Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Article roundup 13th-17th August 2010

Series Coverage
Moviematics(16th) - Does Doctor Who Reveal Christmas Future?
Digital Spy(16th) - Cumberbatch: 'I was never offered Who'

After Elton(16th) - Ask the Flying Monkey: Why Does “Torchwood” Inspire Such Passion?

Daily Mail(17th) - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has a bad hair (and dress) day
Heatworld(17th) - Karen Gillan got dressed in the dark today. Surely.
Mirror(17th) - Need a doctor?
The Sun(17th) - Bit Green around the Gillans
Daily Mail(17th) - Proud Matt Smith supports girlfriend Daisy Lowe at vintage fashion show (and gets a hug from her mother Pearl too)
Mr Paparazzi(16th) - Matt Smith Supports Girlfriend Daisy Lowe At Goodwood Fashion Show…
Marie Claire(16th) - Pearl and Daisy Lowe take to the catwalk at Goodwood as Dr Who looks on
Guardian(16th) - Coronation Street's dramatic dilemma (Phil Collinson)

Newslite(17th) - Dalek cake created for hungry Doctor Who fan
Moviematics(16th) - Doctor Who – Why, What, When?
About My Area(16th) - Dr Who Style Show Materialises In South Northants
Isle of Wight County Press(14th) - Dr Who’s Tardis lands in Eve’s garden
Halesowen News(16th) - Kids can book in for library fun
Licensing.Biz(16th) - Panini awarded world record for Doctor Who title
istockanalyst(15th) - Our Tardis is talk of the townhouse
Mirror(15th) - Treasure Hunters
Daily Mail(14th) - As drunk as a Time Lord! How Doctor Who became Doctor Booze, by young co-star
flick filosopher(13th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: rapping about not watching ‘Doctor Who’
MTV(13th) - SWAG REPORT: 'Doctor Who' Merch And A Zombie Master
Walyou(13th) - Dalek Birthday Cake
Shadowlocked(12th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Time Monster
Shadowlocked(13th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Three Doctors
Shadowlocked(16th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Carnival Of Monsters

Passing Mention
California Chronicle(17th) - Lindsay Clydesdale ...the last word (feminism, Karen Gillan quote)
North Shore Times [AU](15th) - Zepur's stunning designs are really out of this world
Haverhill Echo(14th) - Wacky races raise more than £2,000
Times and Star(13th) - Maryport Model Club hosts annual show
Mail(13th) - Crumbs! The Bourbon may be 100 years old - but traditional biscuits sales are crumbling in favour of American-style cookies

The Spoof(14th) - Stephen Hawking to be turned into a Dalek