Friday, 2 April 2010

Article roundup 2nd April 2010

Lots more to read on Matt, Karen and Steven from the media in the lead-up to tomorrow. Plus coverage of the end of the tour, the various screenings taking place around the country, and the New York promotion for the series launch in the States in a fortnight.

Series Coverage
BBC News(2nd) - Meet the 11th Doctor: Matt Smith
Mirror(2nd) - New Doctor Who Matt Smith on finding love in Tesco - video
The Star(2nd) - Doctor Who actor Matt Smith is getting David Tennant's fan mail
Times(2nd) - Doctor Who saves the world, again. Yawn
The Star(2nd) - Doctor Who actor Matt Smith thinks Karen Gillan is hottest sidekick
California Chronicle(2nd) - Who's taking on the Daleks now?
Guardian(1st) - Doctor Who – taking on the fashion monster
SFX(1st) - Steven Moffat Interview Part Three
SFX(31st Mar) - River Song Returns
io9(1st) - New Doctor, New Companion, New TARDIS... What Else Is New?
Telegraph(1st) - Dr Who: Matt Smith interview
Highland News(1st) - Dr Who girl's home and away
On the Box(1st) - More Pictures From Doctor Who
Metro(1st) - Doctor Who photos show chemistry between Matt Smith and Karen Gillan
Topless Robot(31st Mar) - The TARDIS Is Oranger Than I Remember
io9(1st) - Doctor Who Clips Regenerate Your Excitement.
Pink Paper(1st) - TV: Doctor Who

Doctor Who Tour/Screenings
Edinburgh Inspiring Capital(21st Mar) - Edinburgh Braced For Dalek Invasion - New Stairs Installed Throughout City
Guardian(2nd) - Edinburgh today - Bank Holiday weekend begins!
Greenwich Council(1st) - Doctor Who monsters come to Woolwich
This is Cornwall(1st) - Easter in a nut shell
PR Log(1st) - Dr Who tour lands in Swansea
Manchester Evening News(1st) - Doctor Who regenerates in Salford - two days early
Hello Magazine(1st) - Sonic screwdriver at the ready: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan launch new Dr Who
BBC News(1st) - Time Lord goes back to old school (video)

Doctor Who Tour (USA)
Pop Culture Zoo(1st) - ‘Doctor Who’ In New York
USA Today(1st) - Join me at a 'Doctor Who' premiere event in NYC!

Previews/Reviews (International)
TV Tonight [AU](2nd) - Doctor Who [US](31st Mar) - BBC America Kick Off Special Edition Wired Giveaway – Plus A Couple New Clips

South Wales Echo(2nd) - Who admires Zidane...
This is Lancashire(1st) - VIP invite for Blackburn Rovers-mad Doctor Who star
Style List(1st) - Hot or not: Karen Gillan's bee-inspired ensemble
Scarborough Evening News(1st) - What does the future hold for this out-of-work Time Lord? (Christopher Eccleston)

IGN [US](1st) - New Classic Who Due

Den of Geek(1st) - Top 10 Doctor Who producers: Part Two
USA Today(1st) - A reader shares his 'Who' con story (and track actors' upcoming con appearances)
Isle of Wight County Press(1st) - Surprise visit at Niton primary
The Stage(1st) - Requiring more than the Doctor’s aid (budgets)
SFX(31st Mar) - Mindcandy

CBBC(1st) - Doctor 'Hugh' Who? Our April Fool
New Scientist(1st) - Time Lords discovered in California