Thursday, 13 May 2010

Article roundup 13th May 2010

Quite a lengthy roundup this time, covering the period from the 29th April up to today. The article covers the fallout of the Over the Rainbow intrusive advert, the complaints about Amy's kiss at the end of Flesh and Stone, Vampires, and of course Amy's pregnancy in the up-and-coming episode! Plus proms sellout, electoral coverage, and if Buck Rogers was a time lord(!) ...

United Kingdom Series Coverage

Amy's Choice
SFX(13th) - Doctor Who Amy’s Choice Spoiler Free Preview
Pink Paper(12th) - TV: Doctor Who – Amy's Choice
Digital Spy(11th) - Gallery: 'Doctor Who - Amy's Choice'
Digital Spy(10th) - Q&A: Simon Nye talks 'Amy's Choice'
Digital Spy(10th) - Writer: 'Amy's Choice is a scary romp' (Simon Nye)
Unreality Shout(10th) - Doctor Who: Next episode trailer, Amy's Choice
BSC Review(10th) - Doctor Who – ‘Amy’s Choice’ trailer
TV Overmind(8th) - Photos – Doctor Who 5.07 "Amy's Choice"
TV Overmind(8th) - Promo – Doctor Who 5.07 "Amy's Choice"
What's on TV(7th) - Doctor Who: Meet Amy's bloke Rory
Airlock Alpha(3rd) - 'Doctor Who' Pregnancy Remains A Mystery
Wales on Sunday(2nd) - Doctor Who: Amy's on-screen partner tight-lipped on pregnancy
RTE(1st) - Doctor Who character gets pregnant
Digital Spy(29th Apr) - 'Doctor Who' character to get pregnant
Made For Mums(29th Apr) - SPOILER ALERT – Doctor Who pregnancy riddle
STV(29th Apr) - Doctor Who’s the daddy? Amy Pond gets pregnant
Hello Magazine(29th Apr) - Baby bump mystery in Doctor Who as Amy Pond finds she is expecting

The Vampires of Venice
Digital Spy(13th) - Your verdict: 'The Vampires of Venice'
TV Overmind(12th) - Doctor Who 5.06 "The Vampires of Venice" Video Review
Daemons TV(12th) - DOCTOR WHO "The Vampires of Venice" Season 5 Episode 6
IGN(11th) - Doctor Who: "The Vampires of Venice" Review
Independent(10th) - The Weekend's TV: Doctor Who, Sat, BBC1
Metro(10th) - Doctor Who gets it in the neck from The Vampires Of Venice
Shadowlocked(9th) - Doctor Who: Review supplemental on The Vampires Of Venice
SFX(8th) - Doctor Who “Vampires Of Venice” Review
Popzara(8th) - Doctor Who Season 05.06 - The Vampires of Venice Micro-Review
Anglotopia(8th) - Doctor Who – Series 5 Episode 6 – Vampires of Venice Review – SPOILER FREE!!!
Shadowlocked(8th) - Doctor Who reviews: The Vampires Of Venice
Den of Geek(8th) - Doctor Who series 5 episode 6: Vampires Of Venice review
Southend Standard(8th) - Southend's Toby is back writing for the Doctor...and vampires
The Sun(7th) - Dr Who chiefs in trip blast
Digital Spy(7th) - BBC defends 'Doctor Who Confidential' trip
Digital Spy(7th) - 'Who Confidential' Venice trip criticised
Den of Geek(7th) - Doctor Who: Vampires Of Venice spoiler-free review
Anglotopia(7th) - This Week in Doctor Who: Vampires of Venice Review, Videos, Pictures and Other News – SPOILERS!!! - BBC DOCTOR WHO (& Spin-Offs) • Re: Looking forward to VAMPIRES OF VENICE!
ATV Network(6th) - BBC under fire for Matt Smith Venice Trip
Broadcast [subscription](6th) - BBC rapped over Smith’s Venice trip
Easy Croation(6th) - Doctor Who in Croatia
Croatian Villas(6th) - Doctor Who episodes set to give insight into Croatia holiday
Digital Spy(5th) - Matt Smith on a boat in VENICE
Hello Magazine(5th) - Dr Who faces vampire women… and a slew of complaints over kiss with Amy Pond
Den of Geek(5th) - Doctor Who series 5: Vampires Of Venice gallery
TV Overmind(5th) - Sneak Peek – Doctor Who 5.06 "Vampires in Venice"
Telegraph(5th) - Why Doctor Who is vamping it up in Croatia
SFX(5th) - Doctor Who “Vampires Of Venice”: Writer Interview (Toby Whithouse)
SFX(4th) - “Vampires Of Venice” Spoiler-Free Preview
Digital Spy(4th) - Arthur Darvill talks 'Doctor Who' (video)
Pink Paper(4th) - "I've got a picture of me dressed up as Lion-O somewhere..." (Arthur Darvill)
Daily Mail(4th) - Is Doctor Who getting too scary for kids? Children back behind the sofa as vampires strike
Digital Spy(3rd) - Ten teasers about 'The Vampires of Venice'
The Sun(3rd) - Doctor Chew
BSC Review(2nd) - Doctor Who – ‘The Vampires of Venice’ Teaser

