Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Article roundup 29th-31st August 2010

Lots more on Sylvester McCoy's Hobbit role, Karen Gillan's Simpsons role, plus Matt Smith's house-hunting at Barry Island.

Series Coverage
See the press release article for more on the new series/split
Watch With Mothers(31st) - NewsGush: No Daleks In Next Series of Doctor Who?
Times of Malta(31st) - Doctor Who star remains in the dark over future
STV(30th) - Dr Who shock as Amy Pond looks set to be killed off

The Adventure Games
Metro(30th) - Games review: Doctor Who: TARDIS materialises
Gamercast(30th) - We fly around time and space in our review of TARDIS

Digital Spy(31st) - Matt Smith 'rents Barry Island home'
The Sun(31st) - Matt home to Dai for
BBC News(31st) - In pictures: Emmy Awards 2010 (David Tennant)
Daily Record(31st) - Fans slate David Tennant's US accent attempt as clips of failed pilot emerge online
Digital Spy(31st) - Karen Gillan 'wants Simpsons role'
Telegraph(30th) - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan yearns for her West End debut
Scottish Sun(30th) - Who are you callin' fat? (Karen Gillan)
California Chronicle(30th) - Long Day for Karen
Mirror(29th) - She's a Bard girl at heart (Karen Gillan)
Daily Star(30th) - Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith to become DJs
Screen Rant(30th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Actor in Negotiations For ‘The Hobbit’ (Sylvester McCoy)
Dunoon Observer(28th) - Cowal Games Exclusive (Sylvester McCoy)
G4 TV(30th) - Former Doctor Who Set For Role In The Hobbit?
MTV(30th) - 'The Hobbit' Casting Underway For Real? 'Dr. Who' Actor Sylvester McCoy Up For A Role
Comic Book Resources(30th) - Sylvester McCoy Up For Hobbit Role As A Wizard?
SFX(29th) - “I Could Be In The Hobbit,” Confirms Doctor Who McCoy
Filmshaft(30th) - Doctor Who Headed For Middle Earth – Hobbit Casting News
Cinema Blend(29th) - Doctor Who May Be The Hobbit's Wizard Radagast
Daily Mail(29th) - Guess Who's crazy for Daisy again? Matt Smith cuddles up with model Lowe in Ibiza

Guardian(31st) - From the archive, 31 August 1976: Who loves you Doctor?
Blastr(30th) - Hitchhiker's Guide creator's new Doctor Who-inspired TV show
Anglophenia(30th) - Doctor Who Gets a Shout-Out During the Emmys!