Thursday, 7 January 2010

Article roundup 7th January 2010

Who 2010
The Guardian(7th) - Do you trust Richard Curtis and Simon Nye with Doctor Who?
California Chronicle(7th) - Tony makes an impression on Doctor Who
Digital Spy(7th) - Karen Gillan "intimidated" by Matt Smith
Digital Spy(7th) - Matt Smith: 'My Doctor is less tolerant'
Whovian.Net(7th) - And here it is… (new publicity photo)
Den of Geek(7th) - Doctor Who: New series writers line-up
SFX(7th) - Who Writers Announced For Matt Smith’s First Series
California Chronicle(7th) - It's not what the Doctor ordered ; ON THE BOX
Media Newswire(6th) - Teesside University graduate rejoins the Time Lord

The End of Time Roundup
Huffington Post(7th) - Doctor Who: The Long Goodbye
TV Squad(7th) - Give thanks that Davies' Doctor Who finally regenerated
The Age(7th) - Master feels at home in the deranged (John Simm interview)
Airlock Alpha(6th) - 'Doctor Who' Leads BBC America To Record Numbers
Tottenham Journal(6th) - How Crouch End Festival Chorus helped Doctor Who regenerate
SF Universe(6th) - Saying Goodbye to David Tennant

Pink Paper(7th) - Abba stars nearly composed Torchwood musical
Show and Stay(6th) - Torchwood the Musical ... with tunes by Abba
ATV Network(6th) - Torchwood: The Musical??

Coventry Telegraph(7th) - Survivors actor Paterson Joseph: I was nearly the new Doctor Who
TheaterMania(7th) - John Barrowman to Release New Solo CD February 22
After Elton(6th) - John Barrowman or Neil Patrick Harris? The Winner of the Big Gay Battle Is...

Coventry Telegraph(6th) - Coventry Dr Who exhibition exterminated
Chronicle Live(6th) - Doctor Who exhibition to be held in Newcastle

TV Scoop(6th) - Doctor Who: The Specials Boxset available on DVD and Blu Ray
Den of Geek(6th) - Doctor Who: Peladon Tales DVD review

The Faster Times(7th) - What’s Up With the Brits and Their Weird Snacks?
Bleacher Report(6th) - The Edelman, Belichick, and Dr. Who