Flesh and Stone
Airlock Alpha(6th) - Parents Fear 'Doctor Who' Is Too Scary Now
On The Box(6th) - Dr. Who Too Sexy for Mumsnet
Western Mail(6th) - Has Doctor Who become too grown up?
Sunday Mail(5th) - Scantily-clad vampires and a pass at Doctor Who... the BBC's idea of family viewing
Telegraph(5th) - 'Sexed up' Dr Who scenes prompt complaints to BBC
The Sun(5th) - Steamy Doc scenes blasted
Digital Spy(5th) - BBC receives complaints over sexy 'Who'
IGN(4th) - Doctor Who: "Flesh and Stone" Review
Digital Spy(3rd) - 'Flesh and Stone' applauded by critics
Shadowlocked(3rd) - Doctor Who: Review supplemental on Flesh & Stone
Obsessed with Film(3rd) - TV Ratings: THE PRISONER (ITV1) & DOCTOR WHO (BBC1)
This is Staffordshire(3rd) - TV Review: Dr Who – BBC1
flick filosopher(2nd) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Flesh and Stone”
Popzara(2nd) - Doctor Who Season 05.05 - Flesh and Stone Micro-Review
SFX(1st) - “Flesh And Stone”
Digital Spy(1st) - How do you rate 'Flesh and Stone'?
Anglotopia(1st) - Doctor Who – Series 5 – Episode 5 Review – Flesh and Stone – Relatively SPOILER FREE!!!
The Guardian(1st) - Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone – series 31, episode five
Telegraph(1st) - Doctor Who review: Flesh and Stone
Telegraph(1st) - Dr Who hots up with steamy scenes
Daily Mail(1st) - Who's steamed up the Tardis? The Doctor shares a passionate kiss with companion Amy
Anglotopia(30th Apr) - This Week in Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone Review
Den of Geek(30th Apr) - Doctor Who: Flesh And Stone spoiler-free review

Series Coverage
Press Association(13th) - Karen sexed up Doctor's sidekick
Guardian(13th) - Doctor Who: is Steven Moffat's Who living up to expectations?
BBC Newsbeat(12th) - Matt Smith on his Dalek co-stars (video)
BBC Doctor Who(12th) - Matt Smith Interviews Karen Gillan (video)
Coventry Times(12th) - Writer praises 'spindly, eccentric' Doctor Who Matt Smith (Nick Griffiths)
BBC Doctor Who(10th) - Karen Gillan interviews Matt Smith (video)
Western Mail(10th) - Who’s to say the Doctor was ever suitable for children?
TV Overmind(8th) - Doctor Who Spoilers – First Look at the Silurians
SFX(7th) - SFX Spurious Awards
California Chronicle(8th) - Spy who loved Mia (Graham Norton)
STV(8th) - Faithful Amy Pond (Arthur Darvill)
The Stage(7th) - Doctor Who the Musical? Not going to happen, says Arthur Darvill
MTV(7th) - 'Captain America' Cast Adds Toby Jones As Arnim Zola (Toby Jones in DW)
Love Reading(6th) - Terry Pratchett talks Doctor Who
Telegraph(5th) - Doctor Who's science is 'pixel thin', says Terry Pratchett
Guardian(4th) - Terry Pratchett attacks 'ludicrous' Doctor Who
Unreality Shout(4th) - Terry Pratchett talks about Doctor Who
io9(3rd) - Terry Pratchett Explains Why Doctor Who Is Ludicrous
SFX(3rd) - Terry Pratchett vs Who
flick filosopher(3rd) - because bowties *are* cool
Shadowlocked(2nd) - Doctor Who: Matt Smith - the best 'Doctor' since Tom Baker?
Digital Spy(1st) - Graham Norton pokes fun at 'Who' blunder
The Sun(1st) - ExtermiNort
The Times of India(1st) - J Lo thought a kissogram was a stripper
Sindh Today(1st) - When J.Lo thought a kissogram meant a stripper!
Mirror(1st) - New Doctor Who Matt Smith sparks bow tie fashion revival
Digital Spy(30th Apr) - First look at the 'Who' Silurians story
SFX(30th Apr) - Spurious Awards of the Week
Telegraph(30th Apr) - Doctor Who prompts surge in popularity of bow ties
Metro(30th Apr) - Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan: ‘It’s full-on snogging’ with Matt Smith
Digital Spy(30th Apr) - 'Who' Gillan promises 'full-on snogging'
Digital Spy(30th Apr) - Q&A: 'Who' director Adam Smith
Digital Spy(29th Apr) - Neil Gaiman completes 'Doctor Who' script
SFX(29th Apr) - Karen Gillan Interview Taster
SFX(29th Apr) - Norton strikes again
Chichester Observer(29th Apr) - New Doctor ticks all the right boxes for me, but who on earth dreamt up girlie pastel Daleks? (also in Midhurst and Petworth Observer)

