Thursday, 30 December 2010

Article roundup 27th-30th December 2010

More reviews on A Christmas Carol from the media, plus interest in the Series 6 Trailers currently doing the rounds. Matt Smith also made a Christmas visit to a leukaemia sufferer.

A Christmas Carol
Huddersfield Examiner(30th) - Showbusiness: Bring back the Daleks on dr Who
The Economic Voice(29th) - Doctor Who Christmas 2010 – a review
Nerdles(29th) - Katherine Jenkins Was Impressed With Matt Smith’s Singing On Set Of Doctor Who
flick filosopher(29th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Steven Moffat talks ‘A Christmas Carol’
flick filosopher(29th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “A Christmas Carol” - Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol
TV Geek Army(28th) - Doctor Who, "A Christmas Carol": a little too tried and true
Independent(28th) - Philip Hensher: All of us knew Pooky Quesnel would be famous eventually
California Chronicle(27th) - TV Critic Paul English on the best and worst of Christmas Telly
Blogcritics(27th) - TV Review: Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2010
Zap2It(27th) - 'Doctor Who' trailer: The Doctor comes to America, embraces hipster scruff
Crave Online(27th) - DOCTOR WHO 'A Christmas Carol' Review
Spinoff Online(27th) - Recap | Doctor Who: ‘A Christmas Carol’
Comic Book Movie(27th) - Surprise For Boxing Day Shoppers In Melbourne!
MTV(26th) - 'Doctor Who' Review: 'A Christmas Carol'

Airlock Alpha(29th) - 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Attracts 10 Million
ATV Network(29th) - BBC America ratings for Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol
TV By The Numbers(28th) - 'Doctor Who' 'A Christmas Carol' Episode Averages 727,000 on BBC America on Christmas Night
TV By The Numbers(28th) - Updated: 'Doctor Who' Take on 'A Christmas Carol' Draws 10.3 Million in UK
Scotsman(27th) - BBC1 grabs Christmas remote control
Metro(27th) - Doctor Who racks up record BBC iPlayer hits

Series Coverage
Hollywood(29th) - Trailer For 'Doctor Who' Series Six Debuts
Unreality Shout(29th) - Doctor Who Series 6: I Wear A Stetson Now...
Nerdles(28th) - Writer Rules Out Doctor Who Sherlock Holmes Crossover
Pop Culture Zoo(28th) - Doctor Who In America Promo
Blastr(28th) - Hilarious new promo mocks Doctor Who for always getting LOST
BSC Review(28th) - Karen Gillan and Matt Smith in Doctor Who Series 6 teaser
Crave(28th) - 'Doctor Who' Season Six Teaser Trailer
MTV(28th) - Another 'Doctor Who' Season 6 Teaser Hits The 'Net
Comic Book Movie(28th) - BBC America Has a Different Dr Who Video Clip For The 2011 Series
Screen Rant(27th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Season 6 Trailer
Popzara(27th) - Doctor Who Season Six Teaser Trailer Now Online - Welcome to America!
Blastr(27th) - Doctor Who goes all cowboy in tantalizing season 6 trailer
MTV(27th) - 'Doctor Who' Season 6 Trailer Arrives Online
Cinema Blend(27th) - The Doctor Wears A Cowboy Hat In The Doctor Who Season 6 Trailer
io9(27th) - Shot-By-Shot Analysis of the New Doctor Who Trailer

The Adventure Games
VG Reloaded(30th) - PC Review: Doctor Who: The Adventure Games: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada

Glasgow Evening Times(30th) - Curse of Aladdin (John Barrowman)
Digital Spy(30th) - Matt Smith 'wants Florence Welch in Who'
Digital Spy(29th) - Matt Smith: 'Bring on Amy's short skirts'
Now Magazine(29th) - Matt Smith: I love Karen Gillan's sexy short skirts on Doctor Who
Aberdeen Press and Journal(29th) - Dr Who actress in hometown panto
Mirror(28th) - Gok Wan wins sexiest celeb in glasses title, beating Johnny Depp (David Tennant #4)
Digital Spy(28th) - Gok Wan named sexiest celeb in glasses (David Tennant #4)
Now Magazine(27th) - Matt Smith: David Tennant wasn’t the best Doctor Who
Anglophenia(28th) - John Barrowman Wins ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Holiday Special
Theater Mania(27th) - John Barrowman Wins British Strictly Come Ballroom Christmas Edition
Playbill(27th) - John Barrowman Named Winner of "Strictly Come Dancing" Holiday Special
Broadway World(27th) - John Barrowman Wins 'Strictly Come Dancing' Holiday Special

Wicked Local(29th) - British video delights from the Anglo files (Series FIve Boxed Set)

Comic Book Movie(30th) - Matt Smith (Doctor Who) Grants A Child With Leukaemia's Wish
Northampton Chronicle and Echo(30th) - Doctor Who star makes Christmas dream come true for inspirational Alfe
SFX(30th) - Doctor Who picture puzzle – the answers!
Digital Spy(30th) - Gallagher has 'Who' dream in new 'Shameless'
Sun(29th) - Dr Who is a grimelord (Shameless)
BBC News(29th) - Entertainment review of the year 2010
io9(29th) - When did Doctor Who's time machine get so easy to control?
Shadowlocked(29th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Earthshock
Shadowlocked(27th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Black Orchid
Shadowlocked(24th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: The Visitation
Shadowlocked(22nd) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Kinda
The Sun(28th) - Ann's Mirabilis (year in review)
Geeks of Doom(27th) - Free Downloadable Happy New Year ‘Doctor Who’ Cards
Blastr(28th) - Image of the Day: 11 Time Lords + TARDIS as Doctor Who nesting dolls
flick filosopher(28th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: TARDIS and Doctors nesting dolls
TV Overmind(27th) - The Coolest Thing You've Seen All Day: Doctor Who Nesting Dolls
Shadowlocked(27th) - Doctor Who and the Electrans
flick filosopher(27th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: “The Twelve Doctors of Christmas”
Los Angeles Times(27th) - 2010 in review: Robert Lloyd on TV (Doctor Who #7)
Independent(27th) - Hero of the year (Matt Smith)
blastr(27th) - 6 awesomely geeky sci-fi snowmen

Passing Mention
Telegraph(30th) - BBC executives at one studio 'spending more than £1,000 a day on taxis'
Singularity Hub(29th) - Universal Translators in the Next Few Years?

Digital Spy(28th) - Eye Spy: 'Doctor Who' talent search announced
Digital Spy(28th) - Eye Spy: Ten teasers about all-new 'Doctor Who'