?
Shadowlocked(5th) - Doctor Who reviews: The Eleventh Hour
Digital Spy(5th) - New 'Doctor Who' acclaimed by critics
The Times(4th) - Doctor Who drops in from Planet Tweed

The Beast Below Previews
Den of Geek(6th) - Doctor Who series 5: The Beast Below trailer

Series Coverage(UK)
Big Issue Scotland(6th) - Doctor Who’s sexy new sidekick on taking on the evil forces of the universe...
BBC News(6th) - Time and Relative Dimensions in Swansea
Standard(6th) - A doctor's teasing cure
Metro(6th) - Racy new Doctor Who series deemed 'too sexy'
Coventry Telegraph(6th) - Doctor Who in media storm over 'too sexy' kissogram companion
MTV(5th) - 'Doctor Who' Showrunner Talks Romance And Rubbish, And Why Matt Smith's Timelord Is 'A Bit Mad'
io9(5th) - New Doctor Who Clips, Plus A Video Tour Inside The New TARDIS
Telegraph(4th) - Doctor Who: inside the new Tardis
SFX(4th) - The new TARDIS

Series Coverage(International)
Digital Home [CA](5th) - New Doctor Who series premieres on Space
Monsters & Critics(5th) - Matt Smith and Steven Moffat interview, Doctor Who ramps for USA debut Apr. 17 (videos)

ATV Network(5th) - Filming begins on new season of The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Sun(6th) - Doctor Two

Related News
Financial Times(6th) - Doctor tweedy
Inverness Courier(6th) - Dr Who star's Inverness drama classes in danger Taking away an opportunity

Passing Mention
California Chronicle(6th) - Why Labour poll gimmicks will all just turn to ashes
Telegraph(5th) - Martha Kearney should stick to the Queen's English
Clash Music(5th) - 12 Things you didn't know about The Pet Shop Boys
Telegraph(5th) - Still too scary to bear