South Wales Argus(11th) - Ianto returns in Torchwood magazine
Coventry Telegraph(30th Apr) - US versions of Doctor Who and Torchwood are dropped
Cinema Blend(29th Apr) - BBC Continues Shopping US Torchwood After FOX Passes

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Unreality TV(29th Apr) - X Factor’s Lucie Jones lands a role in The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Adventure Games
Now Gamer(10th) - Doctor Who Will Create Episodic Audience
Computer and Video Games(7th) - Doctor Who will 'bring gaming to mainstream' - Cecil: Working on Doctor Who is a great privilege (Charles Cecil) - Phil Ford: Games offer huge freedom

International Series Coverage

Flesh and Stone (USA)
Daemons TV(11th) - DOCTOR WHO "Flesh and Stone" Season 5 Episode 5
The Gather(10th) - Doctor Who: Flesh and Stone
Airlock Alpha(9th) - 'Doctor Who' - Flesh And Stone

The Time of Angels (USA)
Crave Online(10th) - DOCTOR WHO 5.04 'The Time of Angels'
UGO(10th) - Doctor Who: "The Time of Angels" Is Upon Us
Newsarama(10th) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO S5E4 "The Time of Angels"
io9(9th) - Doctor Who Goes From Fairy Tale To Ghost Story
Entertainment Weekly(9th) - 'Doctor Who' recap: Weeping Angels are scary as hell - Doctor Who 5.4 – The Time of Angels
MTV(8th) - 'Doctor Who' Review: Episode 5.04, 'The Time Of Angels'
Hitfix(8th) - 'Doctor Who' - 'The Time of Angels': River runs into Pond
Film School Rejects(8th) - Doctor Who: Catching Up in ‘The Time of Angels’
MTV(7th) - 'Doctor Who' Stars Ponder The Doctor's Marital Status (video)
Daemons TV(6th) - DOCTOR WHO "The Time of Angels" Season 5 Episode 4
The Gather(1st) - Doctor Who: The Time of Angels
Digital Journal(1st) - Actress tells of dilemma: Am I Doctor’s mother, lover or wife?

Victory of the Daleks (USA)
The Wrap(3rd) - A Candy-Colored Daleks To Victory Tour
Newsarama(3rd) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO S5E3 Victory of the Daleks
Times Union(2nd) - Victory of the Daleks
Zap2it(2nd) - 'Doctor Who': A Dalek by any other name
UGO(2nd) - Was This Week's Doctor Who Too Violent? - Doctor Who 5.3: Victory of the Daleks
io9(1st) - Can The Daleks Ever Really Be Awesome Again?
MTV(1st) - 'Doctor Who' Review: Episode 5.03, 'Victory Of The Daleks' - Doctor Who, 'Victory of the Daleks': Oh, them again?
TV Squad(1st) - 'Doctor Who' - 'Victory of the Daleks' Recap
Time Out Chicago(1st) - What’s on TV Tonight: May 1
After Elton(30th Apr) - The Week in Gay TV

Series Coverage (USA)
Pacific Northwest Inlander(12th) - Doctor Who
The L Magazine(11th) - A Word About The New Doctor (Who, That Is)
MTV(30th Apr) - 'Doctor Who' Stars Explain Why Romance Isn't 'Necessary' In The New Series

Series Coverage (New Zealand)
New Zealand Herald(8th) - Travellers spookily lost in telly space
Stuff(5th) - Handsome Dr Who avoids deja vu
New Zealand Herald(30th Apr) - Doctor Who: Timeless madness reincarnated
New Zealand Herald(30th Apr) - Doctor fanbase welcomes new generation

Series Coverage (Australia)
eBroadcast(9th) - The Greatest Dr Who Weekend Of All Time

Series Coverage (Canada)
Montreal Gazette(8th) - The Time of Angels
Toronto Star(5th) - Doctor Who declares the nerdy look “cool” - The Daily News (Victory of the Daleks)

Other Media Articles

The Proms
Unreality TV(10th) - Doctor Who’s Matt Smith & Karen Gillan at BBC Proms 2010
Coventry Telegraph(7th) - Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at BBC Proms 2010
BBC News(5th) - BBC Proms sales top 80,000 tickets
BBC Press Office(5th) - Doctor Who returns to BBC Proms (plus 80,000 tickets sold on first day)

Eastbourne Herald(7th) - The rise and fall of Dr Who (Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf)
BBC News(6th) - Inverness Museum in alien visitations boost
Theater Mania(5th) - Dr. Who's Colin Baker to Play Inspector Morse in U.K. House of Ghosts Tour
Broadway World(5th) - Doctor Who's Colin Baker to Star in UK Tour of HOUSE OF GHOSTS Starting 8/27
Weston Mercury(4th) - Sci-fi movie stars hit Weston
Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette(4th) - Dalek brings some bank holiday fun
The Bolton News(3rd) - Hundreds join Mayor for mile of fundraising
Coventry Telegraph(30th Apr) - Meet the stars at Comic Book & Sci-Fi Weekend this bank holiday
Shields Gazette(30th Apr) - Dalek will greet visitors to museum
BBC Bristol(30th Apr) - The Guide: weekend things to do
Northampton Evening Telegraph(30th Apr) - Dalek at park for walking festival
Airlock Alpha(29th Apr) - Convention Alert: Signs Point To Trouble At Hurricane Who
Aberdeen Press and Journal(29th Apr) - Something for everyone over the big weekend

Scottish Herald(3rd) - Who will be our icon? It’s up to you to decide (Scottish Fashion/Karen Gillan)

BBC News(13th) - TV festival to celebrate soap 'landmarks'
Spong(13th) - Doctor Who, Torchwood Writer Penning Kane & Lynch Comic (Ian Edginton)
Scottish Daily Record(13th) - John Barrowman: I'd love to sing a duet with Susan Boyle
The Stage(12th) - Moffat and Harries to appear at Edinburgh TV festival
Belfast Telegraph(12th) - Steven Moffat to be at Edinburgh Television Festival
Liverpool Daily Post(12th) - Interview: Doctor Who writer Rob Shearman
Press Association(12th) - Barrowman 'hasn't seen new Doctor'
Digital Spy(11th) - Barrowman hasn't watched 'Doctor Who'
Wales Online(10th) - John Barrowman: Desperate Housewives was humbling
Pink Paper(10th) - "I have been known to lead a few people into a few gay bars..." (Karen Gillan)
Guardian(8th) - This week: Tony Fuller, Terry Pratchett and Danny Dyer
Mirror(5th) - Bernard Cribbins still in the saddle at 81
Belfast Telegraph(5th) - Simply Divine (Neil Hannon)
IFTN(5th) - 'Christopher & His Kind' For Belfast, Matt Smith Stars 
Digital Spy(4th) - Christopher Eccleston wants comedy role
Queerty(3rd) - Is Dr. Who Gay Enough To Play Slutty Brit Author Christopher Isherwood?
Now Magazine(2nd) - Karen Gillan: Mum says our house is haunted
People(2nd) - Karen Gillian finds her man Dalektable
Digital Spy(30th Apr) - Agutter: 'Bernard was great in 'Who' (Jenny Agutter)
Hello Magazine(30th Apr) - Karen Gillan finds her deadliest foe in daylight, not daleks
Daily Mail(30th Apr) - All change for Doctor Who assistant as Karen Gillan wears three outfits in one day
SFX(29th Apr) - Paul Cornell’s Pulse Will Be Bloody Good
NewsOK(29th Apr) - David Tennant: Nerdage’s #12 actor

Guardian(4th) - David Myerscough-Jones (set designer)

Chip Chick(13th) - Doctor Who Police Box Gadget Case Could Have Transported the 4G iPhone Far Away
Den of Geek(11th) - Doctor Who: The Episode Guide book review
Mirror(9th) - FREE Doctor Who album & stickers
SFX(8th) - Academic anthology examines Doctor Who
Mirror(7th) - Amy Pond star Karen Gillan to get Doctor Who doll
io9(6th) - The Doctor Who Monster That Looked A Little Too Phallic (Peladon Tales)
The Skinny(5th) - Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale - The Final Chapter by Russell T.Davies and Benjamin Cook.
Den of Geek(4th) - Doctor Who: Creature From The Pit DVD review
Comic Book Resources(3rd) - DOCTOR WHO #10
Blogcritics(1st) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Complete Specials

BBC News(12th) - Doctor Who mania hits Darlington and Sheffield (school report on tour/game)
Sci-Fi Wire(12th) - 28 sexy skintight outfits from 5 decades of sci-fi film and TV (includes Wendy Padbury)
The Linc(12th) - Studenthood is like travelling with the Doctor
Metro News [CA](12th) - Ancient Cardiff is thoroughly modern (mentions Doctor Who Exhibition)
BBC News(11th) - MoTD tops TV theme music league (Doctor Who 3rd)
ATV Network(11th) - Doctor Who Theme ‘Third Most Recognisable’
Firedoglake(11th) - R.I.P. Frank Frazetta
Journalism(11th) - Exterminate equality!
Den of Geek(10th) - 25 ways to travel through time: a catalogue of choices (includes the TARDIS)
Shadowlocked(8th) - Doctor Who: The ten most important characteristics of the Doctor
Sci-Fi Wire(7th) - 15 most dangerous (and dumb) oil disasters in sci-fi film & TV (Infinite Quest)
Crave Online(5th) - 5 'Doctor Who' characters due for a comeback
Lancaster Guardian(6th) - Doctor Who fan sets up stall in Market
io9(4th) - 10 Characters/Things You Might Not Know Were Cyborgs (the TARDIS)
Unreality Shout(3rd) - Doctor Who Fan Drawings!
Phones Review(3rd) - iPhone Controls Daleks; Dr Who Beware
flick filosopher(2nd) - was Buck Rogers a Time Lord?
Guardian(30th Apr) - Cardiff today - Doctor Who tours, midnight walk and meet the doers
Glasgow Evening Times(30th Apr) - Art show is a match for the Doctor
Geeky Gadgets(30th Apr) - Doctor Who Tardis Birthday Cake
Walyou(29th Apr) - The Doctor Who’s Tardis Birthday Cake Makes You Want Time Travel
Shadowlocked(30th Apr) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Tenth Planet
Shadowlocked(3rd) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Power Of The Daleks
Shadowlocked(5th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Highlanders
Shadowlocked(8th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Underwater Menace
Shadowlocked(10th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Moonbase
Shadowlocked(12th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Macra Terror

Related Articles/Passing Mention
Sydney Morning Herald [AU](12th) - NAPLAN fails the Torchwood test
South Wales Echo(8th) - Ready, Steady, Sheddie: Radio days in the Big Smoke
Holy Moly(5th) - The Hoosiers stop being ****
New Zealand Herald(1st) - Michele Hewitson Interview: John Leigh
Independent(30th Apr) - Who cares who's playing the lead?

Doctor Who in Politics
Times(11th) - Preparing for Government (mentions Brian Orrell, Cyberman actor)
BBC News(11th) - If I were Prime Minister: Matthew, Anfield (video)
Daily Mail(10th) - If you thought those female vampires on Dr Who were scary...
SFX(7th) - The SFX Cabinet
Coventry Telegraph(6th) - Doctor Who star David Tennant for Prime Minister
Guardian(6th) - How Scotland saw the general election TV campaign (David Tennant)
The Sun(4th) - Labour have a 'Victor'
Mirror(2nd) - Voice of the Sunday Mirror: Nightmare .. on Downing St
BBC News(30th Apr) - The Full Election Story: 30 April (Gordon Brown/Doctor Who/1457)
Indecision Forever(30th Apr) - Indecision Internationale 2010: The "Doctor Who" General Election
Tech Watch(30th Apr) - Celebs worry about BBC under Tories

Guardian(12th) - Gordon Brown makes a quick and dignified exit
Spooftimes(3rd) - Robert Pattinson In Dr Who Moon Landing
The Spoof(3rd) - Robert Pattinson & the Dr Who Vampires